The Original Arabs were Blackamoors, is a blog response to the YouTube debate between Young Pharaoh vs. Fredrick El – “Who are the Moors Civilizers or Sell-outs?” If you have not seen that debate yet, please watch it first before reading this blog, so you can see how ignorant Young Pharaoh is when it comes down to actual historical facts, because most of us know that the original Arabs were Blackamoors. The Young Pharaoh vs. Fredrick El debate is embedded in this blog post so you can watch it. Young Pharaoh proclaims that the original Arabs, Turks, and Muslims were Pale Arabs and not so-called Black people. Young Pharaoh also thinks that Mu’urs/ Moors are not indigenous to the American landmass. Well, this blog post is designed to show and prove that the original Arabs were Blackamoors.


The original Arabs were Blackamoors, because Prophet Muhammed was a so-called Black man. The Prophet Muhammad’s (SAWS) tribe; family were The Qureshi; Quraish; Quraysh. Who were the Qureshi; Quraish; Quraysh? The Qureshi; Quraish; Quraysh a blue-black tribe also known as the Ansar; helpers or companions of the Prophet (SAW) were of dark hue of skin. The Qureshi; Quraish; Quraysh in the past were a very dark skinned people. Dr. Wesley Muhammad, PhD, wrote this article from his book, “Black Arabia:”  Check out page 6 and you will see the Shield of Prophet Muhammed, also in this post is an Image of the Shield of Prophet Muhammed.

Yes, the original Arabs were Blackamoors, because that is a so-called Black man depicted as prophet Muhammad on the shield of prophet Muhammad. Normally, it is against Islamic customs and practices to display an image of the Prophet, but this was done under extreme circumstances due to the fact that the Islamic Moors were losing the Crusade wars against the Catholic/Christian Moors. The Christians Moors had rallied themselves around Saint George, who also was a Ethiopian Moor, and his symbol, which is the cross of saint George. This Christians developed a motto to never let the Cross of Saint George hit the ground in battle unless it’s death. This motto gave the Christian Moors a psychological edge in Battle, therefore, the Islamic Moors had to counter that psychological edge by creating their very own symbol, hence the Shield of prophet Muhammad was the answer.

The original Arabs were Blackamoors, because the first Islamic Dynasty, the Almoravid Dynasty, was composed of so-called black people. The Almoravids were Black Berbers: . The Almoravids were sea merchants and also pirates. The Almoravids became so wealthy that some of them were able to marry into wealthy European Royal Families. In this post is a image of a Berber Moor chief from the Almoravid Dynasty named Abu Bakr ibn Umar ibn Ibrahim ibn Turgut. He was a military general and the founder of Marrakech, which is the capital of Morocco. The Almoravid Dynasty was your first Islamic dynasty and as you can see this Islamic dynasty was melanated (dark) people.

The cross of Saint George was presented to Peter I of Aragon and Navarre during the Reconquista and war with the Almoravids, who were Moors. A painting of Peter I is in this blog post.  Notice how Peter I, a Christian/catholic Moor, had white European knights go out and bring him back heads of Berber Moors that are all wearing crowns. Peter I, was named after Saint Peter, the first Pope. The medieval crusades were Christian Moors against Islamic Moors. The founder of the kingdom of Jerusalem and the leader of the first crusade was a French Moor by the name of Saint Godfrey de (DEY) Bouillon. A  image of him is in this blog post. The Templars, the French kings, the Holy Roman Emperors, German Kings, kings of Jerusalem, and English Kings all descend from the Merovingian dynasty. The founders of the merovingian Dynasty were all French Maurs:

Saint Godfrey also helped to establish the Order of the Knights Templar, who were also Moors. Here is the evidence that the Templars were Moors:

