Alexander the Great is significant in history since he helped to shape the future of the Silk Road and he was King of Egypt, Persia, and etc: Alexander the great is from America since Afghanistan, Tameri (old Egypt), and the Silk Road is in the Americas:


Alexander’s the great tomb was found in Marion County Illinois. This cave is the famous Burrows cave that was written off as a hoax since Egyptian, Sumerian, and Assyrian artifacts were found in this cave that would have rewritten history:

Most Maurs hate Alexander the Great since he is recorded in History (His-story) as being a conqueror of Egypt, and since he was used by Western Academia as a tool for white supremacy since they whitewashed his image and made him appear like a great white Greek conqueror of a Blackamoor civilization known as Egypt. Yes, Alexander the Great was a swarthy Saracen Maur from the House of Andrew and his real name was Megas Alex Andros:

Alexander the Great was a Maur (high priest of Anu) and his nickname was Iskander Bey, according to Barleti’s biography of George Castriot or Scanderbeg “(a nickname derived from Alexander the Great, “Iskander Bey”) was first printed in Latin in Rome in around 1510 and quickly translated into other European languages”[end quote]:

According to the Facebook page, “Knowledge of Self,” Alexander the Greek was a Blackamoor:

Alexander the Great and his army of over 30,000 men feed on Alfalfa, which is a purple flowering plant with deep tap roots that is indigenous mostly to North America. Alfalfa is of Arabic origin (al-fiṣfiṣa) and it means the father of food: “What did Alexander the Great’s Army Eat in order to have Energy and Strength?” The elderly white women who made the said YouTube video purposely shows you all the whitewashed images of Alexander the Great, so please take notice of brown hands, legs, and dark spots on white images. In this post are even more poorly whitewashed images of Alexander the Great.

Who were these Great Greeks that allegedly brought civilization to the Western World? Where they Blackamoors? Was Greece a sister civilization of Egypt? Did the Greek gods come from Egypt? These links will answer all of these questions:

Hermes, aka, Thoth, the Ram bearer, is the origin of all Western thought (Thoth) and he is depicted as a Blackamoor, and so was Zeus, Apollo, Hercules, Athena, and etc:


Was Alexander really a conqueror of Egypt or a liberator of Egypt? He was a liberator since he was the son of Pharoah Nectanebo and hence, accepted as a son of Amen-Ra and given the golden Ram Horns of Amun by the Egyptian high-priests after he delivered Egypt from the Persian Empire and alchemical experiments (hybrid beings) that were created from light alchemy that took over Egypt. These Hybrid beings were wildmen, aka, Troglodytes (hairy men), Cynocephali (dog-headed men), Blemmyes (head-less men), etc. These Hybrid beings are native to Africa because they were created in Africa in Egypt as alchemical experiments of light, and can be found on plenty of old maps, so yes…. these hybrids beings were very real.

Therefore, Alexander the Great didn’t conquer Egypt, he conquered evil hybrid experiments and Persians, which Egypt was a part of the Persian global empire at the time. The Egyptians welcomed Alexander the Great in because he had saved them from the Persian Empire, which had invaded Egypt. In 525 BC, the Persian Empire, led by King Cambyses II, invaded Egypt. They defeated the Egyptian army at the Battle of Pelusium.

This image is entitled, “Alexander the Great encounters wildman.” Yes, Alexander the great was a Maur. His real name was Megas Alex Andros, and he was from the House of Man. Even the House of Andrews, aka, the House of man, were Moors. Meet Lady Andros:

Was this Wildman real? Yes, the wood nose, aka, Wildman, was very real (Google Wildmen vs Moors Tapestry for more evidence on this). “Homo sapiens was not the only species of human named and recognized by Linnaeus when publishing Systema Naturae, his revolutionary binomial system of zoological classification, in 1735. Among several others was Homo ferus, the wild man, which according to Linnaeus was covered in hair, moved on all fours, was mute, and lived apart from H. sapiens in forests, hills, and mountains. Today, none of Linnaeus’s ‘other’ species of human is recognized by mainstream science.”

Here is an ancient map of the “Mappa Mundi” and this map shows some of the hybrid experiments that the High priests of Anu created to not only serve us, but to also go to war against each other:

Click color enhanced and the map will appear. You will see Jerusalem, Rome, Greece, Tower of Babel, Garden of Eden, and the camp of Alexander the Great. You will also see the land that we gave to monsters like Troglodytes (wildmen), Cynocephali, and Blemmyes. We named the land that we gave them after them, and you can see those places if you click on the mappa Mundi map link above.

It was the Renegade Priest Osarseph that created the Tamahu (created white person) 6000 years ago in Egypt. “Yacob the big-headed Scientist,” of the Nation of Islam is a metaphor. If you look at the map that I gave you above, you will see places like Troglodites, Blemmyes, Cynocephali (werewolves), and Sciapods. We created all of these monsters using light Alchemy:

The Egyptians created dogs, cats, and several other animals through gene splicing. The Egyptians were masters of alchemy, and they used their pyramids as electromagnetic generators to create life through light (sound). The word pyramid means fire in the middle. Over 70 million animal mummies were found in 30 sites across Egypt: Why so many animal mummies? Well, the only logical explanation is that the Egyptians were into creating beings from light alchemy in order to create a better version of themselves and other beings. The result was the Magna Opus, aka, the Great work, which is to create a perfect life form to serve a purpose on earth for the benefit of life in general. However, this practice became corrupted and got out of control.

You know how long and how hard it was for the Egyptians to take a base metal product, the serpent, to create the golden cat? It probably took years to perfect the cat, considering how elegant and how graceful the cat is. Therefore, to prevent the loss of DNA from the animal that took so long to create, the High priest would mummify the remains of that animal, so that it can be resurrected/cloned in the future. This was the priest’s way of saving their Great Work. The cat has slanted and dilated eyes just like a serpent does and it hisses like a serpent does. Plus, it has a tail just like a serpent, so you can see that the cat was molded from the serpent.

Also, check out Catherine Acholonu’s CSPAN discussion about her new book: “They Lived Before Adam”. She states that her and her research team translated cuneiform/hieroglyphic typewriter from the Nsude Pyramids in Abaja, Northern Igbo land that gives details about an Ancient African civilization/empire that experimented in creating hybrid beings. “Our greatest problem is that we created another man to serve us.” ~ The Egyptians. (This is coming from the book, Hermetica, by Walter Scott).

Alexander the Great went From Tameri (old Egypt), aka, Greater Egypt or Ethiopia Superior, in the Americas to Egypt (Alkhemet) in Africa to free that Egypt from Hybrid beings that took over Alkhemet and was rewarded as the son of Amun-Ra for doing so. The Egyptian Priest didn’t just reward the golden ram horns of Amun, as displayed on Pharoah Seti I, unless the recipient is worthy and one of their own kings:

Yes, Ancient Greece and Rome was first in the Americas before we built their duplicates in Europe that eventually got corrupted, this evidence further proves the Alexander the Great was from the Americas:


Alexander the Great was a Dragon-king, since he was the son of the swarthy Egyptian sorcerer and exiled pharaoh, Nectanebo, who disguised himself as a dragon to impregnated Alexander’s swarthy mother Queen Olympias of Macedonian (see post image):

The image above depicts the Macedonian queen Olympias in bed with the Egyptian sorcerer and exiled pharaoh, Nectanebo, disguised as a dragon. Meanwhile, Olympias’s husband, King Philip, peers through a small window in the door to spy on the scene. According to the story, Nectanebo used astrology to convince the queen that a god would appear to her in the form of a dragon and she would bear his son. Nectanebo then transforms himself into a dragon, tricking Olympias into thinking that he is the prophesied god. The dragon seems to smile triumphantly at King Philip, wrapping its arms around Olympias in a possessive manner. Interestingly, the dragon does not conceal or hide Olympias from the eyes of the viewer or King Philip. The audience is thus placed in the position of King Philip, able to observe the scene through a small window, but powerless to intervene. The image brings into question the significance of private female spaces and adulterous queens. As the act depicted here marks the conception of Alexander the Great, it also serves as evidence of Alexander’s extraordinary origins and suggests a potential rationale for his immense success as a warrior and ruler.

The picture above is included in a book entitled the History of Alexander the Great (Les faize d’Alexandre). This particular version is Vasco da Lucena’s French translation of Quintus Curtius Rufus’s Latin text, Historiae Alexandri Magni, dating to the first century CE. Lucena was a scholar and diplomat who served in the Portuguese and Burgundian courts. He translated the account of Alexander at the behest of Isabella of Portugal and dedicated the book to the future duke, Charles the Bold. Lucena intentionally used this account rather than the widely circulating medieval Alexander romances because he considered Rufus’s version to be the most historically accurate and suitable for educating a young ruler.” [End quote from:].

Why did Alexander the Great want everyone to know that he was born from a dragon? Well, he wanted to establish himself as a legitimate Messiah or Christ-king (Dragon-king), since all of the sons of God and avatars (great souls) are born from the dragon (the Draco constellation when its star Theban was the Pole Star or North Star), which used to be a symbol of free energy (wisdom and everlasting life) and mighty kingship. We are all symbolically born from the dragon, since the rainbow serpent or dragon is the creator God, according to indigenous legends all over the world:

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