Ethiopia: America is the True Old World, Vol. II – Paperback, is the ancient American history book that you all have been waiting on, since this book is destined to rewrite history with the discoveries contained within this book. This book comes complete with 9 chapters and with over 70 color illustrations to highlight the beauty and sophistication of the old world. This book is not your traditional history book; therefore, it is not for the faint hearted.

This ancient American history book is jam-packed with information and after reading this revolutionary history book, you will never look at history the same way again, because history is not how we know it. Could the East really be a reflection of the West? Is the West really the far East? This book will answer these questions for you and some more. If you love to think outside of the box, and are just fed up with the lies of traditional history books, this is your history book, and I assure you that you will love it.

America is the True Old World, vol. II – paperback, challenges the status quo with the discoveries of ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, India Superior, Sumer, Cush, Ethiopia, Ancient Ghana, Jerusalem, the Kingdom of Mali, Timbuctoo, the Kingdom of Fez, Tripoli, Mecca, Morocco, Mauritania, ancient Arabia, Rome & Greece, the garden of Eden, cities of gold (Cibola and El Dorado), and so much more, all located in the Americas. Yes, all of the said places where all in the Americas, first, since America is the True Old World. If you have a friend or a family member with an open mind that loves to think outside the box, then get them this good read as a present. I am a firm believer that knowledge is the best gift, because you can do so much with knowledge. “Knowledge is power.” ~ Ole saying.

This history book also debunks the Transatlantic slave trade story, as being told to us in reverse, because the Americas has always been a Negro Continent, which means that it would have been a lot easier and cheaper just to enslave the copper-colored Native Americans (Blackamoors) that were already in the Americas way before Christopher Columbus.

Please get your paperback copy of “America is the True Old World, Vol. II: The Promised Land,” from the author’s site or from Amazon: Embedded in this blog post is a promotional YouTube video for my new book, America is the True Old World, Vol. II. Please enjoy this video book sample and also the written book sample in this post below.

America is the True Old World, Vol. II – Paperback: Book Sample:



The term Ethiopian in ancient times did not just refer to just a region of people in Ethiopia, Africa. The term Ethiopian applied to anyone with dark or burnt (Black) skin. According to the book, “Lost Tribes and Promised Lands,” by Ronald Sanders, “But Ethiopian served to designate color before it came to be applied to a region; the Greek Aithiops, from which it is derived, literally meant Burnt Face and referred to any person of black complexion, whatever his place of origin. Homer said of the Ethiopians that they live at the ends of the Earth, some near the Sunrise, some near the sunset. In latter antiquity the world tended to become restricted to Black Africans, meaning either any Negro or someone specially from Ethiopia. The Biblical terms Cush and Cushi, which may have been specifically geographical designations from the outset, came to be translated Ethiopia and Ethiopian respectively, and the ambiguity was thereby reinforced.” [end quote]. This quote suggests that all so-called Black people or Negroes are Ethiopians.

I already hint at lower Ethiopia being in North America at the Arctic North Pole, aka, Mu/Meru/Meri/Mary (Mother Mary), in my previous book, “America is the True Old World,” when I demonstrated in Chapter II of that book that the Americas was India Superior (Asia Major); because the Arctic North Pole was the mythical Garden of Eden, and hence, Lower Cush or Lower Ethiopia as a result, because the Cushite’s were Ethiopians. I will further expound upon this information, so that there is no doubt that Ethiopia was in the Americas.

Civilization came from India Superior, which was in North America (see Figures 11, and 12). Yes, North America was once Asia, aka, the Orient (East), aka India Superior. In this chapter is an old-world map by Orontius Finaeus from 1531 and a 1548 Spanish World map showing you India superior (Asia Major) and China being in North America, which is the true Orient or the far East. “The Orient is a term for the East”:

I did a blog post, “The Old World is the New World,” which demonstrates that the Americas is Asia Major and I gave an image of the original compass that shows you that the Far East was actually our modern-day West (see Figure 13: the Original Compass). This blog post and Figure 13 proves that they flipped the maps on us, because the Americas is the True old World:

In my previous book, “America is the True Old World,” Volume I, and in the blog link I just shared above, I demonstrated that India is the oldest civilization and that Atlantis was a colony of India. However, little do we know that Ethiopia was also a colony of India according to the book, “Wonderful Ethiopians of the ancient Cushite Empire:” Chapter XV – The Civilization of India, “It is a common error to suppose that the tribes that the Aryan invaders found were savages. Ancient annals represented the Cushite Indi as wise and skillful. Heeren said that these writings represented the early Hindu as a commercial people, that their merchants could travel from one of the Nile flowing through Barabra (Ethiopia) and the mountains of the Moon.

Even the name Hindu is Ethiopian. Ancient records of authority made Hind and Sind sons of Cush. Philostratus. in Vit. Apollon (Lib. II), says, “The Indi are the wisest of mankind. The Ethiopians are a colony of them, and they inherit the wisdom of their fathers.” The separation of India from the parent Cushite stock was in ages long before the rise of the so-called Aryans in India. The older Greeks always associated the sacred waves of the Indian Sea with the wonderful Ethiopians. Ephorus stated that they occupied all the southern coasts of Asia and Africa. As in Chaldea they brought to the aboriginal tribes of India the knowledge of metals to take the place of stone implements, they brought the knowledge of the arts. Their funeral remains all over India reveal the stone circles and upright massive menhirs of North Africa. They understood in those far distant ages how to make hard earthenware, iron weapons and ornaments of gold. Today in a state of degenerated art, Sind is the only province where the potters craft is artistic. Before Megathenes, a Greek ambassador to the court of the non-Aryan Chandra Gupta, about 300 B. C., the Greeks mentioned as Indi only the Cushites of the areas between the Hindu Kush and Persia. The name India means black, and Condor thinks that it was employed only to designate the home of the Asiatic Ethiopians.” [End quote from:].

The fact that the West is the far East is significant, because it is well-established that the East is the Old World, according to Western academics. The original compass (see figure 13) suggests that the so-called West is the Old World. The East (West) is also the location of the Biblical Garden of Eden or the Hesperides, according to learned theologians. “St. Isidore, Bede, Strabo, and Scotus, and all the learned theologians, agree that the earthly paradise is in the East.” [end quote from “The Select letters of Christopher Columbus – Third Voyage of Columbus”].

Central America was described as the Hesperides, according to the book, “Prehistoric Structures of Central America who Erected them,” by Martin Ingham Townsend, “The Soil, climate and productions of the Peninsula of Yucatan, and that part of Mexico and Guatemala where these prehistoric remains are found, are precisely what are described by the European writers who speak of the beauty, the loveliness and the grandeur of the Hesperides (the West) and the homes founded  by Eastern adventures beyond the Western Ocean.” [end quote].

The Hesperides means the Garden of the Hesperides, aka, the Garden of Eden. Hesperides also means the West and the evening star (Venus: love). The meaning of the Hesperides suggests that the Garden of Eden was in the West (the Americas), which is the Far East (see Figure 13). More evidence that the Garden of Eden or the Garden of the Hesperides is in the Americas is the book, “Atlantis: The Antediluvian World, by Ignatius Donnelly, “That it [America] was the true Antediluvian World: The Garden of Eden; the Garden of the Hesperides; the Elysian Fields.”[end quote].

According to “Prehistoric Structures of Central America who Erected them, by Martin Ingham Townsend, “Let us look for a moment at some of the things which the Ancient Greek and Latin authors have said indicating their knowledge of the existence of a Western Continent. Crates, a commentator on Homer, is quoted by authority of Strabo, a very learned author of the century before Christ, as saying that Homer means in his account of the Western Ethiopians the inhabitants of Atlantis or the Hesperides, as the unknown world of the West was variously called.”[end quote].

More proof that the Americas (Atlantis) is the Garden of Eden is the book, “Atlantis: The Antediluvian world,” by Ignatius Donnelly, “Atlantis is the Garden of Eden.” Also, if you have read Volume I of my book, “America is the True Old World,” by Amunhotep El-Bey, you know that the Americas is Atlantis and the true Old World. If you have not read volume I of my book, I did a blog post that will brief you on this topic, entitled, “The Americas is Atlantis and the Origin of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization”:

In addition, according to the book, “Atlantis: The Antediluvian world, by Ignatius Donnelly, “The Pyramid. – Not only are the cross and the Garden of Eden identified with Atlantis, but in Atlantis, the habitation of the gods, we find the original model of all these pyramids which extend from India to Peru.” [end quote]. I must note that North America (Asia Major/ India Superior) by itself has more pyramids than all of Africa combined. Now, if we include all the Americas (North, South, and Central) then it is not a contest anymore as far as who has the most pyramids. I presented this evidence already in Volume I of my book, “America is the True Old World,  however, my book sample will prove my point that the Americas is Atlantis because it is way more pyramids (the symbol of Atlantis) in the Americas than in Africa:

More evidence that the Americas is the Garden of Eden (Atlantis) is the fact that Mount Meru/MU (see figure 14) is the Emblem of the Garden of Eden, according to the book, “Atlantis: the Antediluvian world,” by Ignatius Donnelly, “in the great ditch surrounding the whole land like a circle, and into which streams flowed down from the mountains, we probably see the original of the four rivers of paradise, and the emblem of the cross surrounded by a Circle, which, as we will show hereafter, was, from the earliest pre-Christian ages, accepted as the emblem of the Garden of Eden.” [end quote]. Yes, according to figures 14 and 16, because these images fit the description of the Garden of Eden, perfectly, therefore, the Arctic North pole (Mount Meru) was indeed the Garden of Eden or the Garden of the Hesperides.

All life and civilization came from the uppermost region of India Superior (Asia Major), which is the Arctic North pole, aka, Mount Meru/ Meri/ Mary/ MU/ MR (Goddess Danu/ Anu); which is the mythical Garden of Eden (see figure 14), Hyperborea (see figure 15), and the Garden of the Hesperides.  “It is in the mythical that we have the truth” ~ Greek proverb. Genesis of the KJV Bible, 2:10–14, lists four rivers in association with the garden of Eden: Pishon, Gihon, Chidekel (the Tigris), and Phirat (the Euphrates). It also refers to the land of Cush—translated/interpreted as Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a Greek word which means burnt face or sun darken people, aka, Blacks/Negroes.

“Ethiopia and India were often confused,” [one and the same] according to the book “The Medieval Empire of the Israelites,” by Robert Grishin. This makes sense when you factor into account that the Swastika [symbol of Brahma/Abraham], which means Black spirit, was the chief religious’ symbol in Ancient Ethiopia and in India. “With regard to the Ethiopians, Strabo indicates that they looked similar to Indians, remarking “those who are in Asia (South India), and those who are in Africa, do not differ from each other.” [10] Turner, Sharon (1834). The Sacred History of the World, as Displayed in the Creation and Subsequent Events to the Deluge: Attempted to be Philosophically Considered, in a Series of Letters to a Son, Volume 2. Longman. pp. 480–482. Retrieved 20 January 2015. [end quote from]. This makes sense because the Americas was once India Superior, and it is already firmly established that so-called Black people were your first people. You can tell by looking at figures 14-16 that the MU/ Motherland (Mary) region used to be a warm and lush region, so yes, civilization could have started from the North, in accordance with so many myths.

Figure 14 is an unknown map of the Arctic North Pole, and as you can see the Garden of Eden and Mount Meru right there. The Bible lists 4 rivers in association with the Garden of Eden and you can see 4 rivers and the Black magnetic cube (the Kaba: Mecca) in the center of the lake where the rivers emanate from that represents the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden (see figure 14 and Figure 16).


The Garden of Eden is associated with the land of Kush/Cush in Ethiopia. Now, that we know that Lower Ethiopia was in North America, where is the corresponding upper Ethiopia? I say corresponding because of duality (opposites), which is a fact in nature. The law of correspondence (As above so below) suggests that there must be another Garden of Eden in the Americas.

Mount Roraima in South America, near the highest point of Guyana (Ghana), gives us a clue as to where is the upper Garden of Eden, because according to Native legend it was once a mighty tree that reached all the way into the heavens and it produced every fruit and vegetable in the world. Legends says that when this tree was cut down it caused the great flood.

There is evidence of giant trees that once reached all the way up into the heavens. The Bible speaks of these giant trees: Daniel 4:11 The tree grew, and was strong, and the height thereof reached unto heaven, and the sight thereof to the end of all the earth; Ezekiel 31:3 Behold, Assyria was a cedar in Lebanon, with beautiful branches and forest shade, and of towering height, its top among the clouds; and Psalms 80:10 The mountains were covered with its shadow, And the cedars of God with its boughs.

In this Chapter is evidence of one of those giant trees called Mount Roraima, aka, “The Tree of life” (see figure 24). Mount Roraima is 9 miles long and 9222 feet tall, now, this is a huge tree! Mount Roraima is the source of three mighty rivers, one of which is the amazon river. Figure 24 shows you four waterfalls coming from the top of Mount Roraima, which are the source of three rivers. When Christopher Columbus came to the New World he was also in search of the Garden of Eden. When he saw Mount Roraima he knew that he had found his paradise, because this mighty tree stump puts out so much fresh clean water (life) that it had to be the mythical TREE OF LIFE and this tree is also positioned at the Center of the world, just like the Garden of Eden is/was. Mount Roraima sits right on the Equator of the Earth.

Here is a description from Christopher Columbus of the Orinoco River in South America: “The river, he was persuaded, must be rushing down from the summit of the earth, where the lord had planted the earthly paradise, in the midst whereof was a fountain whence flowed the four great rivers of the world.”[End quote from the book, “Narrative and Critical History of America, edited by Justin Winsor]. The river rushing down the Summit that Christopher Columbus was referring to is Mount Roraima because it has fresh water rushing down from its summit and it is the source of three mighty rivers (see figure 24).

Here is a description from Christopher Columbus of Mount Roraima in South America: “The approach to it from a distance must be by a constant and gradual ascent; but I believe that, as I have already said, no one could ever reach the top; I think also, that the water I have described may proceed from it, though it be far off, and that stopping at the place which I have just left, it forms this lake. There are great indications of this being the terrestrial paradise, for its site coincides with the opinion of the Holy and wise theologians whom I have mentioned; and moreover, the other evidences agree with the supposition, for I have never either read or heard of fresh water coming in so large a quantity. I think that if the river mentioned does not proceed from the Terrestrial paradise, it comes from an immense tract of land situated in the South, of which no knowledge has been hitherto obtained. But the more I reason on the subject, the more satisfied I become that the terrestrial paradise is situated in the spot I have described.” [End quote from, “Select Letters of Christopher Columbus” – third Voyage of Columbus].

A tree this size puts out a lot of Oxygen, which makes it very possible to have giant-sized everything because the oxygen level of the Earth was so high, back in those days. The Jurassic era is a time when everything was giant-sized, so why is it so hard for people to believe in giant-sized people and the giant trees that supplied the oxygen?

Mount Roraima is not the only flat top mountain in this area either because there are many of flat top mountains (trees) in this area and there are many all around the world. One of our ancient names as a people was, “The Tree people.” We used to be able to go up to these trees and touch them and naturally download all the world’s knowledge.

In this post is a old world painting from the 16th Century called, “A Young Noble Ethiopian.” Look at the scenery and the dress of the Ethiopian, which indicates the Americas (palm tree, bow & arrow, and feather headdress). Well, the civilized world was once known as the three Ethiopia’s or the three Indies (India), which was the Americas, Africa, and Euro-Asia. The Americas was once known as the farthest Ethiopia or Western Ethiopia. The term Ethiopian, just like the term Moor is referring to anyone with dark skin, aka, black skin. Likewise, terms like Egypt, Timbuctoo, India, Cush, Ham, Khem (Shem), and etc., are all referring to the burnt (dark) or the Black ones, i.e., the Ethiopians or Cushites.

Additional evidence that Upper Ethiopia was in South Americas is the three maps (see figures 25-27) in this chapter that shows you that Ethiopia was in South America. Are these maps correct? Can we trust these maps? Yes, because according to the Bible and Common law the testimony of two or more witnesses is truth. I have provided 3 maps that Interlock with each other. Interlocking testimony is when the witnesses say the same thing. I also added the 1630 map of South America as Ethiopia, by Mallet, Alain Manesson, just for good measures. Now, we have a total of 4 maps of Ethiopia in South America, which suggests that the Biblical Land of Cush was in South America, which gave birth to Ancient Egypt in North America: The Blog link I just shared is called, “Ancient Egypt was in the Americas.” Enjoy.

Sure, we can fight with these maps because we have 4 witnesses (maps) that said the same thing; however, let us take it a set further by summarizing all of the evidence to prove that the Americas was Ancient Ethiopia: (1.) Punt, the birthplace of Ethiopia and Egypt, was in South America (see blog post: “Ancient Punt was in South America”: ); (2.) the Garden of Eden was in the Americas, which is heavily associated with Ethiopia; (3) Ancient Scholars mention the Western Ethiopians in literature; (4) Ancient Ethiopia is associated with being in the East (see Figure 13); and (5) four maps that demonstrate that Ethiopia was in the Americas. Based upon all the evidence, Ancient Ethiopia was in the Americas.