Let’s face it. Everyone wants to start their own business and live the American Dream. You can do it, but do it in a smart way by avoiding taxes with a 98 series foreign EIN number from the IRS. Now, what is a 98 series foreign EIN number? Well, it is a foreign trust/foreign person that you can do commerce with. It is a 9 digit credit profile number(CPN) just like your social security number is a 9 digit CPN number that you can do commerce with. The social security number is a domestic trust/US person and subject to taxation and regulation by the Eagle (Rome), via, its corporation called the UNITED STATES. The foreign EIN number is a Foreign Trust/foreign person that is not subject to the UNITED STATES corporation (Rome/Eagle), because it is foreign, hence, private to the UNITED STATES. It’s all about jurisdiction over property(trust) that you own or created. Rome (the Vatican Eagle) owns most of the US persons/US citizens through contracts called the Birth Certificate and Social security number; therefore, your allegiance to Rome, via, the Eagle is through means of involuntary ignorance, because the powers that be can never teach us the truth that a US person/US citizen is a domestic trust that is subject to taxation, because he or he is government owned property that has been assigned a Social security number. All property (trust) is assigned a number. “All property is a right belonging to trust” ~ Roman Canon Law.

Because your Foreign EIN is a foreign Trust/ foreign person with a 9 digit CPN number, you can open a bank account, get credit cards, get loans, rent cars, buy property, and do the same thing you can do with your doesmetic EIN number, which is your Social security number. The main difference is that your Social security number is owned, regulated, and taxed by our colonizers, because it was created within the UNITED STATES and they created it by issuing it to you. Your Foreign EIN is not subject to the UNITED STATES corporation, because it was created outside of the UNITED STATES corporation because of the foreign business address and therefore it can not be taxed and/or regulation.

I have a total of 5 Foreign business entities that I have created under my 98 foreign trust using my process , “How to Start a Tax Exempt Business” (see images of the 5 foreign entities); however, you want to have 10 businesses, as I will explain later. All of my businesses are on the 0 999999 file with the IRS, which means that the IRS has a zero or no file for any of my businesses. This means that none of my businesses can be taxed or regulated by the STATE and the UNITED STATES. This means that all of my business are private. I picked things that I am good at doing and business that are already a success. Then I copied their business model. For example, Walmart copied the business model of Kmart. You want to create business entities in commercial fields that are booming, but first learn that field, because all things start with knowledge.

Why create 10 business entities? Well, because 1 in every 10 businesses succeed, so we are playing the odds of success by creating 10 business entities. Additionally, having 10 persons/trusts/companies/corporations is 10 different streams of revenue coming in to you. 10 of you is a lot better than having one all-caps person/trust/estate/corporation in commerce. This one all caps-person I am referring to is your all-caps BIRTH NAME and the Social security Number, which is a domestic trust (public trust/public person), aka, a US person, according to 26 CFR 301.7701-7- Trusts. In this blog post is a Youtube Video, Entitled, “The Truth About Your Birth Certificate. It’s a short but powerful video that will educate you on your Strawman (the all-caps fictional person that you think is you: the matrix). Also, we need to point out that  The UNITED STATES is a federal corporation, so this is all commerce we are dealing with here. This US commerce game is  corporate, all-caps, US persons dealing with or doing business with other all-caps, US persons/US citizens. The UNITED STATES is just the DBA (doing business as) for America, because the UNITED STATES is a federal corporation according to 28 U.S.C. § 3002(15): “The United States is a Federal Corporation”.

You also want to open up business bank accounts for all of your foreign businesses to build credit. I explain how to open up the foreign bank accounts, how to get the EIN number, and I provide completed template forms with your purchase of my process, “How to Start a Tax Exempt Business”: https://www.americaistheoldworld.com/product/how-to-start-a-tax-exempt-business/. Get it now only for a limited time for only $100 US Dollars, because the normal selling price is $300 US Dollars and well worth it, because we spend thousands and some of us spend millions of dollars in taxes. Just image if we could save all of that money. Well, you can, it’s just a matter of knowing how to navigate in these commercial waters with the right process and procedures. Knowledge is truly power and the world belongs to those that learn things the fastest. All of which are ole sayings, but true ole sayings. Get ahead of the game with my process.

Additionally, you want to get a bank card/credit card for each account, and a Dun & Bradstreet number for each business to help build the credit score for your business/person/corporation. Then you want to place each business on Manta so that customers can better find you. You want to make money transactions (deposit money and withdraw money) in these accounts and you want to get property and bills in the names of these businesses to build the credit score in these accounts. Please never miss any payments or make any late payments when you are first establishing your credit, so please stay current with all bills in the name of your businesses. Also, study this credit forum, because it is a wealth of information and it’s all about how to build your credit: https://creditboards.com/forums/

Now, by your businesses being corporations, they will have a higher credit score than a normal all-caps domestic US person with a all-caps birth name and Social Security Number. Once you build your credit score in those accounts, all you will need is a good business plan that is based off a good business model ideal, and the minimum the Bank will give you is between $30,000 and $50,000 thousand dollars. Do the same thing for each business account that you got. Pay off each loan gradually, to build credit and never miss and payments and never make any late payments. This is the art of flipping money, family and friends. You keeping doing that and eventually you will have a good credit line in each business account. The goal is to have at least 1 million dollars worth of credit in each account. We can get their, it just takes time, because you have to pay off several business loans, in a timely fashion, before, any Bank trusts you with a huge line of business credit. This concludes this post and I hope these financial tips helped you to get a step closer to financial freedom. Peace.