Peace friends and family, I am a fan of various scholars whether they be Muslims, Hebrews, Christian, Buddhist, and etc; therefore, I am exposed to different perspectives when it comes to the role that the Muurs played in history. Most people believe that the Muurs helped Europeans to overthrow their own Black people in the Americas. Is this true? Well, let’s look at the Evidence to discover the truth.

The conquest of the Americas started in 1492 with Christopher Columbus, after the Muurs were first overthrown in Granada, Spain. The Holy Roman Empire (Roman Jews/ Knights Templar) could not take the Moslem-Jerusalem that we had in the Americas, which was Granada, until they had overthrown the Granada (promise land/Israel) that we had in Spain, first. Evidence that the Americas is Granada, the promised land, the land of milk and honey:

Christopher Columbus was actually a military arm for Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain, so we are dealing with the Holy Roman Empire (Habsburg dynasty), which was the military arm for the Pope of Rome (the Vatican/the Eagle). Yes, all roads lead to Rome. Christopher Columbus himself was a Holy Roman Jew (Templar/Knights of Columbus), under the guise of the Roman Catholic faith, because the Holy Roman Empire were Knights of King Solomon’s Temple, aka, Knights Templar. The Holy Roman Empire’s Coat of Arms is the double-headed Eagle which runs parallel with the Cross of Saint George, aka, the Templar Cross. You can find images of Templar knights with the Templar Cross on their side (shield) and the Flag of the Holy Roman Empire (double-headed eagle). Here is the link to where you can see some images of Black Templar Knights of the Holy Roman Empire with their double headed Eagle:

So yes, we are dealing with a Moor on Muur war, but not all Muurs are the same. The Muurs in America are Washitaw Muurs and they descend from the Olmec and Mayan Muurs from Mu/Atlantis (please read my previous blog post that I did on the Washitaw Muurs). This type of Muur is spelled with the double “U,” and this type of Muur is native to the Americas. The Moor from Europe is the Moor that is spelled with the double “O.” The European Moor (Jew) had his Jerusalem in the Middle East, but that wasn’t good enough, so they invaded the Americas and took the Moslem-Jerusalem that belonged to the Moslems, aka, the Saracens, the Amurru-Khans (Americans), via, the Dum Diversa of 1452. Hebrews are not Saracens (old Arabs); therefore, the Americas is not their promised land that was taken by the Vatican. Evidence that the term Saracen pertains solely to Old Arabs (Muurs):  Well, since the Muurs are Saracens, it is the Muurs that are the lost tribe of Israel, aka, the Chosen people, according to the link. The word Saracen means son of Saint Sara (Sarah, Abraham wife). Saint Sara is a Berber Merovingian relic from India that is Mary Magdalene (love of magnetism/Mount Meru) in disguise.

Remember that during the Spanish Inquisition, it was the Muurs that they kicked out of the promised land that we had in Granada, Spain. Also, Columbus came to the Americas with a Hebrew Interpreter to find the great Khan and Moslem-Jerusalem (see attached YouTube Video called Columbus and the Quest for Jerusalem). That great Khan whom Columbus was looking for was Queen Khalifa, who was a Muurish Empress. Queen Khalifa was a female Priest-Queen/ Messiah/ Mary/ Griffin-Queen. The Character Wonder Woman is based off her Character. The State of California is named after her. She was defeated by the Spanish in the early 1500’s. Well, now you all know why she is considered to be a Spanish myth. Empress Khalifa was not just the Queen of the Amazon warriors, because in times of war she commanded male forces too.

Additionally, here is a 1562 map of America by Spanish cartographer, Diego Gutiérrez, from the Library of Congress:,0.175,0.732,0.315,0. This map shows you Holy Roman Emperor Charles the V of the Holy Roman Empire, Habsburg Dynasty, using his force/source to come over here to conquer the Americas, with the use of European Wildmen. Holy Roman Emperor Charles V was acting as a military arm for the Pope of Rome, and he was a Black Hebrew Israelite that conquered his own people in the Americas. See image of Charles the V in this post. He was a Black Jew, aka, a Knights Templar, who hated Mu’urs (Moslems), so he was on broad with the conquest of Moslem-Jerusalem, aka, Granada (Israel/promised land), which was a Muurish stronghold in the Americas.

Why is there so much hate for Muurs, when it was the Muurish information that started the aboriginal movement? Answer, because agents have made Muurs out to be the bad guys in history and people associate Muurs with only Islam. The Islamic faith is under attack by the media and the powers that be, so of course, that same effect (attack) will trickle down to the followers of Islam: Muurs and other Arabs. Why hate Islam when it comes from the Americas and Berber Muurs created it:

According to the record, it was the Roman Jews under the guise of Christianity and Catholicism that conquered the Americas, so no… the Muurs in the Americas are not the biggest race traitors and sellouts of their own people; because the, because that’s who conquered the Americas. Family and friends, I know the truth hurts, but it’s not my intention to offend anyone, but it seems like the Muur is always the bad guy while the Hebrew is always the good guy. I’m just saying, lol. I hope this post sets the record straight. Peace and enjoy.