The Builders of the Angkor Wat Temple were known as the Khmer (Thoth) people or the Maya-Nagas. The word Khmer literally means Builder and it also means to create. Lord Khem of Egyptian legend was actually the Egyptian god Thoth (thought). HAM is also symbolic of Hermes Trismegistus, which is also Thoth. Ham also rhymes with Kam, Sam, Ram, and I AM (Abra-HAM/Mu-HAM-med). The title Khmer is the origin of words like Sumer, Khem (Shem), Kham/Ham/Ram, and Khan.
Also, the Title of Moor comes from India, according to the Book Indian Masonry (1907), by Robert Wright. This makes sense because the civilized world (Africa, Asia, and the Americas) was once known as the three Indies (Asia). This makes sense because the Moor and the Hebrew both dress-up like the Ancient Hindu of India Superior, which was the Americas, aka the Orient (East). This makes even more sense when you realize that Sufism comes from India; in which Sufism is the origin of the Islamic religion; and when you also consider the fact that words like Rome (the Vatican) and Ramadan come from Lord Rama (RAM). India Superior (the Americas) is the old world.
The Egyptians Called themselves the Khemetians, which means black Headed ones. The Sumerians called themselves the black headed ones too. The Sumerians priests called themselves the Shem priests and wore leopard skins and the Egyptian priests called themselves the Khem priests and wore leopard skins too. What a coincidence! Now, according to Gerald Massey and various other scholars, the K became the S; therefore, Semitic is actually Kemitic. Shem is actually Khem. Sam is actually Kam, which means black and to create, in Egyptian. Sumerian is actually, Khumerian/ khumer/ Kemetian. You see, etymology is a very powerful science, because words control the world. Chemistry is derived from Lord Khem, which is a form of Thoth (thought or the ALL, because all is thought) and it means Black. Lord Khem (Thoth) is known as HAM in the Bible. Ham is symbolic of Hermes Trismegistus (Thoth/Thought) and Cush is symbolic of Amen-Ra, according to Sir Godrey Higgins in his book, “Anacalypsis.”
Actually, you have to take these words like Ham, Shem, Khem (Kam), & Khan (Kan/Can/Cain), back to their original source, which is Khmer, to learn that Ham (code for thought, I am, and/ or OM) is truly the progenitor of all races. Science even proves that all races come from the Blackamoors/Negroes. Khmer is a Sanskrit word, which means to create or to build. Khmer literally means builder. Khmer is also the origin to words like Khumer, Sumer, Khem (Thoth) (Shem), Khan, Kam, and etc. Sanskrit is also the oldest language. Therefore, we are the ancient Vedic/Aryan Indians (Master race/chosen race/children of the sun) that civilized the world, because Atlantis was a colony of India.
The Israelites were Cushite’s (Ethiopians) which means that they were Muurs (Sons of Ham/ Cham/ Chem/ Shem): The FB link I just shared proves that Jerusalem is just code for Egypt. This link also proves that they were never any enslaved Hebrews/ Jews in Egypt: In addition, before there was a Children of Israel there was a Children of Khem (Shem), according to the Emerald Tablets of Thoth: This gives credence to the fact that Jerusalem is code for Egypt, which means that Egypt and Jerusalem are one and the same. Since Shem is Khem (Chem or Ham), Shem can never and should never try to separate from HAM.
They didn’t call us Hebrew in ancient times. The king James version of the Bible is not the only English translation. 51 Years before the KJV was the Geneva Bible. The Geneva Bible also has the “Apocrypha.” As you can see the word Moor can be found in this 1560 Geneva Bible. The Title ‘Moor’ was used instead of Hebrew, Cushite, or an Ethiopian. If you pull up the Geneva Bible online, you can put the word Moor in the search engine and verify all the scriptures:….
Yes, the word Moor was taken out and so were the books of the Apocrypha. In fact, King James being a Hebrew King took out ‘Moor’ from the 1560 Geneva Bible and replaced it with ‘Hebrew’ in his 1611 KJV Bible, because he was a Hebrew King. The Bible has been revised 94 different times that I know of, so how can a book written by Egyptian priests and pharaohs from the 18th Dynasty of Egypt (the Bible Dynasty) be the absolute word of God?
Even the word Hebrew is derived from combining two Egyptians gods Hathor (the mother Mary) and Heru (the son Heru/Hero/Christ) to create the word Heb-Heru, which later became Hebrew. She was worshipped in Jerusalem. Her Greek name was Heba, Heracles’ goddess-wife:
Also, notice how the author spells Ham. The author spells Ham as Cham. Cham is phonetically Shem, because the C and S have the same meaning and can be changed to either one. The A in ChAm can be changed to a E, because with languages like Hebrew the vowels are interchangeable. Therefore, Cham is also Shem:
The author of the Article spelled Ham as Cham, but why? Is it because everything comes from darkness or the father Ham (Dark)? We can very easily get Shem from Cham (Ham), as I have proven already when you read this post. Even Abra-HAM (Abraham of the Bible) was pharaoh Maybra, so we are dealing with Cushites (the sons of Ham) here. A Hebrew is a renegade Egyptian that left Egypt with the first King of Israel, Pharaoh Akhenaten, aka, Moses of the Bible. Shem can’t separate itself from Khem; especially, when the K and the S are, phonetically, one and the same, and when the K predates the S. The Hebrew was taught and raised up in Egypt. “Out of Egypt have I call my son.” ~ Matthew 2:15, KJV Bible.
Why was Moses mistaken for an Egyptian? Why is Moses a title associated with Pharaohs of the 18th Dynasty? Why is the Star of David the Egyptian compass and Square in disguise, because If you connect the lateral lines of the compass and square you will form the star of David. Yes, everything about the Hebrew comes from Egypt: Your religion, your History, and even your first King Moses, aka, Pharaoh Akhenaten – all came from Egypt. I’m just saying.