“The Old World is the New World,” will demonstrate that the Americas is India Superior (Ancient India), aka, Asia Major and the Far East (the Orient). Yes, America is the True Old World. The fact that the Americas is the Far East is enough of a demonstration by itself, since the Old World and the land of the Bible is associated with the East.


Yes, the Old World is the Americas, because the Americas was once Asia Major, aka, the Orient (East), aka, India Superior (Ancient India). In this post is an old-world map by Orontius Finaeus from 1531 showing you Asia Major being in North America, which is the true Orient or the far East. Is the East really the West? Yes…, because European Scholars associate Egypt with being in the Orient. The term ORIENT means EAST. “The Orient” is a historical term for the East. “: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orient. Also, in this post is an image of the original compass, which demonstrates that the so-called West is actually the Far East. This original compass proves that the maps have been flipped because the compass has been flipped. Well, this original compass verifies that the West is actually the Far East. This means that civilization must be attributed to the New World, because the New World is actually the Old World, since the New World (the West) is the Far East.

Okay, now if some of you are still in doubt that the New World is the Old world. Let’s look at some more evidence that suggest that the West is actually the far East: the dragon-king/priest-king/Messiah/Black panther, Quetzalcoatl, was known as the Morning star in the East, which is Venus (love). Jesus was also known as the Bright and Morning Star, which is Venus. Quetzalcoatl was of course, one of the Chief gods of Mesoamerica, so this means that America is the true East.

More evidence that the West is the true East, is this Moor King in the Orient (East). In this blog post is an Old World painting from 1703 of a Moor King seen by two European artist Christoph Weigel the Elder and Caspar Luyken that was in the Orient (Egypt of the west, which is the Americas). Scholars use to call Egypt the Orient to try to separate Egypt from Africa. Likewise, the artist called America the Orient, because this land mass is old Egypt, which use to be common knowledge back in the 1700’s.

The painting is called Moorish King of the Orient. Notice the feathered crown the Moor is wearing in the photo, which indicates that the painting is that of an American Indian chief that was seen over here in the Americas in the 1700’s. This is also evidence that the people on the American land mass were called Moors and Indians. What’s also interesting is that Oriental means Western Scholar who Studies Islam. (See image of definition of Oriental in this post).

More evidence that the West is the true East, is this Old World Map from 1548 which shows you the Orient (East), because this ancient map indicates that India Superior, aka, Asia Major was in North America, and also was La China. Yes, India and China, was in North America. Look at how big Florida (La Florida) used to be. This India Superior is the real Ancient India and not be be confused with Hindustan, aka, Istanbul, which is the modern-day India that is in the near East (fake East).

Additionally, we have to factor in the 1620 World map by Alla Carta De Navigare, which shows you Antarctica still connected to south America with no ice cap. This map also shows you North America as India Superior. We also have two other 16th Century maps showing you North America as India Superior and Cathay (China) in this post. Plus, the 4 other maps showing you North America as India Superior that you will see later on when you continue reading this good read. We have a total of 7 or 8 old world maps that indicate that North America as once an extension of Asia Major, aka, India Superior (Ancient India). The Burden of proof according to the Bible and Common Law is the testimony of two or more witnesses is truth. Well…, we have far exceeded that burden since our evidence is overwhelming at this point.

In the 15th and 16th centuries, it was said that the Europeans wanted to find sea routes to the Far East (the orient: the Americas). We know that the far East is the Americas, so Christopher Columbus and company were looking for the western Ethiopians or the Mu’urs (Moors). Remember it’s been said that Columbus wanted to find a new route to India. Again, remember in Columbus time, the India we are all taught to believe in didn’t exist in 1492, because around this time period this country was called Hindustan. So, if India didn’t exist in the Middle East where was this India Columbus was looking for in the Far East? Columbus had to have been referring to India Superior, which is North America.

It was the Americas that was the True East because the Euphrates River is in North America and Atlantis was a colony of India Superior. Did you know that Mexico (Central America) and South America was once known as India (See blog post image of the 440 map of “INDIA” being located in Mexico)? The geographer Macrobius made a map for Roman merchants that shows the location of the principal western seacoasts of Florida and Mexico. This map is incredibly significant because it is more evidence that India is the oldest civilization, because civilization came from the Yucatan peninsula, according to the information in this link: https://www.newspapers.com/clip/29478966/kansas_city_journal/?fbclid=IwAR2W9T7SoGJ9kedNbQ8tBv23Q2DzS3mtcC_g-zBHQoJHdEALQ_njb0Yktiw.

