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Old world Macrobius, 440 map of India in America is the Old world
Old world relief of Angkor Stegosaurus

PREFACE | America is the True Old World

This book, “America is the True Old World,” ( America is the True World ) is a series of 4 books broken down into 4 volumes. This book is Volume I of IV, so there is much more to come. This book demonstrates that beloved and renown scholars like Dr. Ben, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Diop, Dr. Ivan van Sertima, and etc., were wrong about Africa being the birthplace of civilization. How? Well, first of all, this is what they were taught at the time, because they did not have access to the tools and resources that we have now to make the discoveries in this book.

Therefore, Pan-Africanism, which is now a religion, is a concept that was given to us by accredited (western academics) Negro scholars who got it all wrong, because the Americas is Atlantis, which is the mother country of Egypt. This book will also prove that the Americas is the true old world and that the Maya Indians civilized the Egyptians, Indians, and the Sumerians.

America is the True Old World

Pan-Africanism is a dead religion that has the so-called African-Americans (Blackamoors) associated with slavery; it has Berber Indians associated with coming from Lucy, the Ape; it has Berber Indians associated with the struggle of a third-world country; and pan-Africanism has made Berber Indians abandon our land rights to everywhere except for Africa, because you have been taught to believe that Berber Indians only come from Africa. I can go on and on about how destructive pan-Africanism is to Berber Indians in the Americas, but I am not here to talk about our cousins in Africa. Yes, some of us do need to go to Africa (Aethiopia) and bring civilization like we always have, because the biggest, strongest, and smartest Aethopians (Ethiopians) are in the Americas; therefore, we are the best candidates for the job. I am just here to tell you that you are so much more than an African American. You have to know thyself before you can help anyone else.

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“America is the True Old World,” is actually an open challenge to any and all scholars, whether they be professional or amateur scholars. I don’t rely on any degrees from western Colleges to qualify me to write this book, because I will let the evidence that I present qualify this book as factual. I am of the firm belief that it is the current established western academia model of history, which is the Out of Africa Theory, is the main reason why none of the discoveries listed in this books are not known and are not talked about if known, because no one wants to go against established western academia. To go against Western Academia is to be label a fraud and an incompetent person, so I understand why the information in this book is not known or either not talked about. We are in the age of Aquarius, which is the Information Age/the Age of Knowing, so everything that was hidden will come to light.

Over the last hundreds of years, people have been infatuated with ancient civilizations like Sumer, Egypt, and India. However, those civilizations could never be in the NEW World (the Americas), because this landmass was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, which is what they teach us in school. As a result of most people believing that the Americas is the New World, most people are completely wrong about how old the Americas are and that the said ancient civilizations were also in the Americas too. This book  the america is the true old world is designed to set the record straight. Enjoy.

The Moor King of the Orient from America is the Old world



The Americas (North, south, and central America) America is the true old world, because all of the major foods needed to sustain life came from the Americas and were later taken to Africa and Asia – foods like: Squash, Tomatoes, Corn, Potatoes, Beans, Wheat, Yams, Wild Rice (which was modified to create modern white rice), Peanuts, and 90% of all of your fruits and vegetables come from the Americas: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_food_plants_native_to_the_Americas.


The oldest and biggest pyramids are in the Americas. The Cholula pyramid is the biggest pyramid in the word, because its dimensions are 400 by 400 meters and has a total volume of 4.45 million cubic meters, almost twice that of the Great Pyramid of Giza (see Figure #1, of the Great Cholula pyramid). The Cholula pyramid is also a step Pyramid, so we are dealing with a very ancient pyramid, because step pyramids were the first pyramids.

(Figure #1: this is an image of the Cholula pyramid. The Largest pyramid structure in the World. Notice that they built a church on top of this pyramid to try to hide it and they covered up the Egyptian city that was once all around this huge pyramid.)

The pyramids in the Americas are all step pyramids, which were your first pyramids. According to Egyptologists, the step pyramid of Saqqara/the Pyramid of Djoser is the first pyramid that the Egyptians built, dated around 2667–2648 BC (3rd dynasty), which is over 4,700 years ago. Egyptologists agree that the step pyramid of Saqqara/the Pyramid of Djoser was the first Pyramid, because they agree that it is the architype of all pyramids. You have more pyramids in North America than all of Egypt combined (see Figure #2, of Pyramids in North America, Central American (Figure #3), and South America (Figure #4, #5, and #6)). Now, if we include the Pyramids in Central and south America, it’s not even a contest anymore, as far as who has the most pyramids between the East or the West, because the West (the Americas) clearly has more pyramids.

