Greetings friends, we know that it is the month of February, which means Black History Month, so this is my contribution towards Blackamoor History Month. This is our short list of inventions. I say short list, because Blackamoors have created over 90% of the world’s inventions. Blackamoors are the true fathers and mothers of civilization. You see how you can enslave a people and rebrand them in a negative light, but you can’t remove knowledge from their DNA, which is the case with the so-called African Americans.

In fact, Blackamoors (Berber Indians/Khmer people) invented all of this stuff and more when we ruled the world during the time of Lemuria/Atlantis, and more recently when we ruled as the Tartarians (Muurs/Moors), so of course this knowledge is still going to be in our blood. When people ask you who were the Tartarians, you say the Blackamoors were the Tartarians and then you show them our short list of inventions and then you show them all of the Cherokee Gothic Architecture and Greco-Roman Architecture all over the World. Yes, the moors, who were also the Tartarians built all of the Gothic and Greco-Roman Architecture in the Americas and throughout the world:

Evidence that Moors built the Cathedrals:

Cavities, resonators, magnetrons…

Cathode=Cathedral? If this true, this means that the Cathedrals were that we build were ancient power plants that supplied free energy to our towns. These cathedrals were huge magnetons. I say this because a Cathode is a part of a magnetron that is the center, aka, the source or the Black dot. You can also see the design of the magnetron in the Cathedral; especially, in some of the glass windows.

Did Moors build these Cathedrals yes: Gothic Building is a Moorish style of building. The Cathedral is built with a Gothic (Moorish/Islamic) type of building and so is Westminster Abbey:… . Notice how in the link that you see on the left-hand side towards the bottom of the page, “In Turner’s Normandy, vol. ii. p. 250, are delineated several sculptural spandrels from Bayeux Cathedral, exhibiting somewhat of the Moorish or Tartarian, mode of workmanship. The word is spelt spaundre in the French Contract for reforming Westminster Hall,” dated 1393. – “A Dictionary of the Architecture and Archaeology of the Middle Ages.” Now, this is a powerful quote coming from a master textbook written by a white author that is recognized. Well, it appears that the Moors built the Castles and Cathedrals throughout Europe.

I shared a youTube Video from a European who gives an interesting theory of what happened to the Great Tartarian Empire. The YouTube Channel is called When the Buildings Cried and the video is called, “WHEN THE BUILDINGS CRIED AND TURNED TO STONE FROM A WORLD WIDE HEAT EVENT.” When the Buildings Cried believes that the Moon was once a second sun that was hit by something that caused it to malfunction, which caused a Plasma type or a Nuclear type of event that cooked/ melted the great Tartarian Empire. His theory has merit to it, because all of the massive craters on the moon suggests that it was definitely hit by something. Also, When the Buildings Cried, gives you plenty of evidence of the melted Tartarian Empire throughout his videos. I believe all of this stuff happened during the most recent global reset, which was caused by the great comet of 1811-1812.

The Great comet stayed in the air almost a full year and it caused massive volcanic eruptions that blacked out the sun; it caused thousands of massive earthquakes that created massive tidal waves; and  it caused the earth to literally liquify, which caused a great mudflood that completely destroyed the Old World Order that was ruled by Blackamoors from the beginning of time all the way until the great mud flood.

Now, without any further delay, below is our short list of inventions. I say short list, because almost everything that we have now as far as Technology goes, we had it first in Old World Tartary. The Fairhaven Hotel is a old World Tartarian building that not only proves the Mud flood event as factual (due to the 1811-1812 great comet), but it also proves that the Old World had almost every modern convenience that we have today:

Mathematics – BLACK-(MOOR) Ancient Egypt science of Maat (math).
Medicine BLACK-(MOOR) Ancient Egypt (Imhotep).
Open Heart Surgery – BLACK – Daniel Hale Williams.
Brain Surgery Robot – BLACK – Bertin Nahum.
CAT Scan – BLACK – Allan Cormack.
Cell Phone – BLACK – Henry T. Sampson.
Rocket Propulsion – Henry T. Sampson.

