Before we discuss, “Lower Jerusalem and Morocco was in Saint Louis Missouri,” previously we discussed the 1907 Jamestown Expositions, which was a great display of how the Muurs/ Tartars lived in marvelous Gothic and Greco-Roman Architecture in the Americas before the overthrow of the Muurs after the 1871 Reconstruction Act. Also, we discussed how the Moors and the British/English had become allies in the 1600’s to help defeat Spain after Spain had overthrown the Muurs in the Holy wars, aka, the Crusades between Moslems and Christians/Holy Roman Catholics in the Americas. Yes, Andalusia, which was a Moorish stronghold was in South America: This post also proves that the 13 British colonies were established by Hebrews and Moors.

More evidence to prove that the Moors and the British were allies is the Hudson Bay (Bey) Company Flag, aka, the Oregon Country Flag, which was first created in 1801, during the Old-World Order when Blackamoors ruled the world:’s_Bay_Company_Flag.svg.  Notice the unification of the Al-Moroccan flag with the Union Jack, aka, the British Flag. The Facebook link shared above in the first paragraph gives you 3 more examples of the unification of Moors and Jews/ Hebrews.

The Oregon Country use to extend into part of Alaska, including present day Canadian province of British Columbia, all the US states of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, and parts of Montana and Wyoming, so we are talking about a huge piece of land here that was heavily fought for, considering all the names of different forts on the map of Oregon Country that is in this post. Notice that this area was also called the District of Columbia, so we are dealing with the land of Virgin Mary, aka, the promised land. Learn more about the District of Columbia by reading this post:

The giant cedars of Lebanon from the Bible are associated with the Holy land or the promised land. The Biblical Lebanon was Lebanon, Oregon, since California is known for giant trees (Redwoods) and Oregon used to be part of upper California. We also must factor in Biblical place names like Salem (short for Jerusalem) Oregon, Lebanon Oregon, Canaan Oregon, Goshen Oregon, and Moab Washington, since the State of Washington was once part of Oregon Country, aka, the District of Columbia, which is Mary-land or Mauri-Tania (Maurs land). This Blog post, “Old Canaan in the New World,” demonstrates that America is the True Old World and that the Biblical Lebanon was in Lebanon Oregon:

The architecture in Oregon Country suggests that a previous advanced civilization of Tartars/Blackamoors occupied Oregon Country, aka, the District of Columbia, since its Moorish or Tartarian (all one and the same people) architecture, which is Gothic and Greco-Roman Architecture, all over this area. This FB link reveals how great the State of Washington looked like: In this post is three images of several obelisks found all over the State of Oregon. People associate Obelisks with only ancient Egypt; however, Obelisks are a Symbol of Mu/Atlantis, aka, Tartary, and they are found all over the world. The Obelisks were used in ancient times to generate and transmit free energy, wirelessly:

The Oregon Country is mostly known for the Oregon trail that was a 2,170-mile journey that ran along the mighty Missouri River that starts in Independence, Missouri, which is in Jackson County. Jackson means son of John and it means Yahweh is gracious. Independence Missouri is also the birthplace of Mormonism (Moor-men), since its founder Joseph Smith was from Independence Missouri. Joseph Smith lived during a time when Blackamoors ruled the Americas, which suggests that he was a Blackamoor since he was a Mormon (Moormen). Please read this post to learn that Joseph Smith was a Blackamoor presidential Candidate that was murdered by a mob of jealous angry whites that took over his religious cult and the leader of this mob took his name to become the new Joseph Smith and the leader of the Mormons:

The Oregon trail was established by Blackamoors in the 1830’s as a major commercial highway that connects with 4 other major trails: California trail, Mormon Trail, Bozeman Trail, and the Santa Fe Trail. The Oregon Trail ends in Oregon City, Oregon and it traverses the states of Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Idaho, as well as briefly dipping into Washington as it follows the Columbia River along the Oregon state line.

The interesting thing about these trails is that according to old maps from the 1830’s, it was battle forts built all along these trails, which suggests that these commercial highways were heavily fought for 30 years before the start of the Civil war in 1861, since these were valuable trading routes that connected the Golden Gate (California), the Silver Gate (Saint Louis Missouri), and the Lion’s Gate (Washington), aka, the Celestial Triangle or Triangle of Power. Please learn more about the Celestial triangle by watching this YouTube video by, “Caillea Crone & The Mystery of the Celestial triangle – Part 1 Saint Louis.” The said video has been embedded in this blog post for your convenience and please do enjoy.

