“Old Canaan in the New World,” is a blog that features the book, “Old Canaan in a New World: Native Americans and the Lost Tribes of Israel,” since this is book questions whether the indigenous Americans were descendants of the lost tribes of Israel.

Here is the book summary, “From the moment Europeans realized Columbus had landed in a place unknown to them in 1492, they began speculating about how the Americas and their inhabitants fit into the Bible. For many, the most compelling explanation was the Hebraic Indian theory, which proposed that indigenous Americans were the descendants of the ten lost tribes of Israel. For its proponents, the theory neatly explained why this giant land and its inhabitants were not mentioned in the Biblical record.
In Old Canaan in a New World, Elizabeth Fenton shows that though the Hebraic Indian theory may seem far-fetched today, it had a great deal of currency and significant influence over a very long period of American history. Indeed, at different times the idea that indigenous Americans were descended from the lost tribes of Israel was taken up to support political and religious positions on diverse issues including Christian millennialism, national expansion, trade policies, Jewish rights, sovereignty in the Americas, and scientific exploration.
Through analysis of a wide collection of writings—from religious texts to novels—Fenton sheds light on a rarely explored but important part of religious discourse in early America. As the Hebraic Indian theory evolved over the course of two centuries, it revealed how religious belief and national interest intersected in early American history.” [End quote from book summary from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Old-Canaan-New-World…/dp/B07ZKVNC6X].
I love the book cover because the Author is telling you that that the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life is in the New World (the Americas). Notice that the Book cover has the Tree of life, Mother mary, or the Kaaba in the Center, which is surrounded by four pillars that signify the four rivers of life that flow into the Garden of Eden. Read more about the Garden of Eden right here please: https://www.americaistheoldworld.com/ethiopia-america-is-the-true-old-world-volume-ii-paperback/.
The state of New HAMpshire has some interesting history, since the Biblical land of Canaan, Lebanon, and Goshen was in New HAM-shire (Hampshire) in North America, since it fits the description of the Biblical land of Canaan from the Bible: “But he did not hearken unto them, and dwelt in the land of Lebanon from Hamath to the entering of Egypt, he and his sons until this day. And for this reason that land is named Canaan.” —Jubilees 10:29-34. “God brought his people out from Goshen to the land of milk and honey and drove out the enemy before them with hornets (bees).” – Deut: 7:20; Joshua 24:12. Additionally, there is a Canaan, Goshen, and a Lebanon in the State of Oregon.

The giant cedars of Lebanon, aka, the Cedars of God, from the Bible are heavily associated with the Holy land or the promised land. I believe that the Biblical Lebanon was Lebanon, Oregon, since California is known for giant trees (Redwoods) and Oregon used to be part of upper California. The State of Oregon sits above California on maps, so yes…, Oregon can grow giant trees too. In addition, there is Canaan and a Goshen in the State of Oregon, which gives credence to Lebanon, Oregon being the real Biblical Lebanon that was responsible for producing the giant cedars of Lebanon.