Weapons system – Henry T. Sampson.
The gamma electric cell, which converts harmful gamma rays (radiation) into usable energy – Henry T. Sampson.
The Father of modern-day Electricity – Henry T. Sampson.
Contributions concerning direct conversion of nuclear energy to electricity – Henry T. Sampson.
Touch Tone Phone – BLACK – Shirley Ann Jackson.
Traffic Signal – BLACK – Garrett Morgan.
Gas Mask – BLACK – Garrett Morgan.
The Internet – BLACK – Philip Emeagwali.
Personal Computers – BLACK – Dr. Mark Dean.
Color monitor for personal computers – Dr. Mark Dean.
Dr. Mark Dean also invented the 1 gigahertz computer chip that has unlimited potential. The 1 gigahertz computer chip made supercomputers and robots possible.
Supercomputers – BLACK – Dr. Philip Emeagwali.
Blood Bank – BLACK – Charles Drew.
Telescope – BLACK, Benjamin Banneker.
Automobile – BLACK – C.R. Patterson (Stolen by Henry Ford)
Toilet – BLACK – J.B. Rhodes.
Fountain Pen – BLACK – W.B. Purvis.
Remote Control – BLACK – Dr. Joseph N. Jackson.
Home Security & Camera – BLACK – Marie Van Brittan Brown.
Mailbox – BLACK – Philip Downing.
LASIK Eye Surgery – BLACK – Patricia Bath.
3D Special Effects – BLACK -Marc Hannah.
Refrigerated Trucks and Air Conditioning – BLACK – Frederick McKinley Jones.
Elevator – BLACK – Alexander Miles.
The Organ Piano – BLACK – Joseph Dickinson.
The Guitar – BLACK – Robert Flemming Jr.
Telephone – BLACK stolen from Lewis Howard Latimer.
Light Bulb – BLACK stolen from Lewis Howard Latimer.
Pencil Sharpener – BLACK -John Lee Love.
Sewing Machine – Improved by BLACK: Garrett Morgan.
The Jet Engine – Improved by BLACK Jeremiah Baltimore.
Cotton Gin – BLACK, stolen from Slaves.
Beer – BLACK – Richard Bowie Spikes.
All Musical Genres, Including Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock & Roll, R&B, Hip-Hop – BLACK.
The Wormhole BLACK-(MOOR) Ancient Egypt.
First one’s in Space BLACK-(MOOR) Ancient Egypt.
First one’s on the Moon – Unproven, Fake Event.
Banks/Banking BLACK-(MOOR) Ancient Egypt.
The theory of Natural Selection BLACK-(MOOR) Ancient Egypt.
Electric Engineering BLACK-(MOOR) Ancient Egypt.
Calculators – BLACK – Marvin Charles Stewart.
Theater – BLACK (MOOR) Ancient Egypt.
Diesel engines – BLACK-(MOOR) Ancient Egypt.
Television – BLACK-(MOOR) Ancient Egypt.
Internal combustion engines – BLACK-(MOOR) Ancient Egypt.
The discovery of DNA – BLACK-(MOOR) Ancient Egypt.
Microscope – BLACK-(MOOR) Ancient Egypt.
The discovery of the Atom BLACK- (MOOR) Ancient Egypt.
The discovery of Cells BLACK-(MOOR) Ancient Egypt.
The Camera – BLACK – George Carruthers.
Democracy BLACK-(MOOR) Ancient Egypt.
The Republic BLACK-(MOOR) Ancient Egypt.
Liberalism BLACK-(MOOR) Ancient Egypt.
Geography BLACK-(MOOR) Ancient Egypt.
Electricity – BLACK-(MOOR) Ancient Egypt.
Aircraft BLACK-(MOOR) Ancient Egypt.
Good art and Entertainment.
The pulley first recorded use was by master builder and Grand Architect Imhotep.
The wheel, because Moors were the first ones on the planet.
Fire, because Moors were the first ones on the planet.
The Harp, invented in Ancient Egypt.
The piano invented by the Moors in Europe. The Moors took the Harp and turned it sideways and created the Piano.
Plastic surgery – Ancient Egypt.
The Spark plug – Edmond Berger.
Anesthesia for Surgery – Native-Americans (Blackamoors/Egyptians/Hebrews).
The building of America, mostly, black slave labor.
The Building of Europe – Blackamoors/Brutus Moors/Fresing Moors/French Maurs/Moors of Spain.
Digital Cellular phone Technology – Jesse Eugene Russell.
The Dot com (.com) for computer websites – Emmit McHenry.