Did you know that Mexico is actually ancient India according to the evidence and Atlantis and all civilizations are a colony of India because civilization came from the Yucatan peninsula, via, Maya Indians (India). India Superior (the Americas) is the oldest civilization. Civilization started in ancient India in the Far East (the Americas) and not in the Middle East. It was the Mayan Indians and not the Indian from Hindustan (Middle East) that actually civilized the world.


This makes sense because one of the meanings of Atlantis is, “The People of Lord Shiva,” which was a deity associated with a three-pronged pitchfork. Additionally, Atlanteans are associated with underworld people that carried a three-pronged pitchfork, which symbolizes the trinity. Shiva is of course an Ancient Hindu (Indian) god that has a three-pronged pitchfork. Shiva Temples are found all over the World. There is even an ancient Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in the Grand Canyon in Phoenix, Arizona (see image of the Shiva Temple in the Grand Canyon).


Embedded in this blog post is a YouTube video by “Lifting the Veil,” which is evidence that civilization started in India. The name of the video is, “Mind blowing Occult Sanskrit Hebrew Etymology Symbolism: Vedic Origins of Civilization.” (NOTE: the video I just shared about India being the oldest civilization is correct, but it failed to specify that it was the Mayan Indians, and not the Indian from Hindustan, that actually civilized the world.) I understand that I need more evidence than a video to prove that India is the oldest civilization, however, the evidence has to be respected, because the topic deals with Etymology and the author of the video gives respected authorities to support his work. Evidence to support this YouTube video is the books: “Hindu America,” by Chaman Lal; “India, Cradle of Cultures,” by Chaman Lal; and Graham Hancock’s documentary, “Hindu India – The Birth of Civilization.”

“———-If there is a country on earth which can justly claim the honor of having been the cradle of the Human race or at least the scene of primitive civilization, the successive developments of which carried into all parts of the ancient world and even beyond, the blessings of knowledge which is the second life of man, that country is assuredly India—————“. A quote from ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA.

Gene Matlock in his book, “India Once ruled the Americas,” explains the Sanskrit roots of the vocabulary and even the tribal names of many North and South American Indians. It seems that Native Americans really are, at least to some significant degree either of Indian descent or greatly influenced by India.

The Mayas were the Nagas/niggas that took the Serpent wisdom from the Americas and into India, Egypt, and Mesopotamia. Evidence to support this fact can be found in Queen Mu and the Egyptian Sphinx, by Augustus L. E Plogeon, “In the appendix are presented, for the first time in modern ages, the cosmogonic notions of the Mayas, re-discovered by me. They will be found identical with those of other civilized nations of antiquity. In them are embodied of the secret doctrines communicated, in their initiations, to the adepts in India, Chaldea, Egypt, and Samothracia- the origin of the worship of the cross, of that of the tree and of the serpent, introduced in India by the Nagas, who raised such a magnificent temple in Cambodia, in the city of Angor-Thom, to their god, the seven-headed serpent, the Ah-ae-chapat of the Mayas, and afterward carried its worship to Akkad and to Babylon.”

Prince Maya took the Serpent wisdom into India over 20,000 years ago, according to the Ramayana and the book, The Lost Continent of Mu, by James Churchward, “one prominent figure in the Naga or Maya Empire in India was Prince Maya. The time of Prince Maya is doubtful. Although I have come across many records about him, not a single one even estimates the date when he lived; but according to traditions, and those traditions are as plentiful as leaves on the Tree, Prince Maya lived 15,000 to 20,000 years ago. In Ramayana, we find this reference to him: “In olden times there was a Prince of the Nagas whose name was Maya.” Prince Maya was the author of the Sourya Siddhanta, the hoariest treatise on astronomy in India. Its age has been variously estimated at from 10,000 to 22,000 years. At the time of Prince Maya, the Nagas were an Empire.”

The Maya-Naga took the Serpent Wisdom into Burma, India over 30,000 years ago, according to the book, “The Garden of the Elder Gods,” by M. Don Schorn, “An overview of such regional centers will commence within Asia, where one of the Early academics was evidently located in ancient Burma (modern day Myanmar). According to the Indian Historian, Valmiki, Burma was the first settlement in Asia, with some records supposedly dating its Cultural starting around 33,000 B.C. Records from other diverse cultures state that extensive instruction was dispensed throughout Burma, Prior to its dispersal into other lands.

