Greetings friends, today’s blog post is, “Old World Giants and Old World Giant Books.” Yes, I got a few requests from some friends to do a post on the Old World Giants of Tartary, i.e., the Old World Tartarian Empire that was ruled by Blackamoors (Blacks) from the beginning of time, until the great comet of 1811-1812, destroyed the Old world Tartarian empire.

The Great comet stayed in the air for almost a full year and it caused massive volcanic eruptions that blacked-out the sun; it caused thousands of massive earthquakes that created massive tidal waves; and  it caused the earth to literally liquify, which caused a great mud flood that completely destroyed the Old World Tartarian Empire that was ruled by Blackamoors from the beginning of time all the way until the great mud flood of 1811-1812. I did a blog post recently called, “Black History Month is Blackamoor History,” that demonstrates that Tartary was a Blackamoor Civilization that was destroyed by the great mud flood, and that the Old World had every modern convenience that we have today as far as technology goes:

Also, please checkout the Mormon/Norman (Moormen) temples in Utah/Ptah/Judah (Ptah =Judah): The YouTube video I just shared is from Jon Levi and it’s called “Great American Reset (Salt Lake City). This video demonstrates that the Mormons did not build these Gothic-Style Temples in Utah. So who did? Well, the Blackamoors built these temples and all of the Gothic Architecture and Greco-Roman Architecture throughout the world:

The Temples in Utah are Gothic Architecture (Moorish/Tartarian) and the doors and ceilings are all high, which suggesting that these temples were built for giants and by giants. Likewise, the medieval Gothic Cathedrals in the Americas and in Europe all have huge doors and high ceilings, which suggests that they were built for giants and by giants. The evidence is in the Art/Architecture, because why would normal size people build doors and ceilings so high? This evidence suggest that we were once all giants. But what happen to our giant size? Well, thousands of years ago you had Titan beings on this planet, because the oxygen level was high enough to support a giant era. I discuss this topic in greater detail in my blog post called, “The Americas is Atlantis and the Origin of the Egyptian Civilization:” Well, it appears that after every cataclysmic event (global reset), the Oxygen level is depleted, which explains why everything has gotten smaller.

Additionally, embedded in this blog post is a YouTube Video from “theTRUman,” called, “The World of Petrified Giants & Titans,” which demonstrates that some of our Mountains and Hills are actually the petrified remains of Giant/Titan beings that died during the Biblical great flood. For more evidence of Giant/Titian beings, please check out Roger on Mudfossil University on YouTube. Also, in this post is images of giant books, giant human skulls, and giant guns from the Old World Tartarian Empire. The images in this blog post demonstrated that the Old World had giant/titan beings.

Tartaria/Tartary(Barbary/Berber)/Torah & Arya is derived from the Scottish Tartans/Titans, so we are dealing with Blackamoors here, aka, the lost tribe of Israel: Look at that Saracens head on the Andrews Family crest.

Google Scottish Indian chiefs and you will see the Scottish connection. Please avoid the hijack with the images of white Indian chiefs they will show you because we all know that the real Indians were copper-colored people. Also you have a lot of Blackamoors in America with Scottish Surnames. Too many to be just coincidental. They call us REDMEN for a reason, because we are the RED ONES from the RED LAND that rock the RED Flag. The Andrews/Andros/Ros/Rus family established the tribe of Ptah/Judah in Europe: .

Saint Peter shaped the Keys of Saint Peter as the TAW (X) symbol, as a tribute to his Brother Saint Andrews, whom was crucified on the Taw (X). The Flag of the Iroquois Confederation (Wahitaw), Scotland, Jamaica, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi, and Maryland all have the X symbol because as the race of Saint Andrew we are the X-Men:

Evidence that Islam and Judaism is derived from the god Ptah/Utah/Judah/Yudah: . We can throw in Christianity too, because Christianity is just the bastard child of Judaism, therefore, PTAH (THE PATHWAY TO LIGHT) is the origin of all major western religions. Even the Blue-Black god Buddha is derived from the god Ptah, because Buddha is just a corruption of Ptah.

The Tartarians were the Khmer people from India Superior (the Americas), aka, the Orient (far East) that civilized the world. Yes, the Americas is Ancient India, the oldest civilization, and not to be confused with the India that is in the near East, which was formerly known as Hindustan. Please read my recent blog post, “The Old World is the New World, because the Americas is Asia Major”: . The blog link I just shared demonstrated that the Old world is the New World, because the West is really the far East.