Pyramids in America by R. A. Umar Bey

(Figure #2: this image is from the book, “Pyramids in America,” by R. A. Umar S. Bey.)

pyramid complex in Teotihuacan

(Figure #3: this is an image of the pyramid complex in Teotihuacan, which is now near Mexico City in Central America.)

Teotihuacan Pyramids are global

(Figure #3(a): this is different images from Goggle Earth. As you can see, there also is a three pyramid alignment in Teotihuacan, which is now near Mexico City in Central America.)

(Figure #4: This is an image of Machu Picchu, Peru, which is in South America. Look at all of those pyramids)

The largest adobe pyramid complex

(Figure #5: This is an image of the largest adobe pyramid complex in the world, which is located at Cahuachi, Peru. Look at all of those pyramids.)

Caral-supe the first Civilization in America

(Figure #6: This is an image of Caral-Supe, which is the oldest civilization discovered so far in Peru, South America. Caral, Peru is the First Civilization in America. This is the oldest known city in the Americas and in the world. This is a very old step pyramid from the looks of it. There was even a Tower there once)

THE AMERICAS HAS THE OLDEST MUMMIES | America is the true old world

The Spirit Cave Mummy from spirit cave, Fallon Nevada, which is 9,400 years old. Spirit Cave Mummy is the oldest Mummy in the world, and it is in the Americas (Figure #7). Additionally, we also have the Chinchorro mummies in South America, in North Chile (Figures #8 and 9). These mummies are over 7,000 years old: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinchorro_mummies. This archaeological/anthropological evidence demonstrates that America is the True Old World. Scholars should be looking in the America for the oldest civilizations because the oldest mummies are in the Americas. Their scientific approach on where to look should be completely opposite, based upon all of the evidence of the Americas being the old world. Common sense tells me to look in the Americas for the oldest civilizations because the oldest mummies have been found in the Americas.

9400 Year Old Mummy

(Figure #7: this is the Spirit Cave Mummy from spirit cave, Fallon Nevada, which is 9,400 years old. This is the oldest mummy in the World, and it is in the Americas.)

7000 year old mummy

(Figure #8: this is the Chinchorro mummies in South America, in North Chile. These mummies are over 7,000 years old, which are older than any Mummies in Egypt.)

7000 year old mummy

(Figure #9: this is the Chinchorro mummies in South America, in northern Chile. These mummies are over 7,000 years old, which are older than any Mummies in Egypt.)

This is the link to the Kansas City Journal article entitled “Prehistoric Man,” Monday,
October 12, 1886. This article was written by Edwin Walters:

Clipped From Kansas City Journal

America is the True Old World

This article proves that the oldest civilization was in Yucatan and in Central America, and that Egypt was first people by immigrants from the Yucatan. This article gives 6 facts to support it. The article states in pertinent part: “After correlating all data that has been made public to the present time, the conclusion is unavoidable that the oldest civilizations was in the Yucatan and Central America. Future discoveries may change this conclusion. It seems that Egypt was first people by immigrants from Yucatan. Space will allow only a few facts that clearly indicate the truth of his assertion.

First- the pyramids of Yucatan are, some of them, much larger than any found in Egypt – that of Cheops not excepted.

Second- the pyramids of Egypt bear structural evidences of having been modeled on those of the Yucatan-notably, of the one at Coloma, which covers twenty-three acres.

Third- the early Egyptians and the Mayas of the Yucatan had the same system of reckoning time, but the Mayas developed a system that was far superior, and which antedated that of Egypt.

Fourth – the Mayas manufactured a cement that was of the same material as that of ancient Egypt.

Fifth – the architecture of Yucatan is of the same general type as that of ancient Egypt, but it is finer and seems to have been a model that the Egyptians attempted to imitate.

Sixth – the art of both countries, as displayed in their ceramics and architecture, is of the same type or school – that of Yucatan being much more highly developed.

According to one of these traditions, a portion of the Mayas – about 40,000 years ago – rebelled against the ruling king, and finally withdrew to the North. This Branch seems to have passed along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and to have reached Louisiana and the lower Mississippi Valley, between 30,000 and 35,000 years ago. A few years ago, some caissons were sunk for bridge piers, on Bayou la Fourche, Louisiana. At a depth of about sixty-two feet, some graves were uncovered. They had been made on the sandy beach of the Gulf of Mexico and had been covered with oyster shells. The present coast is about 110 miles from that point. The average thickness of the freshwater mud, so far as surveyed, is not less than forty feet from this point to the Gulf Coast.