Such Graduates eventually migrated eastward into China, and Southeastward into Thailand and Cambodia; as well as Westward into an uninhabited part on Northwestern India. In those areas, Human graduates and a few helpers that accompanied them taught human natives they encountered. Those regional teachers became known as the Nagas. Certain ancient tablets found in Burma have been directly linked with Naga records found within India. Writings by Valmiki expressly stated: The Maya…starting from the land of their birth in the East, went first to Burma and there taught the [natives who became known as the people of the] Nagas.

The Original indigenous culture of India is thought to be that of the Danavas. The Nagas, who were later called the Naacals, and still later became known as the Maya, reportedly imparted that culture. However, Colonel Churchward claimed that the original or earliest people were actually the Maya, perhaps a reference to the Ancient Ones or the pure-blooded humanlike Lunar Pitris that comprised the group known as the Helpers. Valmiki Further claimed that the Naga came to be called the Maya in Certain later Settlements, accounting for the overall confusion of the chronological order of introduction between the Naga, Danavas, Naacals, and Maya. Some Records resolve this linguistic dispute by referring to the earliest civilizers as the Naga-Maya. There are further indications, although inconclusive, that the Naga-Maya may have also been associated with the Mayans of Mesoamerica.

Ancient records indicate that the original Naga-Maya were associated with the Serpent people, the Esoteric non-human race of wondrous beings that reportedly possessed immense cosmic wisdom. The Serpent symbol was one of the ancient icons specifically referring to the Ancient Ones. Hence the Naga emblem became the serpent or cobra symbol of ancient India, one revered as signifying both great wisdom and immense knowledge.

One of the Prominent Naga Empire leaders was the original Prince Maya, with a later namesake or counterpart also existing during much later times. No written records established the time frame for the original prince, but oral traditions Place him as living sometime between 18, 000 and 13,000 B.C. The Ramayana Merely refers to the Original Prince Maya as living in Olden Times. That original Prince is credited as the true source of most of the esoteric knowledge on India, passed down over the ages, which was later contained in the Sourya Siddhanata.” [end quote].

According to the book, “Queen Mo and the Egyptian Sphinx,” by Augustus L. E Plogeon, Mayach and not India is the true mother of nations. The Mayas called their land Mayach. The Mayas were the Mayan Indians, so Mayach has to be referring to the Americas, specifically, Mesoamerica, because the Mayans come from the said region. “The question is often asked, “of what practical utility can the knowledge that America was possibly the cradle of man’s civilization be to mankind? To some, of but little use truly; but many there are who would be glad to know the origin of man’s primitive traditions recorded in sacred books in the shape of myths or legends, and what were the incidents that served as basis on which has been raised the fabric of the various religions that have existed and do exist among men, have been and still are the cause of so many wars, dissensions, and persecutions. This knowledge would also serve to disclose the source whence emanated all those superstitions that have intellectual, and moral progress; and to free his mind from all such trammels and make known the fact that Mayach- Not India- is the true mother of nations.

Perhaps also will be felt the necessity of recovering the libraries of the Maya sages (hidden about the beginning of the Christian era to save them from destruction at the hands of the devastating hordes that invaded their counter in those times),  and to learn from their contents the wisdom of those ancient philosophers, of which that preserved in the books of the Brahmins is but the reflection. That wisdom was no doubt brought to India, and from there carried to Babylon and Egypt in very remote ages by those Maya adepts (Naacal – “the Exalted”), who starting from the land of their birth as missionaries of religion and civilization, went to Burmah, where they became known as Nagas, established themselves in the Dekkan, whence they carried all over the earth. [end quote].

Respected mineralogist and archeologist, William Niven, found over 2600 Egyptian-style artifacts in the valley of Mexico, dating over 50,000 years ago, according to the book, “The Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids,” by Peter Tompkins: “Actually Niven had been exploring in Mexico since 1889. While digging among the ancient ruined cities in the unknown and uninhabited portion of the state of Guerrero, Southwest of Mexico City in the Acapulco Area, he began to receive periodic visits from the local Indians who came with Terra-Catta figurines and other objects for sale. Though the Indians pretended to have found these objects at the pyramids of the sun and moon at San Juan Teotihuacan, Niven realized that the source of the artifacts must be nearer; with a bribe of five pesos ($2.50 at the time) he managed to discover the actual spot.