Embalming – South American Indians (Mayas)
Time Machine – Dr. Ronald Mallett.

Helicopter – Paul E. Williams.
Telephone Transmitter – Dr. Granville T. Woods.
Railway System – Dr. Granville T. Woods.
Subway System- Dr. Granville T. Woods.
Roller coaster – Dr. Granville T. Woods.
Trolley Wheel – Dr. Granville T. Woods.
The Global Positioning System (GPS) – Dr. Gladys West.

Ancient Egyptians/Moors/Hebrews, aka, the Khmer (Thoth) people created the Art of Building: Monolithic, perpendicular, and Modern-day-building comes from Egypt. Gothic Building (Islamic), aka, Castle building and Cathedral Building, comes from the Moors, whom became the Custodians of the Egyptian Mysteries when Egypt fell, according to the book, “Stolen Legacy” by George E. James. Maur (Moor/Muur) means a high priest of Anu according to a book called, “The Teachings of Ptahhotep the oldest Book in the world,” by Asa G. Hilliard.

We also have to include over 500 inventions of the Native-Americans, who were also Blackamoors. You can read the, “Encyclopedia of American Indian Contributions to the world,” right here:…/american-ind… .. Now, if we include all of the other necessities like soap, comb, brush, toothbrush, lotion, deodorant, shaving, clothing, and etc., we created everything. Most of these inventions were created by the so-called African Americans in the Americas, because we are the Children of the sun, aka, God’s chosen people from the tribe of Ptah/Utah/Judah/Yudah: Egypt was a Greek name. The real name of Egypt is Al-khemet and/or Tameri. “Nothing is NEW under the SUN.” ~ King Solomon of the Bible. Friends and family, please save this post and share it, because I use this all the time when I have to give Europeans and Coons a reality check as to who we are. Below is my evidence to support the fact that Blackamoors are responsible for the 500 inventions of the Native-Americans (North, Central, and South):

The mummies of south America, but mostly, Peru/Heru/Jeru-(Salem), which is also Ancient Jerusalem and Egypt, were Blackamoors/Egyptians/Hebrews/Indians/Negros (evidence that the Ancient South-American Indians were melanated (Black)):

These photos of Ancient South American Mummies with dreadlocks are irrefutable evidence that the Americas was a Negro Continent:

Here is Moor evidence that the Americas was a Negro Continent and that the Moors (Blacks) are the real Indians. In fact, Indian and Moor is one and the same (evidence that the North-American Indians were melanated (Black)):

Here is Moor evidence that the Indians were Moors. Yes, Moors are Indians too. In Fact, the Muurs/ Moors are Berber Indians (India): Prophet Noble Drew Ali was even from the Cherokee Tribe. The last Chief of the Cherokee Tribe was a Moslem Muur.

Now, with all of these contributions that Blackamoors have made to the world, why in the Sam’s hell are we second-class citizens in our own land and why are we not benefiting from all of it? The answer is of course, Wight supremacy, via, the Dum Diversa that was issued by the Pope against the Saracens/Hebrews/Indians, which authorized Christians to take our land and our possessions in the name of Christ. The fact that wight people also control the marketing and the branding for our inventions, also explains why our people do not benefit from it. Peace.