The Ottoman Empire in the Americas,” is a necessary post to establish the Moroccan presence in the Americas since the Ottoman Empire ruled Morocco. In fact, the Ottoman Empire was one of the mightiest and longest-lasting dynasties in world history. This Islamic-run superpower ruled large areas of the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and North Africa for more than 600 years.

The Ottoman Empire also known as the Turkish Empire, which was an empire that controlled much of Southeast Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa between the 14th and early 20th centuries. It was founded at the end of the 13th century in northwestern Anatolia in the town of Söğüt by the Turkoman tribal leader Osman I.

Now, that we know that the Ottomans were Turks (Maurs). We can conclude that the Ottomans called themselves Turks, because Turk is short for their Country-of-origin, “Turkey.” According to “America is the True Old World,” ancient Turkey was in the Carolina’s (North and South Carolina’s):

The blog link shared above reveals that the 1861 State Flag of South Carolina and the Confederate Flag Banner are almost identical to the State Flag of Turkey, which is the Flag of the Ottoman Empire. Also, the Ottoman Turks fought for the South in the Civil War Since Maurs owned the South:

More evidence that the Ottoman Empire was in the Americas is the 7 Moroccan place names in the Americas: This evidence is very significance since the Ottoman Empire ruled Morocco. Yes, the Americas was Greater Morocco.

The Ottoman Empire was in the Americas since Algiers, New Orleans is a major port city that sits alone the Mississippi River (the Nile). Likewise, the counterpart Algiers in North Africa is also a major port city. Also, Louisiana is home of the French Maurs (Cajuns or French Acadians=Akkadians), aka, the Washitaw Muurs; therefore, the Washitaw Muurs governed the port of Algiers in New Orleans. Louisiana (Louis & Anne) was named after the marriage between King Louis of France and Queen Anne of the Washitaw Muurs. Likewise, France governs the Algiers in North Africa. We have a few coincidences in this paragraph. In fact, too many to be just coincidental, so this was all done by design, since the Algiers in North Africa was molded after Algiers, New Orleans. This makes perfect sense once we take into account that America is the Orient (the East) and is the Old World as a result of being the Orient.

The Ottoman Empire was also an off branch of the Washitaw Muur Empire, since France and the Ottoman Empire were blood allies, which explains why France helped the Maurs/Muurs (Turks) fight Spain (Rome) during the Holy Wars or Crusades, and this also explains why France is still the protectorate of Morocco today. The original French were Maurs, and blood allies of the Washitaw Muurs, who are the oldest indigenous people on the planet:

We also have a Baghdad, Louisiana; Baghdad, Georgia; Baghdad, Florida; Baghdad, Kentucky; and etc. We have a total of 8 Baghdad place names in the Americas, which suggests that greater Baghdad (Iraq) was in the Americas. Baghdad is the capitol of Iraq and the second largest city in the Arab world next to Cairo. Baghdad was also ruled by the Ottoman Empire, so all of these Baghdad places names in the Americas suggest that the Ottoman Empire was in the Americas.

Well, since I mentioned Cairo, we have a Cairo, Georgia and a Cairo, Illinois. Cairo is the Capitol city of Egypt and is the largest Arab city in the World. Cairo was also ruled by the Ottoman Empire. Georgia is very interesting since we have a Jordan (Israel), Georgia; Egypt, Georgia; Lebanon, Georgia; Summerset (Sumer), Georgia; Jerusalem, Georgia; and Damascus, Georgia. Damascus is near Baghdad according to maps from the Middle East and it is the Capitol of Syria, which is another Arab Republic that was ruled by the Ottoman Empire. North America has 29 Lebanon place names and 13 Damascus place names, which suggests that the greater Lebanon, Iraq, and Damascus (Syria) was in the Americas. In Fact, with this many Middle Eastern place names the Americas was also the Greater Middle East and/or the Greater Saudi Arabia. This makes sense to me since the Americas was the Orient (the East).

We also have a Tunis as in Tennessee, since Tennessee derives its name from the Cherokee Village, “Tanis.” “Tanasi (Cherokee: ᏔᎾᏏ, romanized: Tanasi) (also spelled Tanase, Tenasi, Tenassee, Tunissee, Tennessee, and other such variations) was a historic Overhill settlement site in present-day Monroe County, Tennessee, in the southeastern United States. The village became the namesake for the state of Tennessee. It was abandoned by the Cherokee in the 19th century for a rising town whose chief was more powerful.” [End quote from:].

We know that the vowels are interchangeable with ancient languages and can be flipped, therefore, Tanis can become Tunis. Tunis (Arabic: تونس Tūnis) is the capital and largest city of Tunisia, on the Northern African Coast. The greater metropolitan area of Tunis, often referred to as “Grand Tunis“, has about 2,700,000 inhabitants. As of 2020, it is the third-largest city in the Maghreb region (after Casablanca and Algiers) and the eleventh largest in the Arab world. Tunis was also ruled by the Ottoman Empire at one point in time, so the evidence is becoming overwhelming at this point. Who can deny that the Ottoman Empire was not in the Americas after reading this and we are not even done yet?