Between Texcoco and Haluepantla, hamlets just North of Mexico City, he came across hundreds, if not thousands, of pits dug into the sand, clay, and tepetate used for material by the builders of Mexico City for more than three hundred years. Exploring these pits, which Niven says cover an area of about ten by twenty miles in the Northwest corner of the valley of Mexico, he came across vast layers of what appeared to be very ancient ruins, whole prehistoric cites lying as deep as thirty feet below the plain, which appeared to have been overwhelmed by a series of cataclysmic tidal waves, perhaps at several-thousand-year intervals, which, as Niven described them, had left telltale strata of boulders, sand, and pebbles. By their depth beneath the surface, Niven Estimated the oldest remains might go as far back as 50,000 years.” [end quote].

James Churchward, a 33-degree mason, inventor, and an occult writer, was a friend of William Niven. Churchward based his book on the finds of William Niven. I say this because he dedicated his book, “The Lost Continent of Mu,” to William Niven. Churchward contends in his lost  continent of Mu book that the oldest record of man is found in North America: “the Oriental Naacal Tablets which formed the foundation of the first edition of this book were a wonderful history of past man, Niven’s Mexico stone Tablets are equally wonderful and instructive, if not more so. They confirm my contention that the oldest records of man are not to be found in Egypt or the valley of the Euphrates, but right here in North America and in, the Orient where Mu planted her first colonies.”

The work of William Niven was dismissed by mainstream academia because his finding does not fit in with the current narrative of the Americas being the New World, since his finding is dated over 50,000 years old. How can Niven’s find be a Hoax? Would a respected mineralogist and archeologist really create 2,600+ fake tablets and other discoveries? To what end? It seems he would have more to lose than to gain. In any event, the controversy rages on to this day. I am curious to know where the ruins he discovered are and what explanation archaeology offers to explain them, because how can 2,600 artifacts be a hoax. The Niven Tablets are worth re-examining. Many people dismissed them only because they were featured in the poorly written and racist “Lost Continent of Mu” book, but that’s not Nivens fault.

William Niven was buried at Mount Calvary on June 2, 1937. Interesting thing is that Jesus was crucified on Mount Calvary. Mount Calvary is also code for the Arctic North Pole, aka, Mount Meru, the great mother Meru/Meri/Mary, which is the source of life.

In his book, Hindu America, India-Indian author Chaman Lal states:
At present we are studying the native tongues and find that at least as far as Nahuatl, Zapoteca, and Maya languages are concerned, they are of Indo-European (Sanskrit) origin.”

Sanskrit is of course an Indian language. The Mu’urs/ Moors/ Maurs come from Mount Meru, which is considered to be the center of all the physical, metaphysical, and spiritual universes. Mount Meru is in India, but which India? Definitely not the modern-day India, because that India is really Hindustan, so it had to be in the real India, which is India Superior, which was in North America (see blog post images of India Superior).

Scholars even called the Mayans Ancient Indians (India) because they spoke Sanskrit, which is the oldest language and origin of all the languages.


In this blog post is a statute of the Goddess Yamuna standing on a Turtle Shell (Turtle Island, aka, the Americas), which is more evidence that India Superior/Asia Major was in North America, aka, the Orient (the true East), because Goddess Yamuna is a Hindu (Indian) Goddess. Why is the statute of the Goddess Yamuna good evidence? Well, because the Americas was known as Turtle Island. This is a known fact because the American landmass looks like a giant Turtle from the sky (see image of Turtle Island in this blog post).

Goddess Yamuna was the wife of Krishna (the Indian Christ), and she symbolizes Eve or Isis, which is the kundalini energy that must be raised up the 33 spinal vertebrates to resurrect the sleeping mummy (the pineal gland/ Christ/ Krishna/ Osiris) in the King’s chamber (your mind), which is the black dot (the Kaba/ Mount Meru) that lays in the center of your brain called a pineal gland, aka, the third eye or the master gland. Goddess Yamuna symbolizes the Mother Mary principle of love.

Also here is an Old World map (1625) of the Americas being described as India and the Orient from the Stanford University Library, by Herrera y Tordesillas, Antonio de -1625. Please click on this link of this map so that you can zoom in and see India on this map: https://exhibits.stanford.edu/california-as-a…/…/qs151yz7949.

