America is the True Old World, Volume II (Ebook), is the ancient American history book that you all have been waiting on, since this book is destined to rewrite history with the discoveries contained within this book. This book comes complete with 9 chapters and with over 70 color illustrations to highlight the beauty and sophistication of the old world. This book is not your traditional history book; therefore, it is not for the faint hearted.

America is the True Old World, Volume II, is jam-packed with information and after reading this revolutionary history book, you will never look at history the same way again, because history is not how we know it. Could the East really be a reflection of the West? Is the West really the far East? This book will answer these questions for you and some more. If you love to think outside of the box, and are just fed up with the lies of traditional history books, this is your history book, and I assure you that you will love it.

America is the True Old World, volume II, challenges the status quo with the discoveries of ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, India Superior, Sumer, Cush, Ethiopia, Ancient Ghana, Jerusalem, the Kingdom of Mali, Timbuctoo, the Kingdom of Fez, Tripoli, Mecca, Morocco, Mauritania, ancient Arabia, Rome & Greece, the garden of Eden, cities of gold (Cibola and El Dorado), and so much more, all located in the Americas. Yes, all of the said places where all in the Americas, first, since America is the True Old World. If you have a friend or a family member with an open mind that loves to think outside the box, then get them this good read as a present. I am a firm believer that knowledge is the best gift, because you can do so much with knowledge. “Knowledge is power.” ~ Ole saying.

This history book also debunks the Transatlantic slave trade story, as being told to us in reverse, because the Americas has always been a Negro Continent, which means that it would have been a lot easier and cheaper just to enslave the copper-colored Native Americans (Blackamoors) that were already in the Americas way before Christopher columbus.


Islam and the Muur comes from the Orient (East):

Islam was in the Americas and had a big influence on the Americas, because you have a total of 565 names, 484 in America and 81 in Canada, of villages, towns, cities, mountains, lakes, rivers and etcetera, are etymologically Arabic; which were designated by locals long before the arrival of Columbus. Many of these names are in fact the same as names of Islamic places; Mecca in Indiana, Mecca in California, Alhambra in California, Medina in Idaho, Medina in New York, Medina and Hazen in North Dakota, Medina in Ohio, Medina in Tennessee, Medina in Texas, Medina and Arva in Ontario, Mahomet in Illinois, and Mona in Utah, are just a few noticeable names at the outset. A closer analysis of the names of native tribes will immediately reveal their Arabic etymological ancestry; Anasazi, Apache, Arawak, Arikana, Chavin, Cherokee, Cree, Hohokam, Hupa, Hopi, Makkah, Mohician, Mohawk, Nazca, Zulu, and Zuni are only a few.

Yes, Islam was everywhere in the Americas. One just has to look for it, because you can see the evidence from Queen Califia (California), to Allah-Bumya (Alabama), to Tallah-hasse (Tallahassee), to Medina Ohio, to Moorestown New Jersey, to Islamorada Florida, Mecca California, and to Al-hambra California; so yes, Moslems have left a big impact on America. But where does Islam come from? Did it come from Mecca California, Media Indiana, Mecca Indiana, or Morocco Indiana?

Islam comes from Sufism (Sophia), which was a science that comes from India. Do all religions come from India Superior (the Americas)? Yes, because India is the oldest Civilization: (NOTE: the video I just shared from “Liftingtheveil,” on YouTube is about India being the oldest civilization is correct, but the video failed to specify that it was the Mayan Indians (INDIA), aka, the Maya-Nagas, and not the Indians from Hindustan/ India, that actually civilized the world). If you are a reader of my blog, “The Old World is the New World,” or my book, “America is the True Old World,” you have already read that the Americas is the Orient or the far East (see blog images), aka, Asia Major, or India Superior; and we know that America is the True old world, which means that all civilization as to be created to the Americas, including religions like Islam, since the Americas is the far East. The Garden of Eden is associated with the East, because Scholars associate the East with the Old World, but is America really the far East?:

Additionally, a researcher made a video that suggest that the Holy City of Mecca is in the wrong place. The name of the video is called, “The Sacred city of Mecca: Have we got it all wrong?” You can watch it on Youtube at: I agree with the video since the Americas is the Orient (the East). What is also interesting is that “Oriental means Western Scholar who Studies Islam,” according to the book, “Orientalism,” by Edward Said. Yes, based upon the evidence Islam came from the Orient:

What happen to the Berbers/Saracens (Moslems) of the Americas? Well, have you ever heard of the Spanish Inquisition, via, the Dum Diversas of 1452, issued by the Pope, authorizing Christians to enslave Saracens and non-believers and to take their lands, because no one disappeared? It is just that everyone has become ignorant. There are over 500 cities and towns in UNITED STATES named after Muslims and a huge part of Europe as well. The textbooks, History (His-Story), and education of today are all manipulated; therefore, Western Academics will not get us out of our deep sleep, because Western Academics is the Institution that has put WE THE PEOPLE to sleep to begin with. We need our own Institutions and scholars that are not compromised by Oaths and by Western Academics.

