Gibraltar of the West will settle any doubts if you still don’t believe that America is the true old world, since this post covers a variety of old-world topics such as the Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark, the Fountian of Youth, Ethiopia, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, Assyria, etc, so please do enjoy and I thank you for your time.



Gibraltar, named after the Rock of Gibraltar, is heavily associated with the Moors (see Moorish Gibraltar). The Rock of Gibraltar is stone mountain Georgia was first revealed to me from a beautiful sister on YouTube named “Unpacked with Ja’Nese.” She made a YouTube video called “Breaking News: Stone Mountain is Gibraltar.” That video used to be embedded in this blog for your convenience, but it was taken down by YouTube and I wonder why?

However, the show must go on and I found another YouTube video that is just as good and it is by Old World Florida, and it is called, “Key West Uncovered – Star Forts, Pirates & the Barbery Wars”:

The said video that was removed is still significant since the sister shows you a rare map of Georgia from the 1800’s that she paid $1400 dollars for that shows you that the Rock of Gibraltar is Stone Mountain Georgia, since the area was known as Gibraltar, and you have two big rocks in that area. The interesting thing that I noticed about the Stone Mountain Georgia area is that in our present-day time that area is known as New Gibraltar Square, so we really don’t need the  map or the video that was removed; however, this fact gives credence to the rare map that the beauty sister has blessed us with when she made her video, “Breaking News: Stone Mountain is Gibraltar.”

To address the issue of not having the map anymore as evidence that verifies the fact that the Rock of Gibraltar is Stone Moutian Georgia, I will have to supply more evidence than New Gibraltar Square, even though it is nothing new in the Americas since the Americas is the true old world. Let’s Start with Key West Florida.

Key West, the Gibraltar of the West:

Until the year 1812, Key West was the riches city in America, due to its position in the Straits of Florida and near the Gulf of Mexico, which enabled Key West to become wealthy due to being able to control the commercial shipping of imports coming in and exports coming out of the Americas. Therefore, Key West, Florida was considered the Gibraltar of the West and the Gulf (Bay/ Bey) of Mexico was called the Gulf of Gibraltar: This YouTube video is from TheGeoScholar and it is called, “Key West, Gibraltar of the Gulf,” and this video is confirmation, but we have much more to share, because we still need more than just YouTube videos to prove our point(s).

The Straits of Florida is the Straits of Gibraltar, and the Gulf of Mexico is the Gulf of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea:

The Straits of Florida resemble the Straits of Gibraltar in too many ways to be coincidental as the videos proves and you can look at maps of the Straits of Florida and the Straits of Gibraltar as comparisons, and the landmasses look similar (see post images). If you compare the map of the Straits of Gibraltar with the map of the Straits of Florida, the only real difference that you will see is the size of the landmasses between both straits, since both straits have an Atlantic Ocean on each side. This means that the Mediterranean Sea would be the Gulf of Mexico if we compared this map to the Straits of Florida, since Florida already has the Atlantic Ocean on one side of its Strait. The name Gibraltar is a reference to the Rock of Gibraltar and the Moorish people that occupied the Iberia Peninsula, now known mostly as Spain (see Moorish Gibraltar).

Key West used to be the most populous city in Florida up until 1900, which is remarkable because Key West was only accessible by boat until the year 1912, so we are dealing with a city (Key West) and a State (Florida) full of Seminole Indians, aka, Phoenician Mayans (Egyptians/ Tartars), that were sea people (sailors) or Mariners (Maurineers), who were merchants (Meru-chants) that controlled the merchandise (Meru-chandise). Both merchant and merchandise contain the prefix Moor/Maur/Meru, since Maurs (high priest of Anu) were your first pirates and navigators of the seven seas.

Key West (Gibraltar) is also in Monroe County, Florida. Monroe sounds a lot like Meroe, the capitol of the Kushite (Ethiopian) Empire that was established by Moors. The Seminole Indians are native to Florida, and they were known as the Maroons (Mauroons), and they fought under a solid cherry red Moorish flag (see post images). The flags of the Seminole and the Creek nations are red, green, and white (the colors of Mexican flag) with a Mayan 5-pointed Star in the center of the Islamic crescent moon:

Were the Seminoles Mayans? Yes, since the Mayans came from the Yucatan Peninsula and established Florida after their home in Teotihuacan (the capital of Atlantis) had sunk:

The Mayan Pyramids of Florida:

There are Mayan step-pyramids all over Florida and Miami was named after the Maya, since Miami comes from Maya-imi (Miami is Maya-imi:

This Facebook post links to a YouTube video from Old World Florida called, “Florida has pyramids (2).” My advice is to watch part 1 and part 2, since Florida has a few hidden Mayan Step Pyramids:

I recently discovered a huge Mayan step pyramid when I was riding on I-95 and passed by the Saint Lucie County landfill. It is covered in vegetation and some trash at the top, but I saw the straight groove lines from the different step levels, and I said to myself this looks like a Mayan step pyramid and when I go home, I am going to go online and look for an aerial view. That is exactly what I did, and I found a good image too of this Mayan step pyramid, since you can see the triangular shape with the capstone missing, and you can see the groove line from the different step levels that are piercing through the vegetation (See post image). The Mayans also introduced the Mexican Eagle to Florida, which is a flightless bird, so who took this Mexican Eagle to Florida? The Mayans did is the answer.

These Phoenician Mayans (Maurs/ Turks =Tartars), aka, the Seminole Indians, being native to Florida built all the Gothic and Greco-Roman Architecture (Moorish Architecture) that you see throughout Florida, aka, Hispania, or Hesperides, which is also names for the Iberian Peninsula in Roman Latin, as I will prove later. Yes, Florida (La floridas) used to be the Iberian Peninsula, which is Key since the Rock of Gibraltar is around the Iberian Peninsula.

Did Moors build these Cathedrals? Yes, since Gothic Building is a Moorish or Tartarian style of building. The Cathedral is built with a Gothic (Moorish/Islamic) type of building and so is Westminster Abbey.” In Turner’s Normandy, vol. ii. p. 250, are delineated several sculptural spandrels from Bayeux Cathedral, exhibiting somewhat of the Moorish or Tartarian, mode of workmanship. The word is spelt spaundre in the French Contract for reforming Westminster Hall,” dated 1393. – “A Dictionary of the Architecture and Archaeology of the Middle Ages.” Now, this is a powerful quote coming from a master textbook written by a white author that is recognized. Well, the Moors built these castles and cathedrals throughout Europe.

