Greetings friends, this blog post, “How to become Indigenous – the Black Edition,” deals with a subject that is long overdue, because a lot of us know that so-called African Americans are the true Native American Indians of the American landmass; however, most of us don’t know how to declare Indigenous Status as Native American Indians. Well, my process is the answer to the problem of not knowing how to declare your indigenous status as a Amurru-Khan (American). According to the Webster 1936 Universal Dictionary: American – “an Aboriginal or one of the various copper-colored natives found on the American Continents by the Europeans. The original application of the name was AMURRU.” What color is copper? Well, copper is brown and most Black people are brown people, so yes, Blacks are the original Americans, because the definition of American fits our description.

Please watch this YouTube Video, by Tasha Xi, entitled, “Book hundreds of years old on America showing real Indigenous aboriginal Indians” just to demonstrate that so-called Blacks are in fact the original Americans. The Video is embedded in this blog post for your viewing convenience. I am glad she made the video, because this is about waking up our people and I tip my fez to her.

Now, that we know for a fact that African Americans for the most part are the original Americans, aka, Native American Indians. Let’s discuss my process more, which is a simple two part process that uses government forms to achieve our end. Yes, this process is not any homemade, sovereign, or patriot legal jargon that will get you on a terrorist watch list if you apply it. No.., this is a process that corrects their government contracts that made you Black or African American. By you being an adult you have every right to change those contracts and my process shows you how to do it safely and easily. You will get 2 digital downloads with instructions, which is a total of 3 downloads, altogether with your purchase. Here is evidence that my process works, because I used it on myself successfully: If my process doesn’t work, I will refund you your money, which is  a small investment of only $200 US dollars, because the original selling price is $500.00 US Dollar, and it is well worth every penny because Indians are not taxed according to the US Constitution; Indians have access to certain colleges and government grants for free; and most importantly, Indians are under International law, because they are Indigenous people, due to the Signing of the UNDRIP by President Barack Obama.

Once you become a Native American Indian, you will be under the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP), which is Human Rights and not Civil Rights: . Civil Rights are for artificially created all-caps, 14th Amendment persons (BIRTH NAME & SSN) and not for we the people. Human Rights are for We The People, and not for all-caps PERSONS. Start now by declaring your Indigenous status on the record in their government databases, which is where it counts. Please get this revolutionary process right here, while it is on sale: I hope this post helps. Enjoy. Peace and thanks for listening.