This blog, “Ancient Greece and ancient Rome was in America,” will prove beyond doubt that this is a factual statement. Let’s start first with Washington, D.C., which means District of Columbia. Columbia was named after the American Indian (Creek=Greek) virgin goddess Columbia. Columbia is also the symbol for Columbia motion pictures and the Statue of Liberty, aka, Lady Liberty. Columbia is the personification of America and she symbolizes Liberty, Freedom, and Justice. Columbia was a melanite (Black) Creek (Greek) Indian woman, before she was whitewashed to reflect the likeness of a European woman (see images of goddess Columbia in this blog post).

The US Capitol building, which is Greco-Roman Architecture, sits in the center of a grid that is shaped like an owl (see image of Owl grid in this blog post). Yes, Washington, DC sits on an owl grid. American Indian Goddess (Creek=Greek) Columbia also represents the Owl (Eagle or Phoenix) because she knows WHO and is therefore wise. The owl symbolizes supervision (wisdom) because it can rotate its head 360 degrees. And the owl hieroglyphic is the symbol for the letter M (13)=Muur. The owl (the Eagle or Phoenix) and the Draco (dragon or serpent) are a husband-and-wife team (Hermetic marriage) that work together as our Kundalini system, which created and maintains our physical bodies. Please, read more about the virgin goddess Columbia, free energy, the Land of Virgin Mary (Virginia and Maryland=Washington, DC), and the Muurs from my blog post, “Who were the Moors in Ancient Times”:

Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome was in America, since Washington D.C., was the first Vatican City in Rome, Maryland:

Ancient Greece and ancient Rome was in America, since Rome Maryland (Washington, DC), was the first Vatican City, since America is the True Old world. Washington D.C.’s original name was Rome, Maryland, and a branch of the Potomac River was called Tiber Creek, which was named after the Tiber River in Rome. Like Rome, Washington D.C., has 7 hills, whose names are: Capitol Hill, Meridian Hill, Floral Hills, Forest Hills, Hillbrook Hill, Hillcrest Hill, and Knox Hill. Washington D.C., also fits the description of the Harlot (Rome) that sits on 7 mountains (Hills) in the KJV Bible, Revelation 17:9, 15, and 18. (See image of quoted Bible verses).

In this post is a comparison between Washington DC and the Vatican Rome (see image of the comparison between the US Capitol and the Roman Vatican Capitol). As you can see, they are very similar Greco-Roman Capitol buildings and they both have an obelisk that faces their domes too, and the layout and distance of the obelisks are similar (see image of Obelisk facing their domes). Plus, both Washington DC and the Roman Vatican are known for having 7 hills. Additionally, both of them are major centers or capitals for the New World Order. For example, Washington, DC is the military capitol for the New World Order, while the Vatican in Rome is the religious capital for the New World Order. You see, it’s just too many coincidences for this to be just mere chance. This was all planned out long ago. In fact, the Vatican in Rome is based off of the first Roman Vatican that we had in Washington DC, since America is the True Old World and once you consider all of the overwhelming evidence provided in this blog post.

Additionally, we have to consider the fact that both obelisks, the one in Rome and the one in Rome, Maryland, aka, Washington, DC, help to form the Vesica Piscis, which is two circles (circuits of energy) coming together as one source or force, via, sex, to bring forth everlasting life, which is free energy. This of course is the Hermetic marriage of the male force (positive energy) and the female (negative energy) force to produce life through balancing or harmonizing (unity=love) of the frequencies. The two spinal vertebrae (serpents) that wrap or spiral in a circle (circuit) around your Spinal column (the Caduceus symbol) also form the vesica piscis symbol, which is also the Tree of life, since this kundalini, serpentine system powers the human form with free energy, which is everlasting life.

You can clearly see the Vesica Piscis pattern that is formed when the Washington monument (the obelisk, which is the phallus of Osiris) penetrates the Virgin Mary’s Vagina from the center of Mu’s or the Virgin Mother Mary’s source/ vagina. Washington, DC sits in the center of two States: Virginia (Virgin) and Maryland (Mary), which gives the Obelisk symbol so much more meaning; since a woman’s G-spot is said to be in the center of her vagina. Likewise, the Obelisk that faces the Vatican in Rome also forms the Vesica Piscis pattern (see blog images for the comparison). The obelisks in ancient times were used as a means to transmit the free energy generated from the vagina or the center of Mu, or the Virgin Mother Mary, wirelessly.

