Peace friends, in this blog post, “The Giant Muurs that Ruled the Americas,” is an Old World 1671 painting of a Muurish Warrior Indian Chief (Sheik/Sherif/Sheriff). Notice his giant size, which suggests that the Americas was ruled by Giant Amurru-Khans/Amuri-Khans (Muurs from Mu/Atlantis). This drop ties in with a previous blog post that I did called, “The Americas is Atlantis and the Origin of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization:  This blog post discusses giants, Atlantis, Mu, and more.

I also did a blog post called, “Old World Giants and Giant Books,” that demonstrates that we were all once all giants/titans: This blog discusses giants/titan beings, Tartaria (Tartary), giant books, and more.

Also, notice in the Old World painting of the Muurish Chief that this Muur is wearing  a feathered headdress with a Crescent moon headband and with big hoop gold earrings, which is a custom of the Muurs/Moors, so yes, this was a Muurish Indian (India) Chief/Sheik of India Superior (the Americas), the Orient (East), aka, Asia Major/Asia Proper. Here is a blog post that I did proving the Americas is Ancient India. The blog is called the Old World is the New World, because the Americas is Asia Major”: . This blog post discusses Ancient India (Asia/Orient), the original compass, Atlantis, and much more.

Additionally, the Old World painting shows the Muurish Sheik holding the 8 pointed Blue Cross and shield of Direction: North, West, South, East, North-West, North-East, South-West, and South-East; because it’s all about knowing how to navigate your way through life and knowing who you are. This Muurish Sheik is also posing behind a giant robe with a red (Bey/Order) exterior and a blue (El/Law) interior, which equals purple. Purple is highest color light in the light spectrum, and it is a cosmic royal color that signifies power and royalty, hence, law (El) and order (Bey). The United States Constitution is based off of Royal Moslem law and the system of El-Bey or Law and Order: This is very evident too with the current model of the United States governmental system of Democratic (Blue/El) and Republican (Red/Bey) party.

The Old World painting also shows the Muurish Sheik posing behind the blue shield (blue interior of the robe), the law (the Legislative Branch), which is backed or enforced by the red exterior, which is the Order (enforcement/Executive Branch and the Judiciary). The Blue Interior of the robe, the law, has Skulls and crossbones on it. But why? Well, because the law is philosophical, which is a El (elite/elder) function that requires great thought (Thoth/Hermes).

The Human skull is composed of 22 bones with seven openings or holes in the human head (2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 mouth, and 2 nostrils = 7 openings). 22/7 (22 divided by 7) is of course 3.14, which is pie. Pie is the mathematical numerical of the universe and is the most important number in the universe, because we use Pie to gauge the circumference of a circle (cycle); which has no beginning and no ending. Please, read more about Pie or 3.14, right here:

A circle is a complete measurement, because it equals 360 degrees. A circle or zero is God in a mathematical sense, because it was the zero or circle that was the first number, and the zero created the positive one (1), because the zero created the positive Hero/Heru/Horus that created all other numbers. Please read how simple mathematics can explain God:

Yes, the Order of the Skull and Bones first belonged to the Muurs and it is just code for Pie or 22/7, the place (palace) of thought (Thoth). Thought is very important, because all things start with a thought. Embedded in this post is a YouTube Video called of symbols of power part 1: Skull & Bones. This video shows you the importance of the Skull & Bones symbol which deals with human thought or human creation. Okay.., I am pretty sure that we can all agree that the human Skull (22 bones and 7 openings) is sacred or God with a small g (god), because it governs the human body and it is the place (palace) of thought (Thoth) where all creation begins.

What about the X or the Hebrew/Phoenician Taw (X) that is under the Skull? Well, as Saracens (sons of Saint Sara/ sons of Mary/ sons of Isis), the Muurs, are the red men (Indians) or the Red Ones, aka, the Lost Tribe of Israel. The X is a sign of our Holy Covenant, as the chosen people, with the creator, and yes… we are the X-Men: Notice, how the Skull governs the X, the Holy covenant, because the Skull rests on top of the X. Well, this is a very high principle, because good (God) thoughts equal a Holy Order or a Holy Body of men and women. Good thoughts keep you vibrating at a high frequency and good thoughts produce good actions and goodwill.