Luke 8:11 “Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God ~ KJV Bible.


The Webster’s online Dictionary defines the seed as follows:(1.) a small hard fruit; (2.) a mature fertilized plant ovule consisting of an embryo and its food source and having a protective coat or testa.



We mostly know the seed as an object that must be planted first in the soil/soul of the Earth(womb), and then nurtured in order to bring forth life or a new creation. Likewise, the man shoots his seed (soul/life) in the womb of a woman to bring forth new life. As above, so below is the supreme law, which is the law of correspondence.


I understand the seed as being the basis of all attainment; especially, spiritual attainment, because the seed is the basis of creation itself, since the seed is the beginning. Just to drive my point home, our thoughts (Thoth) are seeds, because our thoughts create actions. Our thoughts are also akin to the stars, because we have many stars in the sky and we also have many thoughts in our minds throughout the course of a full day. The pole Star or the North Star is the first star and the highest star that created the celestial body of knowledge called the Zodiac (see image). The Zodiac is the basis of all knowledge, because all knowledge comes from the study of the Zodiac. Yes…, all thought (Thoth) comes from the study of the great mother Mu/Meru/Meri/Mary, which is the pole star.

The seed is a thought that must be planted and nurtured to bring forth life. The seed must go through a process of Initiation before it can become a mighty oak tree; likewise, the seed in the form of a thought must go through a process of Initiation before it can become an action, which is a new creation.

The seed is the beginning of all physical and spiritual life; therefore, the seed is the architect, aka, the master builder. Think of the seed (thought) as the architect that creates the blueprint for the outcome of life that you decided with a choice, stemming from a thought. Yes…, our minds are prime real estate; therefore, we must build wisely with good thoughts. We are enslaved by our negative thoughts, because negative thoughts normally create negative actions. All is thought (Thoth), because ALL is mental. Peace.