Yes, the Moors or Tartarians (all one and the same people) definitely built these structures on and around ley or dragon lies. In this blog post is a map for the 7 Chakras of the Earth. Notice that energy or current travels in waves like a winding serpent or like the Vesica Piscis pattern. The Visa Mastercard logo is also the vesica Piscis since it is two circles (circuits) of power in unison. The Saturn and Jupiter conjunction that will happen on December 21, 2020, which is 2012 according to the Ethiopian calendar, also will form the vesica piscis when the two planets will be less than 1 degree apart from each other. This is called the Galactic kiss between Saturn (the devil) and Jupiter (Jesus). This kiss or unification between Saturn and Jupiter will usher in 2020 vision or love will conquer or balance evil.

In this post is an image of the Leviathan cross. I like to call it the Dragon Cross, since Leviathan was a 1000-mile dragon that died cashing Behemoth: Yes, Leviathan and Behemoth from the Bible were very real.
When you view the Dragon cross, notice how the dragon or the serpent wraps or spirals its tail in a circular pattern to reach its mouth to form a figure 8 pattern, which is a vesica piscis pattern of free energy; which is everlasting life (wisdom) or infinity, because when two circles (circuits of energy: positive and negative) meet, life or free energy is produced in the center at the source and can be transmitted from the source with the use of a tower called an Obelisk in ancient times.
To see a perfect example of how the dragon cross (Leviathan Cross) looks like in action, you can check out the blog images of the obelisks in Rome and the one in Rome, Maryland, aka, Washington, DC that help to form a free energy device (tower of power) generated from the vesica piscis that is formed: The vesica piscis in layman’s term is the unification of the Vagina (visca) and Penis (piscis) to create love or everlasting life (light). Please, read more about free energy right here:
When you research the Leviathan cross it will tell you that this cross is satanic, because it is a sacred symbol of how to generate free energy, which is real power (currency). This is why the powers that be have made all knowledge of the serpent or dragon to appear evil, because they are symbols of free energy or the CHRIST; so please don’t fear the serpent or the dragon my friends, because you are the serpent and the serpent lives in you as your source of Kundalini, serpentine power:

In this post is a comparison between Greek, Roman, & US coins that we can also consider as evidence to demonstrate that ancient Greece and ancient Rome was in the Americas. As you can see, the coins are very similar with the head and the Eagle on all of them. The original coin was the head of the Virgin goddess Columbia and her Eagle/ Owl/ Phoenix. However, the US Mint in 2017 made a gold coin of the original Black Greek (Creek) Virgin Goddess Columbia with her Eagle on it, valued at $100.00 US Dollars (see blog image of the original remake). I also have provided statues of the Greek Virgin goddess Columbia so that there is no doubt that she was a Black Greek. Columbia was patterned after the ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis. Columbia is the symbol of America since she symbolizes liberty, freedom, and justice.

In addition, we have a comparison between Rome’s pentagon and the US pentagon that we can consider. As you can see, both Rome and Washington, DC have a pentagon, which is in the shape of a 5-pointed star, which is a symbol of the planet Venus transit and the Virgin goddess Columbia. The 5-pointed star is a symbol of supreme intelligence, since it also represents the BUILDERS, or the five aspects of the mind: thought, will, feeling, memory, and imagination; all of which are needed to bring forth creation. The 5-pointed star also symbolizes the human form with its 5 points: Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head, which is an anagram for Allah or the ALL.

The pentagon in Rome, Maryland, known now as Washington, D.C., is more elaborate with its design, which suggests that it is the original or the Grand one. There was once an Obelisk in the center of the US pentagon to transmit wireless free energy from the center/ source. You can still see what’s left of the obelisk that was once there because the foundation is still there and so is the Cross pattern that surrounds it. I have noticed that whenever you see a Greco-Roman Building or a Gothic building with a Dome or obelisk (tree of life or Kaba), penetrating through the center of the cross or the X pattern of the four cardinal points, or four rivers of life, that building was once able to generate free energy; since such a building is a Symbol of Mount Meru or Mu, aka, the mother or motor.