The Crusaders were not just fought to take Muslim-Jerusalem away from the Moors, the Crusades were fought over land, wealth and resources. See the photo of the Quote by the famous templar himself Saint Godfrey de Bouillon, which is in this post. The territories the Moors had were major trading posts. The Moors dominated commerce (business) in those days because the moors controlled the major trading posts and had a monopoly on the resources of Africa and the Americas. The moors become so wealthy that they were able to breed into Blackamoor European Royal families. The Moors were able to build the great Cathedrals in Spain and Italy because of the wealth they had generated from trading. The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem was built by the Moors, long before any crusade and long before any occupation by a foreign king after the crusaders. How is this possible? Well, the Islamic Moors are Sons of Ishmael, so therefore, they are Islamic Jews. Who was Ishmael? Islamel was one of the Sons of Abraham of the Bible. This is strong evidence that Jerusalem was built by the Islamic Moors and taken by the Christian Moors using religion as an excuse to get what they wanted, which was wealth and land. As Blackamoors, the religion of christianity, has been used as an excuse to kill us, enslave us, and to take our wealth and lands, in the name of Christ; but yet, we still want to call ourselves Christians. More bloodshed has been done in the name of Christ than any other Religion, but yet they make Islam out to be so evil. I think all religions are the biggest problem for the world, because they all keep us divided and ignorant for the most part. I think the world would be a better place if we had more love and less religion.

Yes, the original Arabs were Blackamoors, since Islam was created by Blackamoors (blacks), aka, Saracens just like all of the other religions too. But what is a Saracen? Well, a Saracen is an old Arab (Berber), the original Arab. All of these faiths were established by the Berber Merovingians, i.e., Saracens, which means sons of Saint Sara, aka, Mary Magdalene (love of magnetism/Mount Meru). The Saracens were the original Roman Catholics (Holy Cat/Sphinx) that established the three major faiths as a means to establish religious orders, as a means of control,  and to establish law and order.

The Saracens or the Race of Saint Andrews were the original Cathy/Cathar/Catholic (caithness). The word Catholics comes from Cathy which is pertaining to the lost Tribe of Israel, aka the RED ONES/REDMEN/RED LAND/RED FLAG, Hebrew Israelite Moors:

The Christian crusaders (Templars) took Moslem-Jerusalem from the Muurs, and these Crusades were fought mostly on the American Landmass too; because the Holy city was in the Americas. The Knights Templars were also found in Ptah/Utah/Judah territory. Additionally, Christopher Columbus actually came to the West indies, aka, the Americas for gold, spices and to retake Moorish-Jerusalem, the Holy City, from The Moors: Deuteronomy 34, in the King James Version Bible Describes Judah. The strange thing is that all of these places are in Utah (Yudah/Judah): Additionally, the City of David, aka, Jerusalem, is in Peru: . All of this evidence proves that God’s Chosen People are the original Copper-colored people of the America’s. So-called Blacks or African Americans are the only people that fit the scriptures as being God’s Chosen.

In this blog is images of Native-American Fezzes. Yes, the Fez is native to the Americas because all things are, since the Americas is the True Old World. Also, the Mu’urs didn’t have to come to the Americas and take anything, because they were already over here in the Americas. Google the Washitaw Mu’urs, who are Native to the Americas, and are the oldest indigenous people on the planet: . Additionally, If you read subsection 4 of this Delaware law it will tell you that the Delaware Moors, aka, the Lenape Indians were formerly known as Moors:…/20…/title-29/chapter-1/section-106/ . Yes, the Muurs are native to the Americas and so is the Fez.

These European masons took a blood oath to never reveal to the children of the Moors who they truly were. As Azeem Hopkins Bey quotes in his book ‘What Your History Books failed to Tell you’.
George Washington Chairman of the Continental Congress of 1774 is documented saying: “If we would agree to take the Fezzes, and Turbans off the Moors’ Heads and remove the sandals from their feet and enforce it with severe punishments, and also swear a death oath between ourselves to religiously, and faith fully not allow anyone to teach the Moorish Children whom they really are or who their forefathers were. And only allow the Moorish Children to be taught that they were truly Negros, Black people and Colored Folks.”