Also here is another Old World map of the Americas being described as India and the Orient from the Stanford University Library, by Lucini, Antonio Francesco, 1605- and Dudley, Robert Sir, 1574-1649. Please click on this link of this map so that you can zoom in and see the description of India and the orient on the banner that is down towards the bottom, center, of this map: https://exhibits.stanford.edu/california-as-a…/…/mw737qf7422.

Also here is an Old World map (1625) of the Americas being described as India and the Orient from the Stanford University Library, by Herrera y Tordesillas, Antonio de -1625. Please click on this link of this map so that you can zoom in and see India on this map: https://exhibits.stanford.edu/california-as-a…/…/hf530hv9225.

Christopher Columbus and the Spanish conquerors called us Indians, because the American landmass was once known as India Superior. I have to agree with our Spanish (Roman) conquerors, because they should know the name of the people that they took everything from. I’m just saying. Also, all of the old world maps don’t lie, and they are strong evidence as to the fact that the Americas was once Ancient India. This makes sense too when you read the Book, “India Once Ruled the Americas”, by Gene Matlock. Additionally, in medieval times the Civilized world was once known as the three Indies or the three Ethiopia’s, which included the Americas, Euro-Asia, and Africa.

“Ethiopia and India were often confused,” [one and the same] according to the book “The Medieval Empire of the Israelites,” by Robert Grishin. This makes sense when you factor into account that the Swastika [symbol of Brahma/Abraham], which means Black spirit, was the chief religious’ symbol in Ancient Ethiopia and in India. “With regard to the Ethiopians, Strabo indicates that they looked similar to Indians, remarking “those who are in Asia (South India), and those who are in Africa, do not differ from each other.” [10] Turner, Sharon (1834). The Sacred History of the World, as Displayed in the Creation and Subsequent Events to the Deluge: Attempted to be Philosophically Considered, in a Series of Letters to a Son, Volume 2. Longman. pp. 480–482. Retrieved 20 January 2015. [end quote from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aethiopia].

Evidence that India is Judea: https://www.facebook.com/farron.king/posts/10164232939630414.

Evidence that the Moor comes from Mount Meru in India Superior (North America): https://www.facebook.com/Americaisthetrueoldworld/posts/2584437584953859.

More Evidence that the West is the True East is the Euphrates River is in North America: https://www.facebook.com/Americaisthetrueoldworld/posts/2126619964068959.

The Stuarts were Black and they were given the Bible from America as a means to preserve our History as Moormen (Mormons) from the tribe of Ptah/Utah/Judah/Yudah (the Americas is the EAST, because the Americas is the Land of the Bible): https://www.facebook.com/Americaisthetrueoldworld/posts/2003892083008415. I tip my fez to King James and Queen Anne of Denmark, because they played a good game of politics (politricks) with the enemy so that they could leave us a paper trail (the KJV Bible) as to whom we really are, which are God’s chosen people, aka, the Children of the Sun/son. Based upon all of the Evidence, Jerusalem is just code for Egypt (Khemet/Khannanland/Wakhanda), which was a global Blackamoor civilization.

Evidence that Utah/Judah is Ptah; and evidence that ancient Luxor was in America; evidence that the Americas is the old world (the EAST): https://www.facebook.com/Americaisthetrueoldworld/posts/1982515145146109 .

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Evidence to support that the Hebrew language is derived from the medu Neter (Hieroglyphics); Jerusalem is just code for Egypt: https://www.facebook.com/Americaisthetrueoldworld/posts/2113709785359977.

Here is a 500-year-old map that is similar to the map I shared, because this map and the map I shared above shows Antarctica still connected to South America: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3-hfNUCBiI . Antarctica used to be a lush Greenland not that long ago. This also explains the step pyramids that are in Antarctica because we built them there before the great comet of 1812 further separated the continents. The comet of 1812 caused a great mudflood, which destroyed the Old World Order, aka, Tartaria, via, earthquakes, Tidal Waves, and Volcanic eruptions. This map is a compilation of other old maps compiled together by a Blackamoor. Yes, Moors, been and have always known the layout of the world, hence, the reason why the Moors were your first pirates and the first navigators of the seven seas: https://ronmarch.com/42515-the-word-moor/ .