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Monthly membership is now available, and you all can enroll in our online ancient American history study course. Monthly members of America is the true old, will have access to my exclusive information that I can’t share on social media, plus you will get a free e-book every month and you will have access to the History course for free. Here are our membership levels for America is the Old World, which specializes in ancient American history.

We offer three levels of membership: monthly membership for $50 dollars, 6-month membership for a 10% discount at $250 dollars, and annual membership for $500 US dollars.

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This ancient American history course will cover all American history. Our prices are discounted since people pay thousands of dollars for history courses in school to be only fed lies, so this history course is not cheap, but it is affordable and worth it since you will be learning the truth.

This monthly membership was inspired by the book series, “America is the True Old World,” volume I, “Mu Discovered,” and volume II, “The Promised land,” by Amunhotep Chavis El-Bey, which are available on this website for purchase and are also available on Amazon for purchase:

Your monthly membership will include information from the book, “America is the True Old World, Volume II, The Promised land,” which can be purchased here on Amazon:

We thank you for your paid membership with “America is the Old World,” since your monthly membership helps to pay for the cost of travel and research, which enables our team to keep on providing us with valuable information. The old saying is that if you take care of your team your team will take care of you.