Ancient Greece and ancient Rome was in America, since the Capitoline wolf suckling Romulus and Remus is in Rome, Maryland, aka, Washington, DC. This ancient Roman statue is in the National Gallery of Art in Rome, Maryland (see blog image of Capitoline wolf). The Capitoline Wolf (Roman Italian: Lupa Capitolina) is a bronze sculpture depicting a scene from the legend of the founding of Rome. The sculpture shows a she-wolf suckling the mythical twin founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus. The image of the she-wolf suckling Romulus and Remus is a symbol of Rome since ancient times, and one of the most recognizable icons of ancient mythology. Yes, ancient Greece and ancient Rome was in America, since the Capitoline wolf is a symbol of the founding of Rome.

We have a total of 13 Capitoline Wolf statues in the Americas, mostly in North America, which suggests that the superior or ancient Rome was in the Americas. Here is a list of those 13 Capitoline Wolf statues:

As you can see by viewing the list above, we also have Capitoline Wolves in Chicago, Illinois, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Rome Georgia, all of which are just like the Rome, Maryland in Washington DC, since each one of them is built around 7 hills and has their own Capitoline Wolf as a symbol of the founding of Rome. Rome in Europe has nothing like this, which suggests that the superior Rome or Grand Rome was in the Americas. Rome was an extension of Granada land, since Roman means pomegranate. Pomegranates are a symbol of the promised land of Israel, which was Granada land:

Speaking of Rome, Georgia, the city was allegedly named after Rome, Italy in 1835, because Rome Georgia also has 7 hills and 3 rivers just like Rome, Italy in Europe has. The Seven Hills of Rome, Georgia is: Old Shorter Hill, Myrtle Hill, Jackson Hill, Neely Hill, Mount Aventine Hill, Lumpkin Hill, and Blossom Hill. The Three Rivers in Rome, Georgia are the Oostanaula River, Coosa River, and the Etowah River. The Capitoline wolf suckling Romulus and Remus at the front entrance of the Rome City Auditorium in Rome, Georgia is the icing on the cake, because it’s way too many coincidences for this to be just mere chance. Rome, Georgia is ancient Rome and Rome, Maryland (Washington, DC) is an extension of it since Georgetown (Georgia-town) is in Washington, DC and all of the other similarities that we can factor in too.

The Greco-Roman (ancient Greece and ancient Rome) Architecture demonstrates that the Americas was ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Greco-Roman means Greece and Rome, or Greek and Rome. When Greece conquered Egypt, the civilizations become merged into the Greco-Egyptian civilization, which means the unification of Greece (Greco) and Egypt (Egyptian). When Rome conquered Greco-Egypt the civilization became known as Greco-Roman, which means the unification of Greece (Greco) and Rome (Roman); therefore, knowing who the Greeks and Romans are is vital to knowing who are the current ancient Egyptians or who became the ancient Egyptians after conquest, since Greece and Rome based both of their civilizations off of the Egyptian civilization. The Creeks were the Greeks and the Cherokee were the Romans, which means that these two tribes are the real modern-day Egyptians.

The US Capitol Building, the White House, the Governor’s Mansions, and all of the State Capitol Buildings in the UNITED STATES, display Gothic and/or Greco-Roman Architecture, which is Moorish/ Tartarian mode of craftsmanship. Yes, the Cherokee (Cherry tree: old Glory/ the red Flag) and the Creeks (Greeks) where the real Greco-Romans (Greeks and Romans) and they built all of the Cherokee Gothic and Greco-Roman Architecture in the Americas:

In this post is images of Greco-Roman and Gothic Architecture, all of which is a Moorish or a Tartarian mode of craftsmanship, according to the master textbook, “A Dictionary of the Architecture and Archaeology of the Middle Ages,” by John Britton: Most of these capital buildings used to have gold or copper plated domes to conduct the atmospheric electricity that these Tartarian/ Moorish buildings use to harness. Yes, the Old World had advanced free energy technology and almost every modern convenience that we have today as far as technology goes, before the great comet of 1811-1812, destroyed the Old-World Order that was ruled by Blackamoors:

Since Moors were the Tartartians according to the Gothic Architecture all over the world, but mainly in the Americas, this means that modern-day Europeans did not build any of these Greco-Roman and Gothic structures in Old World America, because a previous advanced American civilization called Mu’urs (Moors) and Berber Indians (India), all one and the same people, because they are both the Khmer (Khan/Khem/Shem/Kam/Ham/Sam/I Am) people from India Superior (the Americas) that civilized the world. In this post is a map of India Superior in the Americas. This map is very significant, because it demonstrates that the Americas is Asia Major/ Asia Proper, aka, the Orient (the East).