Gothic building is castle building. Gothic building was invented in Ethiopia because the oldest Castles can be found in Ethiopia. The Moors took Gothic building into Europe and built all the Castles and Cathedrals throughout Europe. Also, virtually, all the Cathedrals in Europe worship the Black Madonna and child, and they have the Black Madonna and Child on display as the centerpiece of these Grand Cathedrals. The Moors left over five hundred Black Madonna and Child statues all throughout Europe. The Moors were in power in Europe; therefore, they worshipped their own image.

The Moors were called “Tar Babies” as a racial slur for a reason, because they were as Black as Tartars. Being “as Black as Tartars” used to be a proverbial expression: This proverbial expression explains the dark complexion of the Seminoles, Mayans, Russians, Indians, Aztecs, Turks, and the Egyptians of the old world, since these Nations were all Tartarian civilizations. The blog post I shared in the paragraph proves that Grand Tartary was in the Americas.

With the use of etymology, “Cathode=Cathedral.” Since this is true, this means that the Cathedrals that the Moors built were ancient power plants that supplied free energy to our towns. These cathedrals were huge magnetons. I say this because a cathode is a part of a magnetron that is the center, aka, the source, or the Black dot. You can also see the design of the magnetron in the Cathedral; especially in some of the glass windows.

Now, based upon the nationality, and the sophistication of the Maurs/Moors, these Seminole Indians were not doing rain dances and living in teepees like how Hollywood and academia will have you to believe. These Seminole Indians were an advanced ancient civilization of people since they were the Tartarians (Tartars) with super advanced ancient Technology.

Florida has four Star forts that I know of: Fort Jefferson and Fort Zachery Taylor in Key West, Florida; Fort Pickens in Pensacola, Florida; and Castillo de San Marcos National Monument in Saint Augustine, Florda. The most interesting star fort is Fort Jefferson since it is made with over sixteen million Tartarian red bricks and it reminds me of an ancient Roman Aqueduct since it was built to supply fresh distilled water to the population of Key West. Fort Jefferson was used to distill saltwater into freshwater, and store millions of gallons of fresh distilled water (see embedded post video about Key West).

The Seminole Indians as Tartars were not a primitive and savage people that were mixed with runaway Black slaves, since when did savages and slaves live in fabulous Gothic and Greco-Roman structures, and how do you explain the ancient, advanced technology described above? It just doesn’t all add up, so we must question the false slave narrative; especially since these alleged slaves were prisoners of war that were enslaved on their own land, because of a long series of holy wars or crusades between Moslems (Saracens) and pagans (Hebrews) vs Holy Roman Catholics and Christians for control of Granada land (the promised land) in the Americas: Yes, the first Africa was in South America since South America had its own Gold Coast and Slave Coast.

The First Crusades against the Moors and Hebrews were started around 1096 AD by the swarthy Pope Urban II and his swarthy Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV. These Crusades went on for over four hundred years and World Wars I and II were a continuation of these Holy Wars:

However, let’s focus our attention to the Crusade Wars of the 1500’s, since this is when Spain (Rome) invaded the Americas. The Crusades of the 1500’s involved two powerful families: the Ottoman Turks (Maurs and Hebrews) vs the Holy Roman Hapsburg Empire (Christians and Catholics). The Hapsburgs won this war by enslaving and killing the Maurs and Hebrews in the name of Christ: This Facebook post proves that the old world was ruled by swarthy people and that the Crusade Wars were Blood related Swarthy people fighting each other on both sides of the war.

All those who wouldn’t convert to Christianity by the sword, died by the sword. So many of our people died (over one hundred million people), via, biological chemical warfare, that the weather changed. It got extremely cold, due to all the loss of life, that a little “Ice Age” was the result of the conquest of Granada land (promised land/Holy land). It got so cold during the conquest of the Americas that the North Pole (Mount Meru) and Antartica froze over. I say this because I have several maps from the early 1500-1600’s that show the North pole and Antarctica ice free with no icecap.

The American Revolutionary War, the war of 1812, the Seminole Wars, the Barbery Wars (Barbery Pirates), the Civil War, and all wars after the 1500’s, that occurred in the Americas, were a result of a long series of Holy Wars or Crusades against Moors and Hebrews for control over the promised land in the Americas. Rome wanted our rich lands and our abundant resources in the Americas, so they used religion to look civil in the process of taking everything from the Moors and Hebrews.

The Barbery wars from 1800-1815 occurred mostly in the Americas since Tunis (Tennessee), Algier (Louisiana), and Greater Morocco was in the Americas:  This evidence suggests that the Caribbean Island and La floridas were the original Barbery Coast.

When you read about the Barbery Wars the United States Corporation (Spain/Rome) was heavily involved. In fact, most vessels that were attacked by these Barbery Pirates were U.S. ships. These Barbery pirates were Berbers/Tartars (Moors) that were labeled pirates by the hijack U.S. Corporation to make it appear like they were the bad guys when all they were doing was defending their lands (the Barbery coast) and fighting against the roman regime change.

The Barbary Pirates were called Florida Pirates and Hollywood made a movie series about them called “The Pirates of the Caribbean,” which featured actor Johny Depp playing the role of the swarthy pirate Captain Jack Sparrow who had Dredd locks, which is a custom of the Mayans (Phoenician Maurs). In this post is an image of a Mayan with Dredd locks and with a red flag in his hands. The red flag was labeled a pirate’s flag and a flag of rebellion because this flag fought against Rome for over four hundred years.

Some examples of Florida Pirates are the Tampa Bay (Bey) Buccaneers, Manuel the Pirate, Black Casper, and Jose Gasparilla (the last of the Buccaneers). These Florida pirates were all swarthy because they were Seminole Indians (Mayans), aka, Moors.

The First Seminole Wars:

The war of 1812 also involved the Seminoles during the first Seminole war, which was fought at Fort Negro, a fort near Saint Augustine Florida. Saint Augustine, Florida is the oldest city in North America and is home to the legendary Fountain of Youth, as we will discuss later.

Fort Negro was a fort that was built around a bigger fort called Fort Gadsden, which was built by the Brutus (Bristish) Maurs and it is a Tartarian/Moorish Star Fort (see post image of Map of Fort Gadsden and Negro Fort). I can agree that the Bristish built Fort Negro since the Union Jack (British Flag) and the solid cherry red flag of the Moors and Israel are flown together on the same flagpole with the Union Jack being on top and the red flag being underneath it (see post image).

