Adolf Hitler was a Blackamoor, according to the Congressional Record Proceedings and Debates of the United States Congress, which was published in 1937—Adolf Hitler was dark skinned and swarthy: This link is from the Facebook page Knowledge of Self. Please read the link in its entirety because it is a good read.

This information does not surprise me since the word Nazi is just a corruption of the Sanskrit word Naga, which means Serpent or Dragon (wisdom/everlasting life). The racial slur Nig*er is also a corruption of the word Naga.

Additionally, Germany was founded by Saint Maurice, the Moor, who is the Patron Saint of Germany and the first recorded Knight. Germany was later established by the Freising Moors of Germany, the Bavarian Moors, and the Palatine Moors. Evidence of this is the numerous Royal Family Crests of Germany that display the Moor’s Head as a family logo or brand.

All of this evidence suggests that Moors (Blacks) could have been in power in Germany during World War II; especially, if we consider the Incubator Babies and the Orphan Train evidence, AKA, repopulation of major cities, starting in the late 1800’s after the Moors had lost the Civil war and after the 1871 Reconstruction Act, and ending in the early 1900’s, by Orphans that were Caucasians, due to some cataclysmic event, i.e., a global mud flood that destroyed the old world order that was ruled by Moors/Tartars.

Yes, the Moors in America did not lose power until after the Civil war and the Civil War was not fought to end Slavery since the North had its own slaves, and since the Moors ran the South with mostly white slaves: “To be a white slave was to be a Muslim slave,” according to “Slavery, Indentured Servitude & Race,” by Gunther Peck:

Now, that we know that the New World Order, aka, the rule by European whites, is a new thing that manifested in the early 1900’s after the Moors were overthrown, we can easily conclude that in the early 1900’s (1900’s – 1940’s) Germany was one of the few Tartarian or Moorish Civilizations that had survived the great Mud flood and the overthrow of Moors by Orphans (Incubator babies) who had no home, so yes Germany still had Moors in power during this time (early 1900’s), which explains the fact that Adolf Hitler was a so-called Black man.

Knowing that Adolf Hitler was a Moor makes this quote from Hitler make sense now: “The only religion I respect is Islam. The only prophet I admire is the Prophet Muhammad.” [End quote]. He said this because Moors founded and established Germany, and since he descends from one of those Royal Moorish bloodlines that ruled Germany.

In addition, knowing that Adolf Hitler was a Moor makes this quote from Hitler make perfect sense now: “America has stolen the Jews. The Jews of God. His Jewelry. The Negroes. They are the true Hebrews.” (Quote from a book called, “The Nazi.”).

I believe Adolf Hitler was the last stand for Tartaria (Tartary), aka, the Old-World Order ruled by Moors. I say this because Hitler said that Negroes are the real Jews and Hitler fought against the same powers that have taken over the world and have ruined the world that we live in today. Hitler even had Blackamoor Germans and Blackamoor Moslems that fought in his army and Hitler even shook Jesse Owens hand after Jesse Owens defeated Germany in the Olympics.

World War II was just a continuation of a long serious of Holy Wars or Crusades between Moslems and Hebrews (Moors) vs. Christians and Catholics. Adolf Hitler was a Moor, so he was allies with the real Hebrews or Jews in the Americas. Hitler was killing the fake Jews that tried to take over his Country and the fake Jews that had took everything from the real Black Jews. Remember, “The foe of your enemy is a friend, indeed.” ~ #Sufism.

At first it was the Moors and France battling Spain, Rome, England, and the rest of the World. Spain, via, Black Roman Catholic, Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, took the Americas in the name of Christ. After the Moors lost the Americas, the Moors worked out a deal with Queen Elizabeth I of England, aka, the dragon queen to take back the Americas from Spain. The Moors must have offered her El Dorado and plenty of land because she agreed to help the Moors defeat Spain, which was her father’s ally. Evidence of this deal with Britain can be seen in a flag called the Union Jack, which features the red Moroccan flag merged with the flag of Britain.

How did the Moors become the bad guys when the papal bulls were issued against Saracens (Moors) and pagans (Jews/ Hebrews), so our people have to blame the Black Christians and Black Catholics that were confederate against the Moors and the Hebrews with the conquest of Granada land (Israel, aka, the Promised land) in the Americas? King James was just a continuation of the deal that the Moors had made with his first cousin Queen Elizabeth I: In fact, both the Moor and Hebrew flourished under King James of the Bible. Yes…, the Moors, France, and Britian joined forces to defeat Spain (Rome).