Lower Mauritania was in North America:

There is no doubt that the Americas was a Moslem (Muslim) Nation that was overthrown in the name of Christ, using Christianity as a tool to get what they had wanted, which was land and resources. We hate to blame Christianity for the invasion of the Americans, so people blame Moslems or Moors for the invasion, because the media and society has conditioned most people to hate Islam and all things associated with Islam, like Muurs/ Moors for an example. Due to this conditioning it is necessary to understand the true meaning of the term Muur/ Moor. Please read my previous blog, “The True Meaning and Origin of the Term Moor Found in Ancient Times.” In this blog, I demonstrated that the Americas was indeed a Moselm/ Muslim nation:

We need to get out of our feelings and understand that Muur/ Moor is the ancient and proper way of calling someone with dark skin, Black. Moors were blackamoor people of all faiths and customs, and not just Islam! There are also two sets of Moors. The Moor spelled with the double O are the Moors from Europe and Africa. The Moor spelled with the Mu’ur are the Moors from Mu/Atlantis, aka, Lemuria (the Americas). Keep in mind that you have the Title Moor/Mu/Mer/Maur/Meru/Meri in the Word America. For Example, Amaur-ka, (T)a-mer-Inca (America), Amen-Ra-Ka, Al Morocco (Al-mer-Ra-Ka), Al-Mauri-khan (American) Ameru-Ka, Amexem (Mexico), etc. Etymology is a powerful true science.

Based upon Etymology, one of the names of America was Almorocco, which means the farthest most West, and the land of the Muurs, or the land of the gods. North America is a continent that is the farthest most West. Al-Morocco, the West, is an ancient name for America. This was not the only name for America, but it did exist as you can see.

In this blog post is the original statue of Liberty. Yes, family and friends the original symbol of America was actually a Muurish (black) Moslem woman: Why Muslim, well because America was founded on Islam, it was the Muurs who had taught Europeans government. This is why elite Europeans call themselves Shriners, aka, Moslem sons, and wear the Muurish Fez in secret. All the so-called founder fathers of the Country had a Holy Quran and it was Morocco, Indiana that first recognized the UNITED STATES as a nation.

Additionally, the Barbary Treaties of 1786-1836 between US and the Barbary state, the Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1786/1836 between Morocco and the US, and House Resolution 75, read April 17, 1933, page 5759, demonstrates the Moor/Muur presence right here in America. All the said treaties are treaties of the US and are the Supreme Law of the land per Article VI, Clause 2 of the US Constitution. The said treaties demonstrate the existence of the Mahometan (Mohammedan) Nation right here in America, formerly known, as Al-Morocco, aka, the North Gate. This country was not founded on Christianity, per the Treaty of Tripoli, Article 11: “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen (Muslims); and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan (Mohammedan) nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.” . This country was founded on the science of ISLAM, because the Olmec Muurs from Mu/Mount Meru (mother Mary) were the first ones in Americas (see Olmecs and also see Washitaw Mu’urs) and they brought the science of I.S.L.A.M (Sufism/ Masonry) along with them.

There was an indigenous tribe of Moors in America called the Ben Ishmael Tribe. Their territory was Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and etc. These Muurs were the corn and wheat barons of the old world and this tribe was the Islamic equivalent to the Tribe of Israel, which makes sense because the Americas is Moslem-Jerusalem (Granada land):

This tribe was originally from Pennsylvania, because the capital for the Washitaw/ Lenapi Empire use to be in Philadelphia, but was later moved to Morocco, Indiana. Morocco, Indiana is the Morocco that first recognized the UNITED STATES by Sultan Mohammed Ben Abdallah, on 20 December 1777; because the Morocco in North Africa wasn’t established until 1956, therefore, the Morocco that first recognized the US in 1777 as a Nation, couldn’t have been the Morocco that was established in North Africa in 1956, because the 1956 Morocco was not around in 1777. The Morocco that it is referring to is Al-Morocco, which means the farthest most West. North America is a continent that is the farthest most West. Al-Morocco, the North Gate, aka, is an ancient Name for America. Please, read more about the Ben Ishmael Tribe here:

The Morocco in North Africa wasn’t established officially until 1956, therefore, the Morocco that first recognized the US in 1777 as a Nation, couldn’t have been the Morocco that was established in North Africa in 1956, because the 1956 Morocco was not around in 1777. The Morocco that it is referring to is Morocco, Indiana (India) and/or Morocco, Illinois (see 1904 map), both of which were major trading hubs due to their connection to the Mississippi River and the great lakes and due to the other industries built around them; making them both centers of commerce and learning, as the 1904 map illustrates a thriving modern industry built around Morocco and Jerusalem.