So, who were these Blackamoors fighting in the 1830’s before the Civil war? Were these Blackamoors fighting each other because they were in power during the 1800’s or were they fighting invading jealous European Incubator Babies that came after the great mud flood (global reset) of 1811-1812 by way of Orphan Trains to the South and by means of boats to Ellis Island to the North? Please watch Orphan trains by Jon Levi: Well, the Blackamoors were fighting invading Europeans, whom had no home, that finally defeated the Blackamoors after the Civil war and rewrote history after the 1871 Reconstruction Act. Please read this Facebook post that demonstrates that the Blackamoors ran the South and the American Government before and shortly after the Civil war:


Lower Jerusalem and Morocco was in Saint Louis Missouri: Walls of Jerusalem and the Ferris wheel looking from west restaurant pavilion, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, U.S.A.  Image taken by N. Bennington, Vt. : H.C. White Co., c1904.

Also, it was called New Jerusalem, which means old Jerusalem or ancient Jerusalem, because America is the True old World. Here is how New Jerusalem looked like according to the Library of Congress, which was 11 acres of land and over 300 buildings at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair: This area was also called the Jerusalem exhibit.

Also, we have a 1904 ground map of the Saint Louis World’s Fair that shows you lower Jerusalem and Morocco was in Saint Louis Missouri. Keep in mind that both the Saint Louis Jerusalem and Morocco were both established before their Middle eastern reflections, since the State of Israel/ Jerusalem was established in 1948 and the State of Morocco was established in 1956. This map also shows you the original compass that indicates that the West is the far East. Yes…, the compass has been flipped, which suggests that the maps have been flipped as well! When you review the 1904 Ground map of the Saint Louis World fair you will see a thriving modern industry built around Saint Louis Jerusalem and Morocco.

Was Morocco Saint Louis the same Morocco that recognized the UNITED STATES as a nation in 1777? And if not, we have six other Morocco’s or Moroccan place names in the Americas [making a total of 7 Morocco’s] that all predate the State of Morocco that was established in 1956. However, Morocco Indiana was the Morocco that first recognized the UNITED STATES, since the Muurs moved the Capital of America from Philadelphia Pennsylvania to Chicago Illinois:


Read this post for the ten different Morocco’s:  Morocco also means the land of God (Holy Land or promised land), so having seven Moroccan place names in the Americas highly suggests that the Americas is the Holy land of the Bible and the Old-world. The seven different Moroccan place names in the Americas suggest that the grand or the superior Morocco, aka, the Kingdom of Morocco, or the Empire of Morocco (Almorocco), was in the Americas and the fabulous Gothic and Greco-Roman Architecture suggests the same. Even a pale Arab admits that the Kingdom of Morocco was in the Americas:

What was the original flag of the Kingdom of Morocco or Almorocco? In this post is an image of the Moroccan flag of the Alaouite Dynasty, which ruled North Africa from 1666-1915. Yes, this flag was also the original flag of Morocco in which I will prove later on. Notice that there is no 5-pointed star on this original Moroccan Flag, because the 5-pointed star was added after the war of 1812. To support the image of the original Moroccan flag is an old oil painting from the 16th Century (1500’s) entitled, “The personification of America.” Notice that the Muur/ Indian is a Blackamoor, and she is holding a solid red flag with no 5-pointed star on it, and the flag has the Islamic crescent Moon and star at the top of the flagpole. This old oil painting predates even the Alaouite Dynasty, which is more evidence to suggest that Islam came from the Orient (the Far East), which is the Americas: In this blog post I demonstrate that Islam comes from the Americas, which is the Orient (East).

Why is the Flag of the Maurs/Muurs red? Well, as Saracens (Moors), the Moors are the RED ONES/REDMEN, aka, the descendants of Saint Andrews, who was the First Apostle of Christ. The Flag of Saint Andrews is called the Red Shield, because it is Red with the Phoenician Taw (X) on it: Saint Andrews was an Old Arab that was crucified on the Taw and had the same kind of wisdom and powers that Jesus had, this explains why Jesus picked Saint Andrews, a Saracen (Old Arab), as his first Apostle, since he was a very worthy choice.

Additionally, red is a color also associated with Blackamoor Royals, because Maurs/Muurs are the original Nobility, hence, the titles and phrases: the RED ONES, the Red men, the Red flag (Red Shield X), the Red Land (the Americas), the red Fez, the red Turban, the Red Belt, the Red Headband, Red blood, Tartarian red brick, and the Red Carpet for the biggest stars, aka, the Sirius beings that receive the Oscar/Arthur/Osiris/Ptah Award. Also, every Nations Flag has some red on it somewhere, which suggests that the Rus, aka, Rome, ruled the World; and the architecture all over the World suggests a Rus (Tartary/ Maur) Culture of Civilization. Those of us with a trained eye in Architecture know that the Maurs/Tartars built all the Gothic and Greco-Roman Architecture all throughout the world, because you see a similar building style worldwide. However, there is a video and a book written on this Rus/Tartary (Moorish) topic called, “Construction of cities of the world by the Culture of Rus’s The ABCs of truth 24,” please watch it on YouTube or read the book if you will trust the book more:

The Maurs/ Muurs as RUS/Ros/Andros/Andrews (Rus-Asians=Russians) Kings and Queens represented Islam, the red flag/ Red shield, and the Russ-Asian (Russian) bear, which is on the Flag of the California Republic with an Islamic red 5-pointed star on it too. Russia was established by the mighty Andros/Andrews/Rus/Ros clan from Scotland when they were Saracens (Old Arabs), which explains all the Black “Russian Icons” and the Islamic state flag of Russia (RUS-Asian) with its Cherry red background and crescent moon and star:

More evidence that Lower Jerusalem was in Saint Louis Missouri is all in the art. For example, let us compare an image from the 1904 St. Louis World’s fair of Jerusalem’s Jaffa Gate with an image from the mid 1900’s of Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem in the so-called Middle East, as you can see the images are identical, which leads me to believe that the Jerusalem in the so-called Middle East that just recently became a state in 1948 was patterned after the Jerusalem that we first had in Saint Louis Missouri. Here is the source link to the mid 1900’s image of Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem that is in the so-called middle East, so that there can be no doubt that I did not manipulate the images: Yes, we busted them, family, because the duplicate image of Jerusalem, Saint Louis is straightforward evidence, since it is an older (1904), image. Yes…, what they call the East is just a reflection or a copy of the Far East, (the Orient), which has been erroneously classified as the West or the New World by academics.

Saint Louis Missouri was also a major trading hub or center of commerce, because this is where the mighty Missouri River and the mighty Mississippi River merge or become one river to form the longest River System in the World. Yes, the Mississippi River was your first Nile River and Ancient Egypt was in the Americas:

Since Saint Louis Missouri was a major trading hub, it looked fabulous. Please, read this Facebook post I did to see a video by Jon Levi to see how great Saint Louis and the Old World (Tartary) looked like before the destruction to hide a previous advanced civilization of Tartars/Blackamoors. This FB post also reveals the true meaning of Freemasonry, so please do enjoy it and thanks for reading. Peace:

The State of Missouri/ Mizraim (Egypt) is associated with the Promised land or the land of milk and honey, since you have Biblical places names like Lebanon, Canaan, and a Goshen in Missouri too, which also explains why Missouri looked so good, because it was the land of paradise, aka, the promised land of Israel.  “But he did not hearken unto them and dwelt in the land of Lebanon from Hamath to the entering of Egypt, he and his sons until this day. And for this reason, that land is named Canaan.” —Jubilees 10:29-34. “God brought his people out from Goshen to the land of milk and honey and drove out the enemy before them with hornets (bees).” – Deuteronomy: 7:20; Joshua 24:12. 


I recently found this interesting article about the Holy city of the Wichita’s (Washitaw). What caught my attention is that Wichita’s is etymologically and phonetically the same word as Washitaw. The Washitaw were known as the Mound builders and the ancient ones, which gives credence to the Holy City of the Wichita’s being Old Jerusalem since this Holy City must be older than the counterpart Jerusalem in the Middle East with a name like Wichita’s. Plus, the ruins of the Holy City of the Wichita’s look much older than any ruins in the counterpart Jerusalem. The UN recognizes the Washitaw (Wichitaw/Wichitas) as the oldest indigenous people on the planet. Please learn more about the Washitaw Muurs:…/.

“Located in the rugged terrain of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, The Holy City of the Wichita’s is a recreation of the very streets that Jesus Christ walked. While it may not be the true holy site in Jerusalem, Oklahoma’s Holy City still draws thousands of visitors a year.” [End quote from:…/OklahomaHolyCity….]. When you read the article are they giving us a hint that old Jerusalem or ancient Jerusalem was in the Americas? Yes, I believe so, since old Jerusalem extended into Missouri, according to the evidence provided in this post.

Lastly, the Holy City of the Wichita’s (Washitaw Muurs) being old Jerusalem makes sense because Jesus was a Moslem (Saracen) that was born from the Moorish Madonna and Child: We also have a book written by Denham El, “Jesus Was A Moslem,” that you can purchase on Amazon. An image of this book is in this post.

Lastly, I know some of you are wondering where is Upper Jerusalem and Upper Egypt since we went over lower Jerusalem and lower Egypt? Well, if you purchase “America is the True Old World, Volume II: The Promised Land,” by Amunhotep Chavis El-Bey, all that information and more will be revealed, but in the meantime, I thank you for your time and your support. Peace.