The Greco-Roman (Greek and Roman) Architecture demonstrates that the Americas was Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. The US Capitol Building, the White House, the Governor’s Mansions, and all of the State Capitol Buildings in the UNITED STATES, display Greco-Roman Architecture, which is Moorish/Tartarian mode of craftsmanship. Yes, the Cherokee (Cherry tree: old Glory/ the red Flag) where the real Greco-Romans (Greeks and Romans) and they built all of the Greco-Roman Architecture in the Americas:

In this post is images of Greco-Roman and Gothic Architecture, all of which is a Moorish or a Tartarian mode of craftsmanship, according to the master textbook, “A Dictionary of the Architecture and Archaeology of the Middle Ages,” by John Britton: . Most of these capitol buildings use to have gold or copper plated domes to conduct the atmospheric electricity that these Tartarian/Moorish buildings use to harness. Yes, the Old World had free-energy technology and almost every modern convenience that we have today as far as technology goes, before the great comet of 1811-1812, destroyed the Old World Order that was ruled by Blackamoors: Since Moors were the Tartartians according to the Gothic Architecture all over the world, but mainly in the Americas, this means that modern-day Europeans did not build any of these Greco-Roman/Gothic structures in Old World America, because a previous advanced American civilization called Mu’urs (Moors) and Berber Indians (India), all one and the same people, because they are both the Khmer (Khan/Khem/Shem/Kam/Ham/Sam/I Am) people from India Superior that civilized the world. In this post is a map of India Superior in the Americas. This map is very significant, because it demonstrates that the Americas is Asia Major/Asia Proper, aka, the Orient (the East).

It actually makes perfect sense that Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome was in Old World America, because the Americas is the True Old world, and the birthplace of civilization, as we have already proven correct, in my previous blog post, “The Americas is Atlantis and the Origin of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization.” This means that everything in the near East is just a reflection of the great Westerner (the far East: the Orient).

Not only do we have the Greco-Roman Architecture as proof, but we have plenty of Greek place names all over America, but especially in Georgia. Let’s discuss Georgia. Georgia is the feminine form of George. George comes from the Greek “Georgios,which is derived from the Greek word Yewpyoc (georgos) meaning farmer, earth worker. Now, that we know that Georgia is a Greek (Creek=Cherokee) name, let’s look at some of these Greek place names in Georgia: Sparta, Georgia; Ephesus, Georgia; Corinth, Georgia; Sardis, Georgia; Smyrna, Georgia; Antioch, Georgia; Aracadia, Georgia; Columbus, Georgia; Athens, Georgia; Olympia, Georgia; Atlanta, Georgia; Troy, Georgia; Thebes, Georgia; Egypt, Georgia; Rome, Georgia; Eden, Georgia; Jerusalem, Georgia, Bethlehem, Georgia; and etc.

The interesting thing about Georgia is that they found a Mayan Temple in Georgia:  This makes perfect sense, so this Mayan Temple was not a hoax. Also, 1/3 (33%) of the Mayas tongue was Greek, according to the book, “Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx,” by Augustus Le Plongeon. In his book, Hindu America, India-Indian author Chaman Lal states:
At present we are studying the native tongues and find that at least as far as Nahuatl, Zapoteca, and Maya languages are concerned, they are of Indo-European (Sanskrit) origin.”[End quote]. Yes, the Mayas spoke Sanskrit, which is the oldest language and the origin of all of the languages. Sanskrit is of course an Indian language, all of which gives credence to the fact that India Superior, (the Americas) is the True Old World and the birthplace of civilization. This also gives credence to the fact that languages like Greek and Roman Latin come from the tongue of the Ancient Maya Indian (India).

Also, they found Greek and Roman coins in the Americas, so there is nothing new about the Americas and Greece and Rome was also in Old World America: It’s hard for people to understand that everything in the near East is just a reflection of everything that we had first in the Americas. Yes, including Egypt (Atlantis), because Egypt was a global blackamoor civilization:

The Greek language was the Egyptian Coptic language. Dr. Ben even told us that there is no such thing as any Greek language. This means that the Greek language is Coptic. Even if it was Greek, Greece was a colony of Egypt and a global Blackamoor civilization. According to Herodotus, Greece was a colony of Egypt: It was Pharaoh Narmer Menes who first established Greece. After Pharaoh Narmer, we had Pharaoh Sesostris, who founded and built Athens, Greece:

Blackamoor Greeks:

The Greek Gods were Blackamoors:

The Americas is old Egypt Tameri (the land of the Muurs/ the land of Mary), because the Ancient Egyptian god Ptah (a predynastic Egyptian deity /Atlantean god) is from the Americas. Yes, Ptah (Judah) is from the Americas, because his Territory was Ptah/Utah/Judah territory which covered Mexico and several states: California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Texas. Additionally, Ptah was also the chief god of Luxor in Memphis, Tennessee, which was in the Americas. Please read this old Facebook post, which demonstrates that Ancient Luxor was in Old World America: