Greetings friends, “Ancient Afghanistan was in Missouri,” is not intended to take away from any of the glory from the counterpart Afghanistan in Asia Minor, but only to prove that America is the True Old World.

I must give a shoutout to Khandrop 432 the drop radio, even though he hates Moors and Islam, because he made a great video proving that Afghanistan was in Missouri. The name of the video is called, “Prestor John #70| Afghan, son of Jeremiah, Grandson of Saul the son of Kish Rashid.” Before you watch this video, I have to correct Khandrop, because the brother misunderstood a passage from the book he was reading from, “The Medieval Empire of the Israelites,” on page 323 at the 49:00-minute mark of the video; since the author never said that Islam was created in the 17th century. The author was referring to the assertion that, “The rulers of Afghanistan as being descendants of the ancient Israelites from the Tribe of Benjamin.” The author went on by saying, “that this assertion was expressed only in the 17th Century. This is, after the breakup of the empire and the birth of Islam.”

To clarify this point, the reason why the author said the above quote is because no one knew that King Afghana (the founder of ancient Afghanistan) was an Israelite, since it was a hidden fact that he was the son of Jeremiah and Grandson of King Saul, until an Arab historian published a book in the 1600’s about the history of Afghanistan. This is why the author said, “that this assertion was expressed only in the 17th Century [1600’s]. This is, after the breakup of the empire and the birth of Islam.” Yes, this assertion from the 17th Century clearly came after the breakup of the Israelite Empire and the birth of Islam, since Islam was created in the 7th Century, which is well-established by historians. You have to excuse Khandrop, because his hate for Moors runs deep, however, he is a good scholar which is why I used his video. Now, that we have called the video lets move on to proving that Ancient Afghanistan was in Missouri.


According to academics, the Khyber Pass borders ancient Afghanistan: This means that if there is a Khyber Pass in the Americas, ancient Afghanistan is the land by its borders. Do we have a Khyber Pass in the Americas? Yes, we do! For example, with the use of etymology we can learn that Khyber is the same as Kheeber, Kheevira, and Quivira since the “KH” has the same meaning and pronunciation of the “Q,” Kheevira became Quivira.

I am not the only one to know this, since Dr. Gene D. Matlock wrote a book entitled, “Khyber (Kheeber) pass to Gran Quivira (Kheevira), NM and Baboquivari, AZ: When India Ruled the World.” Just by reading the title of the book, you realize that Dr. Matlock came to the same conclusion that Khyber is etymologically the same as Quivira. This means that if America has a Quivira it has to the real Quivira (Khyber) pass that borders ancient Afghanistan, since the Americas is the Orient (the East) and the true old world. (See blog post, “The Old World is the New World,”:

The mythical city of Quivira was one of those 7 golden cites, which is also shown on the maps I shared below: Quivira is now in the Kansas (sons of Khan) state region, which is in Wichita territory. We also know that Wichita is a corruption of the Washitaw Muur Empire. The Washitaw Muurs were known as the Mound Builders and the Ancient Ones. The UNITED NATIONS has already recognized the Washitaw Muurs as the oldest indigenous people on the planet. Read more about the Washitaw Muurs right here:

“It is in the Mythical that we have the truth.” ~ Greek proverb. My advice friends, is to look for the truth in every myth, because our history was so great that it was too much to hide; therefore, all of our great history that they couldn’t hide from us they just told us that it was mythical so that we would not attach ourselves to the greatness. History is very important, because it gives you a sense of competency and it lets you know who you once were, so that you can achieve the same results again. If history wasn’t one of the most important subjects to learn the powers that be wouldn’t have spent billions, if not trillions, of dollars hiding your history from you. Below are all of the maps that I gave as evidence. Please zoom in and see it for yourself.

1660 map of America. Notice that this map shows you California as an Island, Cibola, Granada, Anian, and Quivira. You may have to click on the link I gave from the Stanford University library, so that you can zoom in to see it better: .

Quivirae regnum, cum aliis versus Boream. Novae Gvineae Forma & Situs. From the atlas: Speculum orbis terrӕ. Antverpea, 1593-1613. P. 12. Maps of part of North America (Quivira) and New Guinea from the world atlas Gerard de Jode «Mirror of the World». Antwerp, 1593-1613. P.12. The map of Quivira contains a text in which residents of the area are compared with the Tartars – a reference to the theory that North America was part of Asia: Notice the Dragon and the lion on this map too.

1650, Barry Lawrence Ruderman Map of America from the Stanford Library: Notice that this map shows you Cibola, Granada, and Quivira. You may have to click on the link I gave from the Stanford University library, so that you can zoom in to see it better. The State of Kansas is now where Quivira used to be located. Kansas (Quivira Pass/ Khyber Pass) borders Missouri, which suggests that Missouri is the real ancient Afghanistan, since it borders Kansas.


Cabool Missouri located in Texas County, Missouri was allegedly named after Kabul Afghanistan, because this area of southern Texas County looked similar to the region of Kabul, Afghanistan. I believe, and according to old legend that this area was named after an Indian Chief/ Sheik named Kabul:,_Missouri (Read the section entitled, “Etymology.”).

Cabool, etymologically, is the same as Kabul, since the vowels are interchangeable with most ancient languages. Even when you study the etymology of the Kabul in Afghanistan you will learn that Cabool and Kabul are etymologically one and the same word. (Quote from the Toponymy and Etymology section of Kabul Afghanistan:    Kabul (/ˈkɑːbuːl/,[19] /ˈkɑːbəl/Pashto: کابل‎ Kâbəl, IPA: [kɑˈbəl]Dari: کابل‎ Kābol, IPA: [kɒːˈbol])[20] is also spelled as CaboolCabolKabol, or Cabul.” [End quote].

Which Kabul (Cabool) is older since we are discussing the capitol and largest city in ancient Afghanistan? Well, Cabool Missouri is located in the Orient (the East) and the true old world (the Americas), so it is the oldest in my book, which means that Kabul Afghanistan was patterned after the American Cabool Missouri. Plus, this also means that Cabool Missouri is the real ancient Afghanistan, since it is the oldest.


In this post is an image of the Afghan Market in St. Louis Missouri that consists of Sameem Afghan Restaurant & Catering, Afghan Chopan Kabab STL, and the Kabul Express STL. Afghans live in Afghanistan; therefore, Afghan is short for Afghanistan, which is their Nationality because people name themselves after landmasses or the territory that they live in. To have an Afghan Market in Missouri is alluding to the fact that Missouri was once Ancient Afghanistan. The proof is in the culture.