The Superior Moscow, Russia is a necessary post since it has been so much talk about the Tartarian Empire lately. Tartary is a Country in Asia near Russia, but what if the Americas was home to the original Russia and Tartary? If this is proven correct, it will demonstrate that America is the orient (the East) and the true old world. Please read my previous blog post that proves that the Americas is the land of the Orient and Asia Major:

Now, where is the original Moscow, Russia? Well, here is a 1562 map of America by Spanish cartographer, Diego Gutiérrez, from the Library of Congress:,0.175,0.732,0.315,0.

The 1562 Diego Gutierrez map shows Francisca (France) and the mythical golden city of Norimberga (Germany) that was allegedly built by Vikings (Danes). This said map also shows you the original Moscow, the capital of Russia in North America to the left of Francisca.

Now that we know that Moscow and Asia Major (India Superior) were in the Americas, let’s discuss “Our Lady of Bethlehem,” a Blackamoor Russian Icon, which is currently in Pahokee, Florida. Why Pahokee, Florida?

In 2001 Edward and Adele Kahn, owners of House of Kahn Estate Jewelers, donated a jewel-encrusted painting of the Virgin Mary and the Christ Child created in the 16th century to St. Mary Catholic Church in Pahokee, the poorest in the Diocese of Palm Beach. A 2008 appraisal places the value at $1.3 million, and today its value exceeds $2 million”:


Well, Florida has a Moscow, Florida, and a tribe of Creek (Greek) Indians called the Muscogee (Muscogee=Muscovite=Moscow). Muscogee is very similar to Muscovite. In fact, Muscovite is the plural form of Moscow (Muscovy) since the people of Moscow, Russia refers to themselves as the Muscovites. The Muscovite (Muscogee) Creek are the Greeks:

Florida also has a Russian city called Saint Petersburg, Florida that has the same Moorish/ Tartarian architecture found in Saint Petersburg, Russia (see the Tampa Bay (Bey) Hotel):

Additionally, we have a Russia, Ohio, and a Moscow Ohio in North America. When we hear of Russia, we think of the Tartarian Empire that was near Russia in Asia, but what if North America was Grand Tartary:


Now, that we know that the Superior Moscow (Russia) was in the Americas, the Russian Icon, “Our Lady of Bethlehem,” being now in the custody of the Kahn (Mr. Edward Kahn) in Pahokee, Florida is starting to make sense; especially, if we consider Bethlehem, Florida, and Lake Galilee in Florida. Galilee and Bethlehem are associated with Mary (Maya) and her baby Jesus Christ and the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Ancient Jerusalem is located near Bethlehem (Bethlehem, FL?) and Galilee (Lake Galilee, FL?) on maps of the Mediterranean region. We already know that the original Mediterranean Sea was the Gulf of Mexico, which makes Florida, aka, La Floridas, the area of the original Holy land or land of the Bible. Florida was once a huge territory of land that was known as Tameri, aka, Abyssinia, or Ethiopia Superior/ India Superior (the land of the Maurs):

Here is evidence that ancient Jerusalem (Moslem-Jerusalem) was in the Americas and was under the jurisdiction of the Washitaw Mu’urs (Maurs/ Moors), aka, the Ancient Ones/ Mound Builders:

Here is evidence that Mother Mary, King David, and Jesus are Moslem Maurs (Saracens):

This information explains why “Our Lady of Bethlehem,” a Russian Icon, is currently housed in Pahokee, Florida, since Florida was Bethlehem and Muscogee (Muscovite=Moscow, Russia) Creek territory. The Makoski/ Muscogee Creeks occupied a huge territory of land that covered several US States, according to the 1491 map of the Distributuion of the Barbarous (Berber-ous) Tribes East of the Mississippi. The huge territory of land occupied by the Muscogee Creeks (Greeks) suggests that the Grand or Superior Moscow was in the Americas.


Russia (Russia=Russ-Asian) was established by the mighty Andrews/ Andros/ Ros/ Rus clan from Scotland when they were Saracens (Old Arabs), which explains all the Black “Russian Icons” and the Islamic state flag of the former Soviet Union (Russia) with its cherry red background and Islamic crescent moon and star on it.

The 1861 Pro-Confederate Flag of the Muscogee Creek Nation is also an Islamic flag with a crescent moon and star on it, because the Muscogee Creek Nation were Berber Maurs that helped to run the Southern Confederacy during the Civil War:

The Andrew’s clan were Saracen (Moslem) descendants of Saint Andrew. Saint Andrew is the patron saint of SCOTLAND, GREECE, ITALY, and RUSSIA and was Christ’s first disciple. Saint Andrew was crucified on the cross (X) and had the same kind of wisdom and powers that Jesus had, hence the reason why the Vatican removed the Gospel of Saint Andrew and the Acts of Saint Andrew from the Bible. Saint Andrew was a fisher of men that preached in Nineveh (the House of the Fish) that was originally in Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas:

The term Maur means high Priest of Anu, according to the Palermo Stele from ancient Egypt. The owl and the serpent (dragon) are Hieroglyphic symbols that represent the Maurs, according to the Palermo Stele from Egypt. The owl and the dragon are both flag symbols of Tartary, which makes the Maur a Tartarian. In this post is the flag of the Empire of Tartary. As you can see, Tartary was very Moorish, since it has two cherry red Moorish flags on its grand flag.

Moscow is a corruption of Mosque, and most of the cathedrals and U.S. Capitol buildings in the Americas were mostly Mosques or Mausoleums at first before Spanish (Roman) conquest of the Americas. These Moorish/ Tartarian buildings were later converted into Christian and Catholic churches and other governmental structures after the fall of the Moors.

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