Taking the average amount of solid matter-mud that has annually passed down the Mississippi River to form these delta and gulf plain and we have a measuring unit. United States government observations made daily since 1872, if I remember correctly – gives the annual amount at 57,872,000 cubic yards per year. By this unit, these graves are at least 29,000 years old. From the lower Mississippi these people spread over much of the central portions of the North American continent, especially throughout the valleys of the Ohio and Mississippi and the
Lake region. They seem to have been the original “Mound Builders.” [End quote].

The above said article is very significant because it mentions the Mound Builder’s. Who were the Mound Builders? Well, the Mound Builders were also known as the Ancient Ones, aka, the Washitaw Mu’urs (Moors/Maurs), who are the oldest indigenous people on the planet according to the United Nations:  We will discuss the Washitaw Muurs in greater detail later on in this book (see Chapter XII: Washitaw Muurs are the Five Civilized Tribes).


What’s also significant about the said article is that it gives evidence of the Mayas reaching Louisiana and the lower Mississippi Valley, between 30,000 years ago; and the article gives evidence of Mayan burial remains, graves, that are 29,000 years old, which is older than any burial remains of modern-day humans found thus far anywhere. The famous bones of Lucy that were found in Africa do not count as the oldest bones of modern-day humans, because Lucy was not a modern-day human. Lucy was a hominid (ape) species that the Charles Darwin Theory of Evolution rests upon, because academics profess that modern-day man evolved from Lucy, aka, Apes.

Egyptian Temple Engraving of Corn From Punt

(Figure # 10: this is an engraving from the Temple of Hatshepsut, a 18th Dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh, which depicts maize/corn from Punt, which is only indigenous to the Americas.)


Further evidence to support the said article can be found in the book “Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx,” by Augustus Le Plongeon. The Mayas where the ancestors of the Egyptians. “Like the Mayas, the Egyptians regarded the West as the region of Darkness, the place where the souls of the dead return to the bosom of their ancestors in the realm of Amenti. There King ~ 16 ~ Osiris sat on a throne in the midst of the waters; there, also, it was that Thoth performed his office of scribe was, then, the worship of the Cynocephalus, his totem, brought to Egypt from the Lands of the West.”

“Pythagoras borrowed his Knowledge of numbers and their meanings from the Egyptians. Theses received their science from the Mayas, those Civilized strangers, their ancestors, who in remote ages, coming from the East and from the West, had settled and brought Civilization to the banks of the Nile. Such being the case, it is but natural that we should find the same doctrine regarding Cosmogony and the meaning of numbers in Mayach, their Mother Country in the ‘Lands of the West.’” (See “Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx,” by Augustus Le Plongeon).

“The Maya sages doubtless had reached similar conclusions, since they called their country Mayach; that is the land that first emerged from the bosom of the Deep, the country of the Shoot; and the Egyptians, according to Herodotus, boasted that their ancestors in the land of the West were the oldest men on Earth.” (See “Queen Moo and the Egyptian Sphinx,” by Augustus Le Plongeon).

America is the True world

(Figure #11: this is an engraving from the Temple of Hatshepsut, a 18th Dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh, which depicts pineapples from Punt, which is only indigenous to the Americas.)

Evidence to support the above statement coming from the Queen Moo book, “Mayach – that is the land that first emerged from the bosom of the Deep,” can be found in Jean Louis Agassiz’s book “Geological Sketches (1866),” Chapter 1 – “America is the Old World.” According to Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz, a renowned biologist and geologist from Harvard, America is the Old World, and he states as follows:

“First born among continents, America has been falsely denominated the New World. Hers was the first dry land lifted out of the Waters, hers was the first shore washed by the ocean that enveloped all the earth besides; and while Europe was represented only by islands rising here and there above the sea, America (Atlantis) already stretched in an unbroken line of land from Nova Scotia to the far West.”[End quote].

Evidence to support the fact that the Mayas are the ancestors of the Egyptians can be found in the Tomb of the Maya/Temple of the Maya in Egypt, because there is a Maya on the wall that is dressed in Kemetian/Egyptian garb. Author and Tour Guide, Brien Forester and Stephen Mehler, walk us through the Temple of Maya to show us the evidence. Here is the video evidence, so you can see for yourself and be your own judge:

America is the True Old World

This video evidence proves contact between the two cultures, but I will take it a step farther by giving you Dr. Ivan Van Sertima’s book, “They Came Before Columbus.” In Dr. Sertima’s said book he demonstrates contact
between Egypt and the Americas with evidence of all of the agricultural trade for items like Tobacco, Cocaine, Maize/Corn (see Figure #10), Pineapples (see Figure #11), and etc. All of which I just listed are only Native to the Americas, so there was definitely contact between the
South American Indians and the Egyptians.

