Peace friends, this post is in response to Pan-Africans hating on the fact that the so-called African Americans, aka, Blacks, are Atlanteans and that the Americas is the Old World, because the Americas is Atlantis. Egypt was a colony of Atlantis according to the Emerald Tablets of Thoth (thought). Since Egypt was a colony of Atlantis this means that Atlantis is the origin of the Egyptian civilization. This post stems from a post I did months ago showing and proving that the Americas is the old world. You can read that post on Facebook below, which has been subjected to a lot of debate. I won this debate too, which was a debate to determine if the Americas is really the True old world:

Pan-Africans accused me of teaching you all mythology, because according to them Atlantis was a myth and if it was real it was in Africa. Everything has to be in Africa, according to the Illuminati and its masonic white and Black subjects. Additionally, how can Atlantis be mythical when Atlantis is on countless old world maps? Also,  we have an Atlantic (Atlantis) Ocean; we have an Atlanta (Atlantis), Georgia; and we have Aztalan (Atlantis) State Park in Wisconsin. All of which are named after Atlantis. Well friends, I hate to break this news, but “It is in the mythical that we have the Truth.” ~ Greek proverb.

In this post is a 1607 map of the Atlantic (Atlantis) World, a 1661 and a 1669 Sanson map of Atlantis, and more old world maps. As you can see, Atlantis was in the Americas for the most part, but Atlantis was a global Blackamoor civilization:

Also, here is a Globe/Orb (1600’s) of the Americas being described as the Atlantic Insula from the Stanford University Library, by Sanson, Nicolas, 1600-1667 and Mortier, Pierre. Please click on this link of this map so that you can zoom in and see it for yourself:…/…/fm706sb1090

Also, here is 1600’s map of the Americas being described as the Atlantic Insula from the Stanford University Library, by Sanson. Please click on this link of this map so that you can zoom in and see it for yourself:…/…/yq819xv4507.

The Americas is also Granada (Israel/the promised land) due to its abundance of resources: Also read my blog post entitled, “The Holy City of Mecca was in Moslem-Jerusalem: America is the True Old World,” because the information is all related: .

They took the promise land, aka Granada land (Israel), away from the Ancient Indians (Aryans/Chosen people/Children of the sun (son)/Children of the Corn/Master Race/Master Builders/Khmer People), who become the Ethiopians, Sumerian, Hebrews, Blackamoors, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Atlanteans, Olmecs, Mayas, Aztecs, Washitaw, Buddhist, and etc. But how was this possible? Well, they convinced the Ancient Aryans (Vedic Indians/Blackamoors/Egyptians/Hebrews/Blacks), aka, the Asiatic Black man, and the world, that only Blackamoors come from Africa; and that the Americas is a New world discovered by Columbus in 1492. This was all done so that the Asiatic Black man (the Aryan/Ancient Indian) from Asia Major/Asia proper, aka, India Superior [this India is not to be confused with Hindustan or East India], would abandon his land, Birth-rites, Wealth, Culture, and everything associated with Granada (Israel/the Promised land: the land of milk and honey). Yes, India Superior was in the Americas and the Americas is the Orient (the East). This is very significance, because scholars associate Egypt with being in the Orient (the East):

Also, in this post is images of the Arctic north pole, aka, Mount Meru/ the Garden of Eden. Genesis of the KJV Bible, 2:10–14, lists four rivers in association with the garden of Eden: Pishon, Gihon, Chidekel (the Tigris), and Phirat (the Euphrates). It also refers to the land of Cush—translated/interpreted as Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a Greek word which means burnt face or sun darken people, aka, Blacks/Negroes. With regard to the Ethiopians, Strabo indicates that they looked similar to Indians, remarking “those who are in Asia (South India), and those who are in Africa, do not differ from each other.” [10] Turner, Sharon (1834). The Sacred History of the World, as Displayed in the Creation and Subsequent Events to the Deluge: Attempted to be Philosophically Considered, in a Series of Letters to a Son, Volume 2. Longman. pp. 480–482. Retrieved 20 January 2015. [end quote from].  This makes sense because its already firmly established that so-called Black people were your first people, because white skin is only 6,000 years old. White people came on the scene 6,000 years ago, because European Skin only became white recently. Goggle, “European Skin Turned Pale Only Recently, Gene Suggests Ann Gibbons,” and read that scientific article for actual proof:

In this post is a old world painting of a Ethiopian from the American land mass. The painting indicates that he was Ethiopian. In fact, the painting is called, “A Young Noble Ethiopian.” Look at the scenery and the dress of the Ethiopian, which indicates the Americas (palm tree, bow & arrow, and feather headdress). Well, the civilized world was once known as the three Ethiopia’s/ three Indies, which was the Americas, Africa, and Euro-Asia. The Americas was once known as the farthest Ethiopia, according to Greek record.  Ethiopian, just like the term Moor is referring to anyone with dark skin, aka, black skin.

Ethiopia is considered to be the birthplace of Egypt, which was in the Americas. Additionally, Ethiopia has a long rich and powerful history that the so-called African American can be proud of, so why not claim it when it applies to us too? So not only is the name Africa wrong, but everything we love about Africa was actually on the American landmass – places like Egypt, Punt, Ethiopia, and etc., because the Americas is the birthplace of civilization. The oldest name I found of Africa was Aethiopia (Ethiopia). Please watch Dr. Ali Muhammad, “The African controversy”:

Also, there is no such thing as a Greek language, because Greek is actually the Egyptian Coptic language, so therefore, Ethiopia was an Egyptian name that means Sun Darken faces. This makes sense to me, because we are known to name ourselves after traits. For example, the Egyptians called themselves the Khemetians, which means Black-Headed ones. Another example is how the Indians (Blackamoors) would name themselves after a personal trait our something they were good at.
Blackamoor Greeks:

The Greek Gods were Blackamoors:

The Greek language was the Coptic Egyptian language. Dr. Ben even told us that there is no such thing as any Greek language. This means that the word Ethiopian is not Greek, but actually Egyptian Coptic. Even if it was Greek, Greece was a colony of Egypt and a Blackamoor, Egyptian civilization.

Greece was a blackamoor civilization and a Egyptian colony, therefore, it shouldn’t matter. Aethiopia predates Africa by far and has a much richer history.

According to Herodotus, Greece was a colony of Egypt:
It was Pharaoh Narmer Menes who first established Greece. After Pharaoh Narmer, we had Pharaoh Sesostris, who founded and built Athens, Greece:

As you can see, by looking at the old world maps in this post, civilization could have come from the North, in accordance with many myths, because that region was once lush and green, as recently as the 1600’s, according to the old world maps in this post. The magnetic North pole is were all of the waters of life are renew/Anew/Anu (Anu: Anunnaki) or reborn again, because the 4 rivers associated with the Garden of Eden flow inward or drain inward in order to be recycled again. What causes the 4 rivers of the Garden of Eden, aka, Mount Meru, to flow inward? Well, the Sacred movement of the Zodiac wheel (the Swastika), which is clockwise rotation, creates a very powerful vortex of energy that pulls the waters inward to drain around the Kaba, aka, the magnetic pole.

In this post is a image of hyperborea on a old world map, which looks like a older version of the Arctic North pole before the land was divided into 4 parts, so it appears to be a lot of truth to the Hyperborea myth, which can be read here: The link shows the 1595 mercator map of the Arctic North pole as Hyperborea and the link goes on by saying that they were a race of giants who lived “beyond the North Wind”.

Now, that we are on the topic of giants, lets tie in all of the information. The Olmecs were a race of giants, according to the size of the Olmec heads found, that were survivors of the Atlantean disaster. Yes, the Olmecs were your First Americans and they were not from Africa, because there have been no Olmec heads found in Africa. They have carbon-dated the Olmec heads to be over 5,000 years old, however, because the timelines have been distorted to keep everything within a 6,000 year time period of human history, we have to add a zero behind the 5,000 to make it 50,000 years, which is more realistic, because the Olmec heads were found in the valley of Mexico near the same region that Archaeologist William Niven found over 2600 Egyptian-style artifacts that rewrite history, because the find was dated to be over 50,000 years old.

The work of William Niven was dismissed by mainstream academia as a hoax, because his find does not fit in with the current narrative of the Americas being the New World, since his find is dated over 50,000 years old. How can Niven’s find be a Hoax? Would a respected mineralogist and archeologist, really create 2,600+ fake tablets and other discoveries? To what end? It seems he would have more to lose than to gain. In any event, the controversy rages on to this day. I am curious to know, where the ruins he discovered are and what explanation archaeology offers to explain them away, because how can 2,600 artifacts be a hoax. I think the Niven Tablets are worth re-examining. Many people dismissed them only because they were featured in the poorly written and racist “Lost Continent of Mu” book, but that’s not Nivens fault.

William Niven was buried at Mount Calvary in June 2, 1937. Interesting thing is that Jesus was crucified on Mount Calvary. Mount Calvary is also code for the Arctic North Pole, aka, Mount Meru, the great mother Meru/Meri/Mary, which is the source of life.

Also, in this post is a image of Atlas, the first Muur king of Atlantis and king of Mauritania, which was in the Americas, according to the old world maps and the information provided in this post. I know you are probably thinking that King Atlas couldn’t have been real, because he was a Titan being according to myth. Well, there are mountains, oceans, and places named after this King, so there could be a lot of truth to this myth. Also, after ever cataclysmic event that destroys civilization every 200 -250 years, due to solar minimums, the human race has gotten smaller each time, because the amount of Oxygen was depleted due of the cataclysmic event. This means that thousands of years ago, you had titan beings on this earth, because you had huge amounts of oxygen available to support a giant era (Jurassic era?). We had giant trees that reached all the way into the heavens that were big enough to support a giant era, due to the huge amount of Oxygen that they produced (meet the beanstalk): Evidence that Titan beings once existed (meet Jack): Well, it appears that Jack and Beanstalk was more than just a myth when you look at the evidence.