The white European that is shown to the world as Adolf Hitler was played by Walt Disney and is a decoy person. In this post is an image comparison between Adolf Hitler and Disney and they look almost identical, which suggests that Adolf Hitler and Disney were the same person. I found this video on YouTube about Hitler and Disney and it is called the Ugly Truth about Disney:

According to the said video, Walt Disney also worked with Nazi Scientist, Wernher Von Braun. The name Wernher Von Braun is well-known for two primary reasons: his ground-breaking work on rocketry that allegedly landed man on the moon, and his work at a concentration camp as a Nazi under Adolf Hitler. However, he’s also known for a third reason – his work with Walt Disney himself. Now…, how did a former Nazi rocket scientist end up working with Walt Disney, and what did they work on?

The said video also reveals that Walt Disney was a Nazi supporter and a member of the American Nazi Party, and he even gave a tour of his Disney Studio’s to one of Adolf Hitler’s favorite people, a German girl named Lani Riefenstahl, who has a film director for Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler loved Lani Riefenstahl, because she was the person that was filming all of Hitler’s propaganda videos. Were some of Adolf Hitler’s propaganda films filed at Walt Disney World with Walt Disney playing the role of Adolf Hitler, since Disney had contact with Hitler’s personal film Director? Yes, I believe so according to the evidence provided in this post.

If you ever research the subject of censorship in Nazi Germany, you’ll discover that there were absolutely no news cameras or film crews following Adolf Hitler around Nazi Germany—filming every important event in his life or making a documentary.

The thought of that is completely insane, since Adolf Hitler rarely made public appearances. All of the so-called film footage of the Caucasian decoy known as Hitler is just fake film footage from Hollywood newsreels. A decoy is a person used to impersonate somebody else to draw attention away from the REAL person. Deception is the whole purpose of utilizing a decoy.

A newsreel was a form of short documentary film, containing news stories and items of topical interest, which was prevalent between the 1910s and the mid-1970s. Newsreels were a source of history, current affairs, information, and entertainment for millions of moviegoers.

Motion picture and television producers often turned to reenactment groups since they benefited financially from them. All of those photos of the Caucasian decoy of Adolf Hitler are photo-ops and film stills from those same newsreels, which is nothing but just a lot of hand shaking, walking from a car into a building, walking from a building into a car, inaudible speech and laughter, over exaggerated hand gestures and a lot of obvious posing:…/nazi-propaganda-and…

What did Adolf Hitler mean by the blonde hair and blue-eyed Aryan race or master race? Well…, Hitler was referring to an extinct Race of Moors that ruled Europe had blonde hair and blue eyes (see post images). One of these post images is Queen Elen More. She was from Scotland, and she was the Queen of France. She was of Merovingian lineage. Notice the golden cross of Lorraine that she is holding, which is a symbol of France and free energy.

More evidence of Moors with Blonde hair and blue eyes can be seen on the Moors vs Wildmen Tapestry from 1440. Further evidence of this phenomenon can be seen with the early Anglo-Saxon Kings of England. Saint Edmund king of the Anglo-Saxons and Athelstan King of the Anglo-Saxons are perfect examples of Blackamoors with Blonde hair and blue eyes. The Malaysians are another example of Blackamoors with blonde hair since blonde hair is a common trait amongst the swarthy Malaysian people. I believe that the Malaysians are remnants of an extinct race of Blackamoors with fair hair (blonde hair) that ruled Europe.

People miss the obvious since Adolf Hitler clearly didn’t want imposter (Jewish) Slavs (slaves) mixing with the royal Jew Moorish bloodlines, hence the reason for the ethnic cleansing of the fake white Jews. Why was Hitler’s technology so advanced compared to the rest of the world? Because he was the last of the Tartarian stronghold. Why did he use the Swastika, which is an Ethiopian/Indian spiritual symbol for a German empire? Because he is of Ethiopian stock by DNA, and the Swastika is a symbol of advanced Tartarian technology by means of harnessing the fish vortex or spiral of life that the Swastika generates when it rotates or spins clockwise. Why did Adolf Hitler have a confederation of Black Muslims and Jews in his army if he was so racist? Because Moslems and Jews are Moors and that’s how Moors ruled as a confederation.


Bey is Turkish, and it means Ruler or governor/ landlord. Bey also means Bee (Queen Bee). The Moors (Turks) were high priests of Anu, aka, the Magi, who were people of the Sea or people of the waters (sailors, merchants, and pirates). Mariner, Marines, Mermaid (Moormen), Mooring a boat, Moors (land by the waters), and Morini are all terms dealing with the Moors or sea people. Turks, Moors, Phoenician, Gaul (French), Gullah Geechee, Persians, Sumerians, Cushite, Canaanites, Vikings, and etc., were all people of the sea, and hence, Moors, which is a tricky term because it has many spelling variations.

The term Bay is just code for Bey. For example, let us look at harbors or bays: Hudson Bay, Massachusetts Bay, Tampa Bay, San Francisco Bay, and etc, are all terms (Bay) pertaining to land by water that was controlled by an honorable Bey of the soil, aka, an Aryan. In this post are images of some real Aryans (Barons), aka, honorable Bey’s of the soil, who were ruling the Hindu Cush in India Superior (the Americas). Afghanistan and India were the lands of Hindu Cush, which was ruled by Moors that were mystic Turks (Sufi’s), but what if Afghanistan and India were in the Americas?

Ancient Afghanistan was in Missouri:…/.

India Superior was in North America:…/.

The Moors being masters of the seven seas were your first pirates and merchants, which is evident with terms like Turkish Wheat (Corn) and Turkish Tobacco (Tobacco). Words like Mer-chant (MERchant) and Mer-chandise (MERchandise) come from the word Meru/ Mary/ Maur. The Blackamoor cigar statues are evidence that the Moors or Turks were your Tobacco Barons of the Americas. The Corn Palaces of the Midwest, aka, the corn belt, demonstrate that the Moor or Turk were also your Corn barons of the Americas. Therefore, whenever you say that you are not a Maur/ Moor you are denying some great history, because people have taught you to hate Moors, which goes deeper than the Noble Drew Ali and MSTA circus, which has tarnished the image of Moors.

In this post is an image of the “Queen of the Swastika” -1932. This portrait was taken by photographer, Vanderzee, in Germany to celebrate a beautiful swarthy German girl winning a beauty pageant. I know this portrait seems out of place, but the fact of the matter is that Germany still had Black people in power in the early 1900’s, even Adolf Hitler was Black:

In this post is also an image of Indian shoes that feature a Swastika on the shoes. Indian means the same as Ethiopian as I will prove later since both words mean dark or Black.

So-called Black people are the Aryan/ Chosen Race (Moslem/ Hebrew) and everybody knows it but us for the most part. Why do you think all of these other Races hate us and always plot against us? Aryan means Noble one, and it also means an honorable Bey of the Soil.

“Ethiopia and India were often confused,” [one and the same] according to the book “The Medieval Empire of the Israelites,” by Robert Grishin. This makes sense when you factor into account that the Swastika [symbol of Brahma/Abraham], which means dark spirit, prosperity, and good luck, was the chief religious’ symbol in Ancient Ethiopia and in India. The Swastika is just a reflection of Mount Meru, aka, the Arctic North Pole, which was the garden of Eden when it was a warm and lush paradise:…/.

With regard to the Ethiopians, Strabo indicates that they looked similar to Indians, remarking “those who are in Asia (South India), and those who are in Africa, do not differ from each other.”[10] Turner, Sharon (1834). The Sacred History of the World, as Displayed in the Creation and Subsequent Events to the Deluge: Attempted to be Philosophically Considered, in a Series of Letters to a Son, Volume 2. Longman. pp. 480–482. Retrieved 20 January 2015.

The Swastika is also the big dipper or the wheel of life that rotates clockwise around the pole star to create life/light, which is the sacred movement that generates the fish spiral (spirit) or fish vortex. The Pole star or North star is the first star and the highest star that created all of the rest of the stars; therefore, this star is the first thought (seed) that created all life. The star constellations revolve around the Pole star, because it is the Pole Star that spins the zodiac wheel of life. This clockwise rotation of the Pole Star is responsible for creating the electromagnetic energy that creates and sustains all life on this planet.

The pole star is the blue cross that is in the center of the image of the big dipper, while the big dipper or the swastika is the blue shield. Well…, now we know the real meaning of the Blue Cross and Shield, which goes a lot deeper than insurance. This post image shows you the zodiac wheel (the Swastika=blue shield) that revolves around the Pole Star (the blue cross), aka, the great mother. You see how the cross and the Swastika are one and the same, because they form the same system and they come from the same source of blue light.