Tunisia, a once wealthy port city, is famous for having been one of the sites of the ancient Phoenician civilization and was a premier destination for travelers heading to Carthage [Carthage, Tennessee?]. North America has 15 Carthage place names, which suggests that Grand Tunis and Grand Phoenicia were in the Americas. Yes, the Phoenicians are from the Americas:

Carthage (Phoenician: Qārt Ḥadāšat, “new city”; Latin: Carthāgō) was the capital city of the ancient Carthaginian civilization, on the eastern side of the Lake of Tunis in what is now Tunisia. Carthage was one of the most important trading hubs of the Ancient Mediterranean and one of the most affluent cities of the classical world.

Carthage developed from a Canaanite Phoenician colony into the capital of a Punic empire which dominated large parts of the Southwest Mediterranean during the first millennium BC. The legendary Queen Alyssa [Elissa=Melissa=Queen Bee] or Dido [Dianna, Dinah, or Donna=Queen Bee] is regarded as the founder of the city.

Were the Turks and Arabs of the Old-World Order Blackamoors? Yes:

New Orleans, Louisiana is called the Crescent City and I wonder why? Maybe, because we have an Algiers there and Bagdad is there, plus the Mississippi (the Nile) River flows through New Orleans. New Orleans even had its own World’s Fair called the World Cotton Centennial (also known as the World’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition) was a World’s Fair held in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States in 1884. It was amazing too. I am going to do a post on it soon. Moorish buildings everywhere with red flags and with red roofs. New Orleans had a great fire that destroyed over 200 blocks. These great fires where a common theme after these World’s Fairs were staged all over the world and over with, only to destroy the fabulous Moorish/Tartarian buildings and tech that did not fit in with the false narrative of the Americas being a new and uncivilized world.

Let’s focus our attention back on Algiers, New Orleans since there is a Flag of Algeria in this post. Notice the red, white, and Green Colors of Mexico with the red 5-pointed Mayan Star in the Center of the Crescent Moon. Mexico means, “In the Center of the Moon,” and Mexico was Southern Arabia:

Notice how the red 5-pointed star of Venus/Mary (love) is in the Center of the moon (Mexico) and notice the colors of Mexico on the Algerian State Flag. Yes, Islam comes from the Orient (the East), which is the Americas. The Ottoman Empire also ruled over the majority of the Arabian Countries in the Middle East, so this is more evidence demonstrating that the Ottoman Empire was in the Americas.

The Algerian State Flag reminds me a lot of the Seminole and Creek Nation pro-confederate Flags of the Civil war, which also bear the red, white, and green colors of the flag of Mexico and the 5-pointed Star in the center of the moon, which is a symbol of Mexico:

In this post is also a front and back image of the Moorish Queen of Algiers (Algerian) from the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum. Notice that this Queen is wearing a silk garment that is decorated with golden Pomegranates and she is wearing golden pomegranate earrings. Pomegranates are a symbol of Judah, and it means Granada in Spanish. Granada also means promised land. Granada was a stronghold for the Maurs:

The Moorish Queen is also wearing a hair clip that is made out of pearls (milk) and gold (Honey). This bust bears the writing of, “Algiers,” in writing on the back of the bust towards the bottom and it is dated 1856. So, in 1856 there was a Queen of Algeria in America, which is very believable since Maurs/Muurs did not lose power in America until after the Maurs lost the Civil war and the 1871 Reconstruction Act.

In this post is the State Flag of Tunisian with its cherry red background and with the red crescent Moon and Star on the Flag. This red 5-pointed star of Venus/Mary (love) is in the Center of the red crescent moon, so it has the same symbolism as described above. The 5-pointed Star is Mayan, and the Red Flag is a Symbol of the Maurs/Muurs and Israel:

Based upon all this foregoing evidence, we can reasonably conclude that the Ottoman Empire was in the Americas due to the sheer number of Arabian place names in the Americas that are associated with the Ottoman Empire. Plus, we have American State flags and Civil War battle flags that closely resemble the flag of the Ottoman Empire.

Lastly, shoutouts to Khandrop 432 the drop radio for helping me out with the research for this post, even though I don’t agree with his negative stance on Moors as being foreign invaders. Khandrop made a YouTube Video that is embedded in this blog post for your viewing convenience, entitled, “Prester John #98 Algiers in America, Greater New Orleans, Tunisia=Tenisa=Tennessee, Karnaka Hawah.” I hope you all enjoy this post and thanks for reading. Peace.