I strongly believe that Punt was in South America. I strongly believe this because the Egyptians do come from Punt/Ethiopian and both Nations (Mayas and Egyptians) did trading (commerce/business) together, which is evident when you look at Pharaoh Hatshepsut’s Temple
engraving, which depicts a maize/corn (see Figure #10) cob and a pineapple (see Figure #11), both of which are indigenous to the Americas. The said Figures (10 and 11) of the Maize and the pineapple is strong evidence that Punt was in South America, because the Egyptians showed on their Temple engraving what they had brought from Punt, which had to be in the Americas(South America), because Maize and pineapples are only indigenous to the Americas. Punt is akin to Ethiopia, because Punt like Ethiopia is considered to be the birthplace of Egypt, both of
which were in the Americas, because Atlantis was in the Americas (mostly South America), as I will demonstrate later.

Dr. Gunnar Thompson argues that Punt was a Phoenician trading base near the equator on the American mainland. The New World was a major source of copper, which is found mainly in the Andes in Peru and Isle Royale in Lake Superior. Paul Gallez argued that the Land of Punt was the Puno region of Peru, on the shores of Lake Titicaca, where there are many old gold and antimony mines –metals that were brought back from Punt. The reed boats used on Lake Titicaca are almost identical to those used in ancient Egypt: 1. Gunnar Thompson, Secret Voyages to the New World: Nine true adventures from the forbidden chronicles of American discovery, Seattle, WA: Misty Isles Press, 2006, pp. 173-97; Gunnar Thompson, ‘How the Portuguese out-foxed Columbus’, in Frank Joseph (ed.), Unearthing Ancient America: The lost sagas of conquerors, castaways, and scoundrels, Franklin Lakes, NJ: New Page Books, 2008, pp. 234-43; Gunnar Thompson, From ‘fantasy isles’ into continents: how myths became realities at the hands of Portuguese cartographers, www.marcopolovoyages.com.

Atlantis was in the Americas because of place names like the Atlantic (Atlantis) Ocean, Atlanta, Georgia, and Atzland State Park in Wisconsin (Sons of Wakhanda). Also, Atlantis was in Mexico according to the Book, “India Once Ruled the Americas”, by Gene Matlock, “Mexico
has a lot of place names that contain Tlan, but why are the initial A and final Tis missing in that popular Mexican place name?

Hard evidence suggests that Sanskrit is the father of most world-class languages. If we use Sanskrit to explain the true meaning of “Atlantis,” we’ll learn that the initial A means “Not; No longer.” The final Tis derives from the Sanskrit Desa, Des, or Tes, meaning “Nation.” Atlantis = “No-Longer-the-‘Tlan’-or-‘Tollán’-Nation.” When A-Tlan-Tis sank under the ocean named after it, it certainly ceased to exist. However, the westernmost extreme of Atlantis, which is Mexico, is still above water. It continues to be Tollán or Tlan.

Now that we have established the meaning of the initial A and final Tis in “Atlantis,” we must search for the meaning of Tlan or Tollán. In Sanskrit, Talan = “Surface; a place on the surface.” The N refers to the people living on this surface. A (not; no longer)-Talan (on the surface)-Tes/Des (nation; land. Tlan or Tollán (Mexico) is the part that remained above water. Even in Nahuatl, Tlan/Tollán = “Surface; a place.” In Greek, Tala means “To bear; support; hold up.” There is still another Sanskrit meaning: “God Shiva.” Talan= “People of God Shiva.”

Sanskrit Atala = “Not to bear; not to hold up; bottomless; underneath; underworld; Hell.” Atalan can mean any or all of the following: “People of Hell; People of the underworld.” Patala and Atala were both Sanskrit names for America.” [end quote].

We all known about the Atlantis that is in the Eye of the Sahara in Africa, but few of us know about the Atlantis that was in the Americas. The Atlantis that was in the Americas is the oldest because of the Maya connection. Atlantis was of course the mother civilization of Egypt,
so I hope this information settles all debates about who civilized who and who is the oldest. The oldest throne is in the Americas.

Old World Map of the Atlantis

(Figure #12: this is a 1661 Sanson map that was created by renowned French cartographer, (termed by some the Creator of French Geography), Nicolas Sanson. This map shows the Americas as the Atlantis Insula).