We have 29 Lebanon place names in North America: Lebanon Alabama; Lebanon Arizona; Lebanon Arkansas; Lebanon colorado; Lebanon connecticut; Lebanon Delaware; Lebanon Georgia; Lebanon Illinois; Lebanon Indiana; Lebanon Iowa; Lebanon Kansas; Lebanon Kentucky; Lebanon Maine; Lebanon Mississippi; Lebanon Missouri; Lebanon Nebraska; Lebanon New Hampshire; Lebanon New Jersey; Lebanon New york; Lebanon Ohio; Lebanon Oklahoma; Lebanon Oregon; Lebanon Pennsylvania; Lebanon South Carolina; Lebanon South Dakota; Lebanon Tennessee; Lebanon Texas; Lebanon Virginia; and Lebanon Wisconsin. All of these Lebanon place names is strong evidence suggesting that the Biblical Lebanon was in the Americas.
Lebanon is a Biblical city that is mentioned over 71 times in the KJV Bible. The Biblical Lebanon was established by the phoenicians (Canaanites), who were the sons of Ham/ Cush. The Phoenicians/ Canaanites were Washitaw Muurs with Hebrew Israelite customs. Lebanon today is still mostly a Arab or a Islamic State in the Middle East. The interesting thing about Lebanon…, is that in several instances, the Old Testament claims the land of Lebanon as part of the territory of Israel (Deuteronomy 1:7, 3:25, 11:24; Joshua 1:4, 11:17, 13:6; 1 Kings 9:19 par; Chronicles 8:6; Zechariah 10:10). In other instances, the writers of the Old Testament think of Lebanon as the northern boundary of the land God promised to his people (Joshua 1:4, 9:1f., 11:17, 12:7, 13:5; Judges 3:3). In two instances (Joshua 13:5; Song of Songs 4:8), “Lebanon” is used to describe all the hill country in middle Syria.
In this post is an image of the Islamic/ Arab State Flag of the Lebanon in Georgia that is very similar to the Continental Flag of the Washitaw Muurs, aka, the Flag of New England, which has a cherry red background with a pine Tree/ cedar tree on it (see both flags in this post of a comparison). In ancient times the Muurs or the Mound builders, aka, the Ancient ones, were known as the Tree people, because some of use to live in these giant cedars of Lebanon in marvelous tree houses, and were able to download all of the world’s knowledge just by touching these giant cedars of God. Also, these giant cedars of God produced the God molecule called DMT in abundance. Additionally, these giant cedars of God were a great source of commercial commerce for our people, because these giant cedars of Lebanon produced the best wood in the world for lumber.
Which flag influenced who or which Flag is the oldest between the State flag of Lebanon and the Continental Flag of the Washitaw Muurs, since they are so similar? Well.., we know that the Washitaw Muurs are the oldest indigenous people on the planet, according to the United Nations: https://www.americaistheoldworld.com/the-washitaw-moors-muurs/. We also know that Islam came from the Orient (East), which is the Americas, and that America is the True Old World: https://www.americaistheoldworld.com/the-rock-of-gibraltar-is-stone-mountain-ga/. All of this evidence highly suggests that the Continental Flag of the Muurs predates the state flag of Lebanon, which means that the state flag of Lebanon is just a reflection or a copy of what the Muurs/ Tartarians had already established in the Americas.
We have 26 Goshen place names in North America: Goshen Alabama; Goshen Arkansas; Goshen California; Goshen Connecticut; Goshen Georgia; Goshen Idaho; Goshen Indiana; Goshen Kentucky; Goshen Maryland; Goshen Massachusetts; Goshen Mississippi; Goshen Missouri; Goshen New Hampshire; Goshen New Jersey; Goshen New York; Goshen Ohio; Goshen Oregon; Goshen Pennsylvania; Goshen South Carolina; Goshen Tennessee; Goshen Texas; Goshen Utah; Goshen Vermont; Goshen Virginia; Goshen Washington; and Goshen West Virginia. All of these Goshen place names is strong evidence suggesting that the Biblical Goshen was in the Americas.
We have 20 Canaan place names in North America, including Canaan Arkansas; Canaan Alabama; Canaan Connecticut; Canaan Florida; Canaan Georgia; Canaan Indiana; Canaan Maine; Canaan Mississippi; Canaan Missouri; Canaan New Hampshire; Canaan New York; Canaan North Carolina; Canaan Ohio; Canaan Oregon; Canaan South Carolina; Canaan Tennessee, Canaan Texas; Canaan Vermont; Canaan Virgin Islands; and Canaan West Virginia. We also have a Canada in North America, which was named after the Canaanites or the Khananland Muurs from Wa-Canada (Wakanda). Let’s not forget the Canaan Valley State Park located in Canaan Valley, West virginia. All of these Canaan place names is strong evidence suggesting that the Biblical Canaan was in the Americas.
Lastly, the grand Canyon was named after the Khanaanites/ Canaanites, since Canyon is a derivative of Kan or Can, which is short for Canaan or Canaan-on (Canyon). In this post is a map of South America being listed as Canaan and ancient Egypt as North America, and I have sources to authenticate it, since Ancient Mesopotamia was in the Americas: https://www.americaistheoldworld.com/ancient-mesopotamia-was-in-the-americas/, and so was ancient Egypt in the Americas: https://www.americaistheoldworld.com/ancient-egypt-was-in-the-americas/.

Ancient Egypt Land of Canaan:

As you can see by viewing the map of Old Canaan and ancient Egypt, the Biblical land of Canaan was in South America and ancient Egypt was in North America, which was known as the Orient (East), India Superior, and/or Asia Major. I have sources to authenticate this map too, because I have already written blog posts proving that “Ancient Mesopotamia was in the Americas,” and “Ancient Egypt was in the Americas,” which gives credence to this map as being factual. In addition, there is an area in South America near Guyana (Ghana) named, Egypt Land of Canaan. “Egypt is just a small part of Land of Canaan, the community on the East Bank of Demerara,” according to this link: https://www.stabroeknews.com/2013/11/17/sunday/beyond-gt/land-canaan/. Yes, Canaan (son of Ham/ Cush), aka, the Phoenicians, give birth to Ancient Egypt in North America. This is also Historically correctly too, according to Western academia since Cush or Ethiopia gave birth to Ancient Egypt in the North.

America is the Land of Milk & Honey, or the Promised land of Israel (Granada land): https://www.americaistheoldworld.com/granada-land-is-the-promised-land-of-israel/. This means that Old Canaan, Egypt, Jerusalem, Sumer, Babylon, and etc., was in the Americas, since the Americas is the land of the Bible and the true Far East. In this post is the original compass before it was flipped around to deceive us and the World. This original compass was taken from Buxton and Skinner Company’s 1904 “Ground plan of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, MO, 1904. The East is associated with the land of the Bible and the Old World, therefore, since the Americas is the Far East, the Americas is the true old World. Peace.