The 1904 map is from Buxton and Skinner Company’s 1904 “Ground plan of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, MO, 1904,” which shows you Morocco Illinois and Jerusalem, located in the heartland of North America (Asia Major). This map is a World’s Fair exhibit. This world’s fair was in St. Louis. The Louisiana purchase was land that was stolen from the Washitaw Muurs, aka, the Mound Builders:

Here is a video of the Saint Louis World’s fair by researcher Jon Levi called, “The Inheritors of Cities,” just so you can get a glimpse of how this lower Mauritania, Arabia, Egypt area looked like: .  The world’s fair that they had all over the world in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s was their excuse they had used to explain away all the fabulous Gothic and Greco-Roman architecture that the Muurs had built before the great comet of 1811, caused a great  mud-flood. It’s no way those were just temporary buildings just for show and it’s no way Europeans could have built them during the 1890’s, which means these buildings were built by a people (the Tartarians or Muurs) before the 1811-1812 cataclysmic event.

The heartland of America was lower Ancient Mauritania, lower Egypt, Greece, and ancient Arabia & the Middle East because of place names like Morocco, Indiana; Morocco, Illinois; Mecca, Indiana; Mahomet, Illinois; Makanda (Wakanda), Illinois; Wauconda, Illinois; Cairo, Illinois; Paris Indiana; Medina, Idaho; Medina, Ohio; Medina, Tennessee; Metropolis, Illinois; Thebes, Illinois; Dongola, Illinois; Palestine, Illinois; Lebanon, Illinois; New Athens, Illinois; Sparta, Illinois; Karnak, Illinois; Alexandria, Ohio; Memphis, Tennessee; Tanis Crescent; Tripoli, Wisconsin; New Madrid, Missouri; Mecca, Missouri; Gibraltar, Michigan; and etc.).

To prove the above paragraph as factual. I will use an example as if I was talking to a friend explaining to them our travel plans: “When we arrive in lower Egypt (North America), before we get to Lower Mauritania (mostly the Chicago and Indiana region) we go through Alexandria city in Egypt (Alexandria in Ohio) by Libya (Tripoli, Wisconsin) to our destination in Memphis Egypt (Memphis, TN). Now, on our way back home to the land of Canaan (Canada) we will stop by the river Tanis (Tanis Crescent, Ontario).” Amazing, how all these places are on both sides of the Planet, East and West, because the near East is just a reflection or a copy of the Americas, the Orient (East), and the True Old World. [Credit for the Alexandria, Ohio and Tanis Crescent research goes to my friend Tram Dickenson El].

Chicago, Illinois was another Mecca:

Chicago, Illinois was another Mecca [Mecca, Missouri; Mecca, Indiana; and Mecca, California], because it was the center of commerce and learning for the heartland of America. The immaculate Gothic and Greco-Roman Architecture once in Chicago suggest that it was the center or source (Mecca) of commerce and learning. Yes, pre-mud flood (1811-1812), Chicago would put the Vatican (Vedic Khan) City in Rome to shame with the beauty and sophistication of the Gothic and Greco-Roman Architecture that was once there. Goggle the 1893 Chicago’s World fair. Better yet here is a video about the 1893 Chicago’s World Fair in coloring: The World’s Fair of the World is where they put all of the Tartarian technology and buildings on displayed before they destroyed them to hide the previous advanced civilization of Berber Indians, aka, Blackamoors (Tartarians), because the fabulous buildings and tech did not fit in with the current narrative of the Americas being a new and uncivilized world.

The interesting thing about Illinois is that it was named after the Illini Tribe, which was part of the Illinois confederation. The Illinois confederation was composed of 12-13 Tribes. Illini means, “Best People,” or “Tribe of Superior Men,” this is also where the term the Illuminati comes from. Yes, the Muurs were the first illuminated ones.

Please read more and support my research efforts by purchasing the ebook, “America is the True old World, Volume II,” for only $20.00 US dollars at this site. I thank you all for your time and support, and may God bless you and yours. Peace.