America is the True Old World

Atlantis was in Mexico, according to Dr. Clyde Winters’ book, “Atlantis in Mexico.”
Atlantis was an ancient, spiral-shaped harbor with high banks or dikes lining the channels.
Atlantis once existed near San Lorenzo Tenochtitlán, exactly as described by Plato. (see Figure#13) Robles y Gutiérrez said that the extremely fertile plains and jungles in the area are crisscrossed with the ruins of many ancient irrigation canals, as well as man-made irrigation lagoons, some with the masonry lining their banks still intact – and still potentially usable. The archaeological remains in San Lorenzo supposedly belong to the Olmec culture. The Olmec’s themselves were the survivors of the Atlantis disaster so they did not come from Africa. They
were already here in the Americas. I firmly believe this, because there have been no Olmec heads found in Africa, so no.., the Olmecs did not come from Africa. I believe the Olmecs become the Maya or either they are the same people. I say this because the Mayan long count
calendar is the Olmec calendar, and the Mayans are just as old as the Olmecs. I believe the Olmecs became the Maya Indians. Also, both the Olmec and the Maya allegedly vanished as a civilization, so we do have a connection here.

Additionally, Atlantis was in the Americas according the 1661 Sanson Map of Atlantis
Insula (see Figure 12) and the Hunt-Lenox Globe of 1510 (see Figure 14) and the book Atlantis
the Antediluvian World (1882), by Ignatius L. Donnelly and the renown “Emerald Tablets of
Thoth” (36,000-year-old sacred text). The Priest-King Thoth established Egypt after the
destruction of Atlantis, his mother country, and built the great pyramid of Giza, according to the
Preface of The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, which states in pertinent part:

“The history of the tablets translated in the following pages is strange and beyond the belief of modern scientists. Their antiquity is stupendous, dating back some 36,000 years B.C. The writer is Thoth, an Atlantean Priest-King, who founded a colony in ancient Egypt after the sinking of the mother country. He was the builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza, erroneously attributed to Cheops. In it he incorporated his knowledge of the ancient wisdom and also securely secreted records and instruments of ancient Atlantis. For some 16,000 years, he ruled the ancient race of Egypt, from approximately 52,000 B.C. to 36,000 B.C. At that time, the ancient barbarous race among which he and his followers had settled had been raised to a high degree of civilization. Thoth was an immortal, that is, he had conquered death, passing only when he willed and even then, not through death. His vast wisdom made him ruler over the various Atlantean colonies, including the ones in South and Central America.”

Old World Map of the Atlantis

(Figure #14: this is image of the Eye of Atlantis in Mexico. All credits due to Gene Matlock and to Mapquest.com. I claim Transformative Use, because the Americas was Atlantis and not just Mexico.)

Old World Map of the Atlantis

(Figure #14: this is the Hunt-Lenox Globe of 1510, which is the second oldest terrestrial globe in existence. This map shows you South America as Atlantis. It was enlarged so you can see it).

This is a 1607 map of the Atlantic (Atlantis) World (see Figure 15). As you can see Atlantis was in the Americas for the most part, but Atlantis was also a global Blackamoor civilization, which is one of the main reasons why you will see the same ancient culture worldwide of pyramid building, mummification of their dead, serpent and sun worship, and etc.

Also, here is a Globe/Orb (1600’s) of the Americas being described as the Atlantic Insula from the Stanford University Library, by Sanson, Nicolas, 1600-1667 and Mortier, Pierre. Please click on this link of this map so that you can zoom in and see it for yourself: https://exhibits.stanford.edu/california-as-a…/…/fm706sb1090

Also, here is 1600’s map of the Americas being described as the Atlantic Insula from the Stanford University Library, by Sanson. Please click on this link of this map so that you can zoom in and see it for yourself: https://exhibits.stanford.edu/california-as-a…/…/yq819xv4507.

Old World Map of the Atlantic World

(Figure #15: this is a 1607 map of the Atlantic World (Atlantis). This map was taken from the Jamestown visitor center).

Further evidence that the Americas is Atlantis is in the Book, “Ancient Oriental
Masonry,” by R. Swinburne Clymer (1907), which reveals that religion and masonry originated
in America and not in Egypt:

“We are not indebted to either ancient Egypt for either religion of Masonry, but to America. It is a fact that at Memphis, Egypt, in the pyramids, under the guidance of the Kings, the Mystic Rites of Masonry were worked many thousands of years ago, but at the time Egypt and the continent of America were one and the same. In America, re-discovered in the Fifteenth Century and repopulated in the seventeenth, was recovered Egypt and the promise land, or the land of the constellation of the Eagle” [End quote].

This is a very significant statement, because Thoth, the Atlantean Priest-King and founder of Egypt and all of the arts and sciences, had to
come from the Americas, since religion and Masonry come from the Americas, and since the Americas is clearly the old world.

Old World Giants and Old World Giant Books 

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