King James got the Bible from America and Britian was the allies of the Moors:

Yes, Britian was our allies against Spain (Rome). In fact, King James of the Bible was a Black Hebrew that was an ally of the Moors due to the Union Jack agreement (unification of the red flag with the Flag of Britian) made in 1600, between the Moroccan, Sultan Ahmad Al-Mansur and Queen Elizabeth I of England, to begin negotiations for an alliance against Spain (Rome). The Moors were seeking to re-establish Al-andalus (Andalusia) in the Americas. Yes, Andalus (Andalusia) was in South America according to the 1491 map from Spain of the Americas. Carthage (Carthago), Castille, and Hispaniola/ Spain (Hispania=Hesperides=Iberian Peninsula=La floridas) are also shown on this map, which means that the Holy wars, aka, the real Crusades happened in the Americas:

King James of the Bible was a continuation of the deal that the Moors had made with his first cousin Queen Elizabeth I of England in 1600 AD, so he was in on the deal to help the Moors reestablish Andalusia since it was taken from the Moors in the early 1500’s due to the Chrisitan and Catholic Spanish invasion (Holy Wars) that was led by the swarthy Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, who hated all Moslems (Saracens). In fact, King James was no sellout since he fought Spain (Rome), and he was given the Bible from the Americas to record the history of the Moors and Hebrews. Yes, America is the True old world since the Americas is the land of the Bible:

Black King James of the Bible took the Americas back from Spain to honor the alliance that the Moors had made with his 1st Cousin, Queen Elizabeth I of England, since he was in on the cut. Now, this explains why the 13 British Colonies were Black and established by Black Muslims and Jews:
Tecumseh and the Prophet:
This also explains why the Black Panther, Tecumseh, a Swanee Indian war chief, had fought for Britain during the war of 1812, because as Moors we had a strong alliance with Britain, since we were all Moors (Tartars):
The story of Tecumseh is interesting since we had a brother named Tenskwatawa, aka, “The Prophet,” that had placed a curse that killed several US Presidents. This curse is called “the curse of Tecumseh.” An image of the Prophet and his brother Tecumseh is in this post to demonstrate that these were Blackamoors. The Prophet was the Shawnee Spiritual Chief/ Shiek (high priest of Anu) and ruler of Prophetstown, which was a town named after him in Indiana.
Indiana is significant to the Moors since Morocco (Morocco, Indiana) and the Holy city of Mecca (Mecca, Indiana) of the old world was in Indiana, since the Holy Cube of Harmonics, aka, the Kaaba, built by Abraham and Ishamel was in Indiana (India), which is the territory of the Ben Ishmaelite Tribe (see 1810 map of the Tribe of Ben Ishmael Migration):
Now, this explains why Tecumseh and the five hundred other brave Ben Ishmaelites that he could rally for war, aka, Indians (Moors/Turks/Tartars) had sacrificed themselves to defend these sacred holy sites and Holy lands, since they were religious fanatics that fought against 10,000 U.S. Corporation troops from 1811-1813, in Tecumseh’s War. The power of religion can’t be underestimated, since it made five hundred men fight against 10,000. The territories of the Ben Ishmaelites included Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa. These States were once part of La floridas (Tameri/ Ethiopia/ Iberia Peninsula).
Plus, who wouldn’t want to fight for all of the fabulous Gothic and Greco-Roman Architecture that was in the Territory of the Ben Ishmaelites? Missouri and Chicago had some of the greatest World’s fairs of all-time. Ohio and Indiana also had their own World’s Fair. Please Goggle images of the 1904 Saint Louis World’s Fair and the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition and I promise you that you will be blown away with the beauty and sophistication of this Tartarian/ Moorish Architecture that was once there.
Tecumseh was the descendant of Creek (Greek) and Swanee Indians, which makes him a Maur/ Moor, aka, a Ben Ishmaelite. Tecumseh fought in the war of 1812 due to the signing of the Treaty of Fort Wayne of 1809. The Treaty of Fort Wayne, sometimes called the Ten O’clock Line Treaty or the Twelve Mile Line Treaty, is an 1809 treaty that obtained 29,719,530 acres of Native American land for the settlers of Illinois and Indiana. The negotiations primarily involved the Delaware Moors, aka, the Lenape Moors, but included other tribes as well like the Potawatomie, Eel Rivers, and the Miami (Maya-imi) Indians.

The war of 1812 involved the U.S. Corporation (Rome) versus Indian Tribes like the Creeks, Seminoles, Choctaws, etc. 1812 was a big reset year that involved huge territories of land being ceded to Rome, via treaties made with the U. S. corporation. These Moors/ Indians were labeled mixed Negro slaves from Africa because they were Blackamoors, so a story had to be created that made them foreigners, instead our being indigenous to the Americas, since these wars were all about acquiring land and resources.

The Second Seminole War (1835-1842):

In this post is also a photo of a black Seminole war Chief/Shiek named Negro Abraham that fought along with the legendry John Horse. John (khan) is a Hebrew name which means, “Yahweh is gracious.” In some Translations John means king in Hebrew. We all know that Abraham is a Hebrew name which means “Father of many.” Look at the Turbin that Abraham is wearing in the photo, which is a Hebrew Israelite Moorish Tradition, because both the Hebrews and the Moor both wear the Turban.
The Black Seminole Chief Osceola was also involved with the second Seminole War since he was the primary Chief/Shiek of the Seminoles, and he was captured by the U.S. forces during this war. An image of Chief Osceola is in this post.
The question we need to ask people is that why would Mongolian looking Indians, the so-called Redman, if they were in power, elect three Blackamoors as their war chiefs, if the Seminole Tribe wasn’t governed by Moors? Even the Prince of Florida was a Maur:
Why was John Horse granted free asylum from the Mexican government to live in Mexico after defeating the United States three times in war:
John Horse was granted free asylum, because Mexico was part of Florida (La floridas), which was once a huge territory of land that covered most of North America, some parts of Canada and Mexico. On old American maps this huge territory of land is called La floridas (Tameri: old Egypt) by the Spanish, La Louisiane by the French, and Carolana by the British aka, the Black land or the land of the Maurs (Ethiopia Superior):

Prophet Elijah came from Beersheba Georgia, the Fourth Largest City in Israel:

The rare map from the YouTube video that was deleted showed you BeerSheba, Georgia. However, we don’t need the video since you can still find Beersheba, Georgia in Henry County, Georgia, on modern day maps. Beersheba is a Biblical city of Israel founded in 4000 BC, which is the fourth largest city in southern Israel. The sister from the You Tube channel “Unpacked with Ja’Nese,” mentions in her deleted video that the prophet Elijah came to Beersheba. She is right too, because according to the KJV Bible Prophet Elijah fled to Beersheba, which belonged to Judah, “And when he saw that, he arose, and went for his life, and came to Beersheba, which belongeth to Judah, and left his servant there.” ~ 1 Kings 19:3.