It actually makes perfect sense that Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome was in Old World America, because the Americas is the True Old world, and the birthplace of civilization, as we have already proven correct, in my previous blog post, “The Americas is Atlantis and the Origin of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization”: This means that everything in the near East is just a reflection of the great Westerner (the far East: The Orient).

Not only do we have the Greco-Roman Architecture as proof, but we have plenty of Greek place names all over America, but especially in Georgia. Let’s discuss Georgia. Georgia is the feminine form of George. George comes from the Greek “Georgios,which is derived from the Greek word Yewpyoc (georgos) meaning farmer, earth worker. Now, that we know that Georgia is a Greek (Creek=Cherokee) name, let’s look at some of these Greek place names in Georgia: Sparta, Georgia; Ephesus, Georgia; Corinth, Georgia; Sardis, Georgia; Smyrna, Georgia; Antioch, Georgia; Aracadia, Georgia; Columbus, Georgia; Athens, Georgia; Olympia, Georgia; Atlanta, Georgia; Troy, Georgia; Thebes, Georgia; Egypt, Georgia; Rome, Georgia; Eden, Georgia; Jerusalem, Georgia, Bethlehem, Georgia; and etc.

The interesting thing about Georgia is that they found a Mayan Temple in Georgia: This makes perfect sense, so this Mayan Temple was not a hoax. Also, 1/3 (33%) of the Mayas tongue was Greek, according to the book, “Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx,” by Augustus Le Plongeon. In his book, Hindu America, India-Indian author Chaman Lal states:
At present we are studying the native tongues and find that at least as far as Nahuatl, Zapoteca, and Maya languages are concerned, they are of Indo-European (Sanskrit) origin.”[End quote]. Yes, the Mayas spoke Sanskrit, which is the oldest language and the origin of all of the languages. Sanskrit is of course an Indian language, all of which gives credence to the fact that India Superior, (the Americas) is the True Old World and the birthplace of civilization. This also gives credence to the fact that languages like Greek and Roman Latin come from the tongue of the Ancient Maya Indian (India).

Also, they found ancient Greek and ancient Roman coins in the Americas, so there is nothing new about the Americas, which is strong evidence to suggest that ancient Greece and ancient Rome was in Old World America: It’s hard for people to understand that everything in the near East is just a reflection of everything that we had first in the Americas (the orient or far East). Yes, including Egypt (Atlantis), because Egypt was a global blackamoor civilization:

In this post is some Blackamoor rulers of Greco-Egypt (Greece and Egypt) [which later became Greco-Roman (Greece and Rome) after conquest], and the first kings of Mauritania. Yes, they were all melanite (Black) at first, so please avoid the hijack with the whitewash of history. If you are a Moor/Muur/Maur, knowing your Greco-Egyptian is important, since the Berber kings that established ancient Mauritania descend from the Greco-Egyptian bloodline of Queens and Pharaohs mentioned in the blog images (see blog images). History is not how we know it. I did a blog post called, “The Rock of Gibraltar is Stone Mountain GA,” which demonstrates that the original Greeks and the Greek gods were Blackamoors. This post also proves that Islam comes from the Americas: This information all ties in since we are on the topic of Greece and it was the Greek god Hercules that formed the Rock of Gibraltar on his quest to the Garden of the Hesperides, which was in the Americas.

The Moors/ Maurs/ Muurs are said to come from Mauritania. I agree with this since the word Mauritania means the land of the Maurs or Tameri or TaMAURI (Ta-Mauri-tania), which also translates as the land of Mary/ Meri/ Merry/ MRY/ Meru/ Mu/. Read more about Mauritania from my blog post, “Ancient Ghana is Guyana: the first Gold Coast was in South America:” In this blog post I reveal where is ancient lower and upper Mauritania.

The Americas is old Egypt Tameri (the land of the Muurs/ the land of Mary), because the Ancient Egyptian god Ptah (a predynastic Egyptian deity/ Atlantean God) is from the Americas. Yes, Ptah (Judah) is from the Americas, because his Territory was Ptah/ Utah/ Judah territory which covered Mexico and several states: California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Texas. Additionally, Ptah was also the chief god of Luxor in Memphis, Tennessee, which was in the Americas. Please read this blog post, “Ancient Egypt was in the Americas,” which demonstrates that ancient Egypt was in Old World America: