Horus the savior, who was brought to birth
As light in heaven and sustenance on earth.
Horus in spirit, verily divine,
Who came to turn the water into wine.
Horus, who gave his life, and sowed the seed
For men to make the bread of life indeed.
Horus the comforter, who did descend
In human fashion as the heavenly friend.
Horus the Word, the founder in his youth.
Horus, fulfiller as the Word made truth.
Horus the lord and leader in the fight
Against the dark powers of the ancient night.
Horus the sufferer with his cross bowed down,
Who rose at Easter with his double crown.
Horus the pioneer, who paved the way
Of resurrection to eternal day.
Horus triumphant with the battle done,
Lord of two worlds, united and made one.