Hispania and Hesperides are Roman names for the Iberian Peninsula:

The Rock of Gibraltar is located in the territory of the Iberian Peninsula, aka, Hispania, or the Hesperides; therefore, knowing its location is key in finding the Rock of Gibraltar. The Iberian Peninsula (/ˈbɪəriən/),[a] also known as Iberia,[b] is a peninsula in southwestern Europe, defining the westernmost edge of Eurasia. It is principally divided between Spain and Portugal, comprising most of their territory, as well as a small area of Southern France, Andorra, and Gibraltar.

According to the history of the Pillars of Hercules, Hercules on his way to the Garden of the Hesperides (the West, or the Garden of Eden), smashed through the Atlas Mountain and formed the Strait of Gibraltar. One part of the split mountain is the Rock of Gibraltar and the other is either Monte Hacho or Jebel Musa. These two mountains taken together have since then been known as the Pillars of Hercules. This means that the pillars of Hercules were formed as a result of Hercules on his quest to the garden of the Hesperides or the Garden of Eden, so knowing where the Hesperides is located is key in the location of the pillars of Hercules.

In this post is an image of the Blackamoor Hercules wearing the skin of a mighty giant lion that he had killed with his bare hands on his quest to the garden of the Hesperides. The lion is symbolic of God because it poses strength, beauty, wisdom, and courage. Therefore, the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs would refer to themselves as the lion kings (the sphinx), because they would embody those attributes of God: strength, beauty, wisdom, and courage.

Also, notice in the image the club Hercules is using to smite the dragon of the lower self, which is also a custom that came from ancient Egypt, since it was Pharaoh Narmer/ Nimrod that was first depicted on the walls of ancient Egypt Smiting an enemy with a club while wearing the mighty Jaguar/ leopard skin (the Black panther or Hero).

I also have images of the Blackamoor Hercules wearing the Jaguar’s skin, which symbolizes a mighty hunter/ mighty warrior, so could the lion skin and Jaguar skin be interchangeable? I believe this to be the case, since both cats have the same attributes of God and both cats are kings. The Lion is the King of Africa while the Jaguar is the king of the Americas. I put emphasis on the skins, because the lion and the jaguar skin of the Magi priest-king or dragon-king, aka, superheroes, became the cape of the kings and queens that currently rule the world.

I Keep mentioning ancient Egypt because ancient Greece was a colony of ancient Egypt, and all the Greek gods were copied off the ancient Egyptian gods. The Greeks and their Greek gods were Blackamoors: This blog post also demonstrates that ancient Greece and ancient Rome was in the Americas.

The image in this post shows Hercules in the Garden of the Hesperides smiting a dragon that is protecting the Golden Apples. In ancient times dragons always guarded things of importance, like treasures for example. The Golden apples of the Hesperides are said to be that if eaten one will attain supreme enlightenment and have everlasting life, so yes…, these golden apples were extremely important and sacred (Holy). The Greek tale of Jason and the Argonauts is similar, since Jason had to defeat a dragon that was guarding the golden Fleece: This Facebook post I did proves that the News Media is Medea. Medea was the Greek goddess of gossip and chaos.

Notice that the dragon that Hercules and Jason both had to defeat was wrapped or spirals in a circle (circuit) around the Tree of life in the Garden of Eden. The wrapping of the serpent or dragon around the tree of life, or the Caduceus is symbolic of free energy, which is everlasting life:

Our DNA is also a serpent that spirals/ wraps to generate free energy. Whenever you have a spiral, it creates a vortex of free energy that can be harnessed. The word Spirit comes from the word Spiral. Spirit means energy. Energy is God according to scientist, since it is indestructible and always around us and it is this energy or spirit (Spiral) that makes all life move.

In this post is a 1661 Sanson map of the Atlantis Insula, and as you can see the Caribbean Islands is listed as the Hesperides Insula. The Caribbean Islands are an extension of North America (the adjoining islands) and therefore the Caribbeans refer to North America as the mainland. This means that the Central Garden of the Hesperides or the Central Garden of Eden is the Caribbean Islands.

This makes perfect sense, since we already know that we have a lower garden of Eden or lower Hesperides in North America and a corresponding upper Garden of Eden or upper Hesperides in South America. To confirm my statements as factual, please read my blog, “Ethiopia: America is the True Old World, Vol. II – Paperback”: The blog post also demonstrates that the Americas is Ancient Ethiopia (India), so enjoy this good read.

However, Hispania or the Hesperides (Roman names for the Iberian Peninsula) extended to Florida. I say this because Hispania and the Hesperides also refer to the Iberian Peninsula in Roman Latin (see Roman Names for the Iberian Peninsula:

Florida is also a peninsula, but according to old maps Florida was a huge territory of land called La floridas (Tameri: old Egypt) by the Spanish; called La Louisiana by the French Washitaw Muurs; and called Carolana (Black land) by the British (see post maps). All three post maps are identical in size, shape, and location, which suggests that these three maps are related to the same landmass of La floridas, which was Ethiopia Superior/ India Superior (Greater Cush/ Kush).