“George Washington stated that 200 years from today the Moorish people would not know their nationality nor the national name of their forefathers also they would not know from which land or ancestors that they descended from.” [End quote].


Last knockout blow for Young Pharaoh is the fact that the original Arabs were Blackamoors, which means that they were Black Jews/ Hebrews with Islamic customs (Islamic Jews). Look at all of the ancient Islamic coins of the Blackamoor Turkmen (Turks) and with their Islamic 6 pointed star of David. Most of these ancient Islamic coins are Islamic Emperors from the Artuqid Dynasty, which was a very powerful dynasty that the Ottoman Empire descends from. There were three Artuqid dynasties who ruled the area comprising modern-day eastern Turkey, northern Syria, and northern Iran during the 11th and 12th centuries. The Artuqid dynasty took its name from the founder, Artuk Bey, from which the name Turkey is derived. The Artuqid dynasty struck an extensive range of copper dirhams depicting their portraits and Islamic script.

Artuqid rulers commissioned many public buildings, such as mosques, bazaars, bridges, hospitals and baths for the benefit of their subjects. They left an important cultural heritage by contributing to literature and the art of metalworking. Please learn more about this powerful Islamic Blackamoor Dynasty, right here:

Well, since we are on the subject of Turkey and Turkmen. What do we eat during Thanksgiving to allegedly celebrate thanks and/or goodwill? A turkey is the answer. Why a Turkey? Well, it’s to celebrate the defeat of the Muurs who are Berber Indians (India) from India Superior (the Americas: Asia Major). One year after the Pope issued his Papal bull in 1452, which authorized Christians to take away the possessions and wealth of Saracens and subject them to perpetual servitude (slavery), the pirate Christians took the Byzantine (Berber) Empire from the Moors in 1453. The Christians didn’t stop taking land and wealth from the Saracens, because this same Papal Bull authorized them to take the Granada (Israel/promised land) that we had in Spain in 1492 and the Granada that we had in the Americas starting in the early 1500’s. You see how Christianity has been used as a tool to destroy indigenous people and to take their land, wealth, and possessions in the name of Christ, a fictional concept that is based off of Astrology.

The same way the $5 dollar Indians hate Thanksgiving, Blackamoors are suppose to hate it too, because only ignorant people celebrate their own defeat. Evidence that Turkey (the Country) was also in the Americas is the fact that there was a Nation of defeated Moors called the Turks of South Carolina: More evidence that Turkey was also in the Americas: We also have a Turkey, Alabama.

They were called Muurs at first, because Turk/Turkey (jive Turkey) became an insult to the Turkish moors after they were defeated. We love Thanksgiving so much, because we have been conditioned to love it when the Turkey bird is a splice between the Buzzard and the Chicken and it has nothing to do with the Indigenous People, because of what happened to our ancestors. How can we be this ignorant that we honor the deaths of our own people, by the hands of our oppressors, via, the defeat of the Turkish melanated (dark) people of  the 1453 Byzantine war? Turkey is a word that is actually worse than Nigger, because Turk means ignorant or stupid. The stuffed Turkey aspect is referring to the dead bodies of the Moors that they would stuff the bodies with paper, feathers, and etc. The derogatory feast, Thanksgiving, that subliminally shows the inhumane evils done to the melanated woman, i.e., the pieces of the Turkey’s body symbolizes the woman’s breast, leg, and thigh.  The reality of Thanksgiving is that you celebrate the same Holiday the oppressor celebrates in the defeat of the Moors who were mockingly labeled as Turkeys (Turks).

Lastly, I will finish with this, Moor and Indian (India) is all one and the same people, because they are both the Khmer (Khan/Khem/Shem/Kam/Ham/Sam/I Am) people from India Superior that civilized the world. In this post is a map of India Superior in the Americas. This map is very significant, because it demonstrates that the Americas is Asia Major/Asia Proper, aka, the Orient (the East). Yes, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Prophet Noble Drew Ali (PBUH) was right when they told us that we are the Asiatic Black Man, because the Americas is Asia Major because the Americas is India Superior.