Living Life is the only way to learn from experience, so keep striving towards the endless end, the beginning-less beginning, because life is a constant becoming. Life brings strife, but that is the spice of life.

To Strive… to be a god or a goddess, or judge mankind in its own self-worth; to tell pain and pleasure from everything that is…, and everything that is not.

To squeeze the leaves for every ounce of pain and pleasure from the learning experiences of life, because living life is the ultimate tithe.

Life gives us a chance to dance for a moment and think tank on the fact that all is love and love is life. Love is the supreme nutrient that switches on the spice of life, in which the price for life… is never right.

However, when it’s all said and done and when we sit down and contemplate for a moment, we realize that life is a constant becoming, because it is forever changing; therefore, we must keep on knowing no thing.

“I am the rose that has just blossom. I am the Lily on the pad.” ~ Amunhotep Chavis El Bey.