In this post a 1657 map of La floridas (the floridas), which used to be part of the Washitaw proper, aka, Louisiana county (La Louisiana). The 1657 map has the word “Tamerikaans” (Tameri-Khans), written above the plaque of Florida. Yes, America is old Egypt or Tameri, which translates as the land of the Maurs or the land of Mary (Maya/Meru):…/.
I found this 1657 map looking for evidence to verify the 1548 Spanish World map I have been sharing a lot recently. Notice the swarthy Indians (Nagas/ Niggas) on the map and the Spanish Soldiers that had the copper-colored Indians in a state of slavery. This map is more evidence of Indian Slavery, and it is evidence that the Indians that were enslaved where of course copper-colored (black), because they were able to blend in with other enslaved Blackamoors (Indians/ Hebrews/ Egyptians/ Blacks) that allegedly came from Africa, which is false since we know that the slave trade was taught to us in reverse:…/.
Mexico was also India (Judea/ Judah):
Also in this post is the 1548 Spanish World Map, which has been a subject of a lot of debt, because this map proves that the West is the orient (the East), which names like India Superior, La China (the China), Tangut (Tibet), Mangi Regnum (Southern China Region), etc. This map is significant because scholars associate Ancient Egypt with being in the Orient. In addition, since the Americas was the Superior India, the Americas was also the Superior Egypt (Greater Egypt), Superior Atlantis, Grand Tartary, Ethiopia Superior (Greater Ethiopia), Superior Punt, Superior Mesopotamia, Superior Turkey, Superior Rome, Superior Greece, etc. The term “Orient” means, “The East, Middle East, and/or the Far East.:
Also in this post is a map of La Louisiana from 1718. Look at how big Washitaw proper, aka, La Louisiana used to be. It covered a huge portion of America, especially, when you include La floridas, which was also part of the Washitaw Muur empire. La Louisiana (La floridas) covered almost all of Canada (Wacanada/Wakanda). Shoutouts to my Khananland Moors and all Moors.
Where the Algonquins Indians Moors? Yes, since they were called Barbarous (Berber-ous) Tribes, and they spoke Egyptian. In Egyptian the term “Maur” means “High Priest of Anu”:
Early Scholars described America’s Indigenous people as Moorish:

The Hesperides or the Garden of Eden was in Florida:

From 1773-77, William Bartram (1739-1823) explored the American Southeast to record the region’s plants, animals, and Indian peoples. Published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1779 Bartram’s Travels has become a classic, in large part because of Bartram’s descriptions of Florida:
Florida being Ethiopia Superior (Abyssinia), or Greater Ethiopia is also home of the Garden of Eden in Bristol, FL, since according to the King James Bible and Theologians the Garden of Eden was in the East in the land of Kush/Cush, which is Ethiopia, aka, the land of the Blacks or the land of the Maurs/ Moors: This video is from a YouTube channel called Old World Florida and the video is called, “Florida the Garden of Eden -Bristol, FL.” This video features an old interview from a retired lawyer named Elvy Edison Callaway about the Garden of Eden being in Bristol County, Florida and he authored a book to support his claims called, “In the Beginning.”

IN THE 1950’s RETIRED LAWYER and Republican candidate for Governor, “Elvy Edison Callaway,” opened his Garden of Eden Park along the highway in the Florida Panhandle town of Bristol. Callaway believed that God had created man in the delta of the Apalachicola River, which split into four rivers, just as the Bible describes four rivers leading out of Eden.

The area was also the habitat of a rare tree known as the “Torreya yew,” (Torreya taxifolia) an unusual evergreen which can grow up to sixty feet tall and earned the nickname “stinking yew” for the strong smell of its fruit when crushed. Callaway believed the Torreya was the “gopher wood” that the Bible says Noah used to build his Ark.” (End quote from:

Here is a map of the original Garden of Eden in Bristol County, FL from Cornell university (also see post images): This map lists Florida as Ethiopia (Cush/ Kush) and Assyria (Babylon, Akkadian (Acadian), Iran, Turkey: lower Mesopotamia). The Assyrians were allies of the Egyptians, aka, the Tamerikaans (Tameri-Khans).
Noah was from Florida since he built his Ark out of Gopher Wood which is a tree that is only native to the areas of Bristol and Blountstown, Florida. Plus, Noah landed his Ark in Turkey on Mount Ararat, which was in the Carolinas. North and South Carolina was ancient Turkey: This is convincing evidence suggesting that America is indeed the land of the Bible and the true old world.
Psychic Archaeologist, John Saxer, the author of the Saxer Saga has been quoted in Ancient America Magazine, the Tampa Tribune, The Lost Worlds of Ancient America, and Unlocking the Prehistory of America, so we can consider him an authority on ancient American History. In his Saxer Saga he reveals that Tarpon Springs, Florida is the Garden of the Hesperides (paradise) and the home of Greek (Creek) Gods like Poseidon, Atlas, Jupiter, Venus, and etc. He also reveals the underworld of Hades and the location of Atlantis in Florida. The YouTube channel “Old World Florida” made a YouTube video entitled, “The Saxer Saga -Florida, Eden & The Underworld”:
The Greek titan Atlantis, the King of Atlantis and the first king of Mauritania, being from Florida is significant since Atlas is associated with the Rock of Gibraltar, which is one of the Pillars of Hercules. Atlas being from America is a strong clue that the Rock of Gibraltar is in America.
The ancient Ethiopians of Ethiopia Superior in the Americas were known as the Abyssinians and they were called Moors or Moorenlander form Moorenland (Aethiopia), according to dictionary from the 16th century. Their King and Emperor was Prester John, the King of the three Indies or the three Ethiopia’s, aka, the world (see post image). I will discuss Prester John later since he was associated with the legend of Fountain of Youth, but in the meantime, you can learn more about Prester John by reading this blog post that proves that the Americas is the Orient. The orient is a term that means the East, the far East, and/or Middle east:

Ethiopia Superior and India Superior in the Americas:

Ethiopia in history was a broad term that referred to a landmass occupied by sun burnt or dark (Black) people. We had three India’s or three Ethiopia’s in history and the terms Ethiopia and India where interchangeable in history and were often confused between the two because both terms mean the land of the Blacks, or the dark land (Rich land of carbon/melanin) occupied by sun burnt or dark people.
However, the term Aethiopia is referring to the Ethiopia Superior/ India Superior that was in the Americas since the greater Kush/Cush was in the Americas, and it was known on maps as Carolana, La floridas, and/or La Louisiana:
What was the Capital of Ethiopia? Well, Meroe, which was an ancient City along the Nile River was the Capital of Ethiopia (Kush). The Moors established Meroe and you can even see the term Moor/Muur/Maur/Meru in Meroe with the use of Etymology. Mer is the same as Mur, Mor, Mar, and Mir, because with ancient languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Latin, and Greek, the vowels are interchangeable. Yes, Moor, Indian, and Ethiopian are one and the same Nationality, because these are the same Dark or sunburnt people that inhabited the three Indies (Asia/India) or the three Ethiopia’s, which included the Americas, Euro-Asia, and Africa.
The interesting thing about Meroe is that it is etymologically and phonetically the same as Monroe. America has 27 Monroe place names in the Americas, which suggests that the Ethiopia Superior was in the Americas:
Florida has a Monroe County, Florida (Key West), and the Governor of Florida’s office address is 400 S. Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL, which leads me to believe that that Florida (La floridas) was Aethiopia (ancient Ethiopia) Superior:
Now, if we consider Monroe, Louisiana (part of La floridas), which is the eighth-largest city in America, and is the parish seat of Ouachita (Washitaw) Parish, we don’t even have a contest anyone. Monroe, Louisiana was the capitol of the South during the Civil war, since Moors/ Maurs owned the South:
There is a town in Ethiopia called Mayo, Ethiopia. The name Mayo is the same as Maya (Mayans), so we are dealing with the Mayans. There was once a Mayan city in Florida called Mayaca (see post image of map), which is further proof that the Mayans established La floridas (Ethiopia Superior/ Tameri). This city was obviously named after the Mayas/ Mayans since we can see their tribal name of Maya in Mayaca (Maya-ca). Mayaca is now extinct and so is the Mayaca Tribe (Mayaca people), and we can blame the Spanish invasion (the Holy Wars) of the 1500’s for their extinction; however, Florida still has Port Mayaca as evidence of a city now gone.
The Mayans, aka, the Naga-Maya, are the Ethiopians (Kushites) that brought civilization to ancient Egypt in Africa since the cultural similarities between the Mayas and the Egyptians is just too much to be mere coincidence: The Original Map of the Garden of Eden also labels Florida as Ethiopia and Assyria (see post image map), so yes, the Mayans were the ancient Kushites that established Tameri (old Egypt) in the Americas and ancient Egypt (Khemet) in Africa.
As further proof, we have a book written by an African scholar Katanga A. Bongo, “Civilizations and the Ancient Egyptians.” Here is a quote from the said book: “The South American Indians [Mayas] had introduced civilization to Africa, thereby making Africa the Second continent in the world to be civilized. Spurred on by their South American Indian guests, the Africans built great empires that lasted for several thousand years at a time. Contrary to popular myth in the Western World, the advent of Europeans destroyed civilization in Africa, rather than made it.” [End quote].
Was India and Ethiopia often confused (the same)? Did the Moors come from Mount Meru in India Superior? Is India the oldest Civilization? Are Moors the Asiatic Black Man and woman from India Superior, which was in the Americas? Is the Americas Asia Major? Was the civilized world once known as the three Indies or the three Ethiopia’s? Are the indigenous people of America called Indians and Moors because their land was once known as India Superior/ Ethiopia Superior, aka the Orient (East)? The Answer is yes to all of the questions:

The Fountain of Youth in Florida:

Why did these Blackamoors (Seminoles) fight so hard for Florida. Why was Florida never surrendered to the UNITED STATES corporation? The answer is because Florida (La Florida) is Ethiopia superior and the home of the Fountain of youth and the Garden of Eden, both of which are sacred sites:
Florida has the highest concentration of freshwater springs in the world, plus the legend of the Fountian of Youth puts it in Florida (Ethiopia), so yes, Florida would be a good place to look for the fountain of youth but where? We have clues since Saint Augustine Florida is the oldest city and America and there is a Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park located on San Marco Avenue with the words, Fountain of Youth on its entrance (see post image).
In Sanskrit America means, “land of the immortals.” This makes sense when you factor in the fact that the legendary Fountain of Youth was in Florida, since Florida was Ethiopia Superior, aka, greater Kush, aka, Tameri (old Egypt):
The civilized World was once known as the three Ethiopia’s, or the three Indies, which included the Americas, Asia, and Africa. Prester John (Khan), aka, King David El, was a 12th Century Hebrew Israelite Moor king that ruled the three Ethiopia’s. Prester John is the greatest Magician (Magi/Jedi) that the world has ever known, and he is reported to have lived over 562 years old, because he possessed the Fountain of youth:….
Some of Prester John’s titles: King of Abyssinia (Ethiopia Superior) King of India, King of the Tartars; the dragon emperor; the dragon king; the Phantom Emperor; King of the Scots; Grand Master of the Knights Templar; Supreme Grand master of the Rosy Cross; Count Saint Germain; John the Baptist (fountain of youth); King Merovech, aka, King Arthur pen Dragon (founder of the Merovingian dynasty); Melchizedek (Thoth); the Negus; the highlander; the immortal priest king; the Vedic Khan (Vatican); the Khan Father; the Grand Khan; the Knight of the Serpent; the knight king; King of the Orient; King of kings; King David El (the Biblical line of King David); Emperor Rajendra Chola II; Emperor Wong Kong (King Kong/Khan) of China, the giant slayer, the lord of the rings, the lord of the seen and unseen realms, Prophet Elijah of the Bible, and etc. Prester John had over 72 kings paying tribute to him, because he was a very powerful king that ruled the civilized world. Legend says that in times of war Prester John would lead his army of Knights Templar riding a Amurru-Khan Green Dragon. Here is evidence that dragons do exist:
Prester John was so powerful that Kings like Alexander the Great, Roman Emperors, King Xerxes, etc., had to come to Prester John to get his approval to become Kings in their own lands. It’s documented that Prester John lived to be over 562 years old with the aid of his fountain of youth, which was real: However, I have even read books and other sources of Prester John being over 1200 years old, which is believable because he had plenty of contact with Kings of the B.C (Before Christ) era.
Genghis Khan was the Student and Nephew of Prester John. Genghis even referred to prester John as the Khan-Father. Also, to hide Prester John from the history books since his history is so fantastic (great), most of Prester John’s accomplishments were attributed to Genghis Khan. Prester John openly referred to Genghis Khan as a shell of a Khan and his Surf (slave) when Genghis asked Prester John could he marry his daughter, so best believe Prester John was the God-King and not Genghis.
Genghis didn’t even earn the title of the Grand Khan until after he came with an overwhelming force to the Americas and with over 100 Kings that had plotted against Prester John, because they got tired of his rule over them, to defeat Prester John. Even after the fake Khan (Genghis) defeated him, no one saw Prester John fall by the sword. Why not? Well, because he had tapped into his Golden Dragon body and disappeared after he knew that he had lost the war. The Golden Dragon Body is a move that Prester John has done many times to save himself.

The Rock of Gibraltar and the Pillars of Hercules:

The Rock of Gibraltar is associated with the Greek god Hercules, but who is Hercules? Well, Hercules was a Greek god that was the son of the Greek god Zeus, which makes Hercules half man and half god, since he was the Greek son of god or a Hero/ Heru (Horus). Hercules was a great Hero/ Heru (HERCU-les) that possessed superhuman strength, and he was able to perform 12 great labors, since he was the son of the Greek god Zeus.

The 12 labors are the Sun/ Son (Hercules) going through each month of the year or each sign of the zodiac. If you read, “The Pillars of Hercules,” the Rock of Gibraltar was one of those Pillars of Hercules and the pillars are a portal or a gateway: In ancient times, the Pillars of Hercules were said to be in the westernmost extremity of the inhabitable world. This description sounds like the Pillars of Hercules is in the Americas, because in ancient times the Americas was known as the Westernmost extremity of the world, the land beyond, or the WEST.

Also, if you read the History of the Pillars of Hercules, Plato, a great Greek philosopher, gave us a clue that the Pillars of Hercules is located near Atlantis (the Americas). Here is evidence that the Americas is Atlantis: Here is a quote from the “History of the Pillars of Hercules”: “Plato placed the fictional island of Atlantis beyond the “Pillars of Hercules”.[4] Renaissance tradition says the pillars bore the warning Ne plus ultra (also Non plus ultra, “nothing further beyond”), serving as a warning to sailors and navigators to go no further.[5]

According to some Roman sources,[6] while on his way to the garden of the Hesperides on the island of Erytheia, Hercules had to cross the mountain that was once Atlas. Instead of climbing the great mountain, Hercules used his superhuman strength to smash through it. By doing so, he connected the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea and formed the Strait of Gibraltar. One part of the split mountain is the Rock of Gibraltar and the other is either Monte Hacho or Jebel Musa. These two mountains taken together have since then been known as the Pillars of Hercules, though other natural features have been associated with the name.[7]

Diodorus Siculus, however, held that, instead of smashing through an isthmus to create the Straits of Gibraltar, Hercules “narrowed” an already existing strait to prevent monsters from the Atlantic Ocean from entering the Mediterranean Sea.[8] In some versions, Heracles instead built the two to hold the sky away from the earth, liberating Atlas, (the Titan king of Atlantis and the first king of Mauritania) from his damnation.”[End quote from Wikipedia, “History of the Pillars of Hercules”].

In this post is an image of the Rock of Gibraltar from the strait or lake that surrounds it. You can see the reflection of it on the water too. It was always the custom of the Moors or the Tartars to build around water for extra protection and for the purposes of harnessing free energy. The Rock of Gibraltar is Moorish (Islamic) and it was named after a Moor named Tariq ibn-Ziyad, but what interests me the most is the suffix of Gibraltar (Gibr-altar), which is altar. An altar is a place or Worship, usually in the form of a dome shape or a pyramid in ancient times.

When I look at the Rock of Gibraltar it appears to be an ancient place of worship that was either a dome or a Mayan step pyramid that was ruined due to man trying to suppress history, and due to a global heat event, that cooked buildings and other weather conditions that petrified huge building structures into stone mountains:

The YouTube video I just shared is from a YouTube channel called, “When the Buildings Cried.” The name of the YouTube video is “When Buildings cried and turned into stone from a worldwide heat event.” This video gives overwhelming evidence to suggest that most of our Mountains were once huge buildings that melted. When you look at the Grand Canyon this is certainly the case because I see melted buildings all throughout the Grand Canyon. Check out the other videos on this YouTube channel if you need more evidence.

Also, the building grid around the Rock of Gibraltar suggest that it was once a building that was the source or center of the building grid in that area. In this post is an image of Stone Mountain Georgia, the Arabia Mountain, and the Arabia High School. Notice the advanced building grid in the area, but it is now mostly covered by trees, but you can still see the layout of the previous advanced civilization of Blackamoors that once lived there and still do live there, because Dekalb county is still a predominantly Moorish (Black) County and it is only a 18 minute drive from the Greek (Creek: Cherokee) Atlanta, Georgia, which also is a predominately Blackamoor City.

This evidence all ties in because the original Arabs and Turks were Blackamoors: This blog post demonstrates that the original Arabs and Turks were Blackamoors, and this post shows you the strong connection between Islam and Judaism, since this blog link shows you ancient Islamic coins of the Lion of Judah and the 6-pointed Star of David that belonged to the Turks/ Moors. Yes, the Moors or Turks were Jews or Hebrews with Islamic customs.

I have another image of Stone Mountain Georgia (the Rock of Gibraltar) and the Arabia Mountain (Jebel Musa) that shows you the close distance between both stone mountains or the Pillars of Hercules, which is only 14 miles apart, so yes, we do have two big rocks in that area. This means that the Arabia Mountain must be the other Pillar of Hercules, which was called Monte Hacho or Jebel Musa by the Moors or the Turks that ruled the Iberian Peninsula.

Also, notice on the same map image you have a Jersey, Georgia. Jersey is short for Jerusalem. When viewing the said map, you will also notice cities with Moorish or Arabic place names like Tucker (Turk) and Lithonia (Lithuania). Lithuania was established by the Turks or the Moors and used to be part of Russia. Rus-Asian (Russia) was established by the Andrews/ Andros/ Ros/ Ras/ Russ family from Scotland when this family were still Saracens (Moors).

Evidence of this fact is the Moorish flag that the Russians still claim as their own with the Red Background and the Islamic crescent Moon and Star, and the Tartarian or Moorish architecture (Gothic architecture) found all throughout Russia, which suggests that Moors (Blacks) once ruled Russia. The Andrews family were descendants of Saint Andrew, the first apostle, and this family crest is represented by the Saracen’s head or the Moor’s head:

Yes…, so-called Blacks in the Americas are really Jews/ Hebrews with Islamic customs, aka, Turks, or Moors (Berbers). This makes sense because Christopher Columbus came to the Americas to capture Moslem-Jerusalem and the Americas was called Granada land (Israel or the Promised land) as a whole. We all know that Granada was a Moorish stronghold, and the term Saracen pertains solely to Moors: This blog post proves that Granada land (the promised land of Israel) was the Americas and that it was a Moorish stronghold.

Lithuania today is still predominantly a Muslim Country of Turks and so is its partner Georgia in Europe. We have a strong connection with place names between the European and the American Georgia and Lithonia (Lithuania), so did the same American (Al-mor-roco=Al-Meri-khan=American) Moors or Turks establish the Georgia and Lithuania in Europe as a reflection of what they already had in the Americas? Yes…, they did because civilization came from the Americas and spread out to the rest of the world (see home page of this website or read the Book sample of America is the True old World).

Why is the European Georgia and Lithuania still Islamic and the American version consists of Blackamoors that are mostly Christians? Well, because we all know that most Blackamoors in the Americas have been indoctrinated to be Christians, via, the edict of the Worms (dragons) issued by Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, which banned Islam in the late 1400’s; plus, the dum diversa of 1452 (the doctrine of Discovery), which authorized Christians to take land and possessions or Saracens and pagans. Yes, the Moors or Turks of the Americas were forced to convert to Christianity or be killed when the Americas were invaded by Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, and company, in the early 1500’s. Likewise, the Moors of Spain were treated the same way.

Georgia even has a Lebanon, Georgia, which is a Biblical city that is mentioned over 71 times in the KJV Bible. Lebanon Georgia has now become part of Holly Springs. The Phoenicians (Canaanites) established the Biblical Lebanon. The Phoenicians/ Canaanites were Moslem Moors with Hebrew Israelite customs. Lebanon today is still mostly an Arab or an Islamic State in the Middle East.

The interesting thing about Lebanon…, is that in several instances, the Old Testament claims the land of Lebanon as part of the territory of Israel (Deuteronomy 1:7, 3:25, 11:24; Joshua 1:4, 11:17, 13:6; 1 Kings 9:19 par; Chronicles 8:6; Zechariah 10:10). In other instances, the writers of the Old Testament think of Lebanon as the northern boundary of the land God promised to his people (Joshua 1:4, 9:1f., 11:17, 12:7, 13:5; Judges 3:3). In two instances (Joshua 13:5; Song of Songs 4:8), “Lebanon” is used to describe all the hill country in middle Syria. We also have a Lebanon, Canaan (Phoenicians), and Goshen in New Hampshire: All of which are Biblical cities that are associated with the Children of Israel. We also have a Shiloh, Georgia, and Jerusalem, Georgia, which are both Biblical cities that are heavily associated with the Children of Israel.

Georgia is Cherokee Territory, and the name Georgia is also a Greek name. The Cherokee (the Cherry Tree: Ole glory, i.e., the Moroccan flag) were Moors that ran the South and owned white slaves. The Confederate flag was the flag of the Iroquois confederation, and it was the Battle flag for the Moors who owned and ran the South:

More evidence that the Cherokee were Moors is Cherokee Gothic Architecture. Gothic Architecture is a Tartarian or a Moorish mode of workmanship, according to the master text, “A Dictionary of the Architecture and Archaeology of the Middle Ages”: More evidence that the Cherokee are Moors is my family ancestry, since I am a descendant of Ishmael Chavis, who was a Cherokee Indian Chief from North Carolina in the late 1700’s. Also, Prophet Noble Drew Ali was from the Cherokee Indian Tribe.

Additionally, this July 1996, “Article,” I found from Message Magazine called, “Digging for the Red Roots,” confirms that the Cherokee were Moslem Mu’urs/ Berbers: “My name is Mahir Abdal-Razzaaq El and I am a Cherokee Blackfoot American Indian who is Muslim. I am known as Eagle Sun Walker. I serve as a Pipe Carrier Warrior for the Northeastern Band of Cherokee Indians in New York City.

There are other Muslims in our group. For the most part, not many people are aware of the Native American contact with Islam that began over one thousand years ago by some of the early Muslim travelers who visited us. Some of these Muslim travelers ended up living among our people.

For most Muslims and non-Muslims of today, this type of information is unknown and has never been mentioned in any of the history books. There are many documents, treaties, legislation and resolutions that were passed between 1600s and 1800s that show that Muslims were in fact here and were very active in the communities in which they lived. Treaties such as Peace and Friendship that was signed on the Delaware River in the year 1787 bear the signatures of Abdel-Khak and Muhammad Ibn Abdullah. This treaty details our continued right to exist as a community in the areas of commerce, maritime shipping, current form of government at that time which was in accordance with Islam. According to a federal court case from the Continental Congress, we help put the breath of life into the newly framed constitution. All of the documents are presently in the National Archives as well as the Library of Congress.

If you have access to records in the state of South Carolina, read the Moors Sundry Act of 1790. In a future article, Inshallah, I will go into more details about the various tribes, their languages; in which some are influenced by Arabic, Persian, Hebrew words. Almost all of the tribes vocabulary include the word Allah. The traditional dress code for Indian women includes the kimah and long dresses. For men, standard fare is turbans and long tops that come down to the knees. If you were to look at any of the old books on Cherokee clothing up until the time of 1832, you will see the men wearing turbans and the women wearing long head coverings. The last Cherokee chief who had a Muslim name was Ramadhan Ibn Wati (see Figure 34) of the Cherokees in 1866.

Cities across the United States and Canada bear names that are of Indian and Islamic derivation. Have you ever wondered what the name Tallahassee means? It means that He Allah will deliver you sometime in the future [end quote].

Turin, Georgia, and Moreland Georgia are cities located in Coweta County, Georgia. Both of these cities are Moslem or what you would call Muurish/ Moorish in nature with names like Moreland and Turin (Turk). Speaking of Turks, we have the Turks of South Carolina, we have a Turkey town, Alabama and we have a Turkey, Alabama. Alabama is even Arabic, since you have Allah in Alabama (Allah-ba-ma). Alabama and Georgia are sister states since they are neighboring states, and since they have virtually the same State Flag. You have over 500 Arabic place names of cities all over the Americas, which suggests that the Americas was in fact Moslem-Jerusalem, since Islam came from the Americas, which is the Orient (East):

In conclusion, family, and friends, based upon all of the above facts and the authorities cited herein, the Rock of Gibraltar is stone Mountain Georgia (one of the Pillars of Hercules) while the Arabia Mountain is the other pillar of Hercules, which was called Monte Hacho or Jebel Musa by the Turks/ Moors. We also have a Gibraltar in Michigan, but it’s nothing like the Rock of Gibraltar in Stone Mountain Georgia.

We also learnt that the Garden of Eden is in Bristol, Florida, while the Fountain of Youth is in Saint Augustine, Florida. Tarpon Springs, Florida was the Greek Garden of the Hesperides (paradise). Florida was a huge territory of land called La florida, La Louisiana, and Carolana. The 1657 map of La floridas lists the natives as Tamerikaans (Tameri-Khans). Tameri is an old name for Egypt. Egypt is the Son of Cush/ Kush (Ethiopia); therefore, America was Egypt Superior, Ethiopia Superior, India Superior, etc.

Lastly, Key West, Florida, in the past, prior to 1812, was once more than just being known as the Gibraltar of the West, since America is the true old world (the orient). Key West is ancient Gibraltar or the original Gibraltar of the old world, which makes the Straits of Florida the original Straits of Gibraltar, and the Gulf of Mexico was the Gulf of Gibraltar, and/ or the Mediterranean Sea.