Old Jerusalem and Morocco in Orlando is a necessary post to demonstrate that the Americas is the true old world and the Holy land of the Bible and the Holy Quran.

Orlando had a Jerusalem Exhibit, which was turned into the Holy Land Experience (see post images), which is now a theme park in Orlando, FL. We associate exhibits with World’s Fairs, i.e., the Jerusalem exhibit at the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition in Dallas, Texas, and the New Jerusalem exhibit at the 1907 Saint Louis World’s fair (see post images); especially, since Epcot was designated as a permanent World’s Fair. Orlando had a secret World’s fair that no one talks about. This is not hard to believe since Jacksonville had a World’s fair (see 1888 Sub-Tropical Exposition), and they were staged in almost every major city in the world.

These World’s fair was staged all over the world after the Maurs/ Mu’urs (Moors) lost the Civil War, as repopulation events for newly created white incubator babies (inheritors of the old-world Order that was ruled by Maurs), and to explain away the fabulous Moorish/ Tartarian buildings and tech that were built by an advanced civilized of Maurs called Tartars or Berbers (Saracens). The Moorish buildings and tech had to be destroyed after these fairs since the evidence did not fit in with the false narrative of the Americas being a new and uncivilized world that was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492.

Here is evidence that the Maurs (Blackamoors) ran the Southern Confederacy and didn’t lose power in the Americas until after the 1871 Reconstruction Act. The first 18 U.S. Presidents were Negroes: https://www.americaistheoldworld.com/the-moors-ran-the-south/.

Old Jerusalem and Morocco in Orlando, FL:

Historically, Morocco has always been located near Old Jerusalem, and this is due to old Jerusalem’s close location to the Mughrabi Quarter[1] (Arabic: حارَة المَغارِبة Hārat al-Maghāriba, Hebrew: שכונת המוגרבים, Sh’khunat HaMughrabim), also known as the Maghrebi or Moroccan Quarter[2] was a neighborhood in the southeast corner of the Old City of Jerusalem, established in the late 12th century. It bordered the western wall of the Temple Mount on the east, the Old City walls on the south (including the Dung Gate) and the Jewish Quarter to the west. It was an extension of the Muslim Quarter to the north and was founded as an endowed Islamic waqf or religious property by a son of Saladin.[a]

The Dung Gate (Hebrew: שער האשפות Sha’ar Ha’ashpot), also known in Arabic as the Silwan Gate[1] and Mughrabi Gate (Arabic: باب المغاربة Bab al-Maghariba),[2][1] is one of the Gates of the Old City of Jerusalem.[3] It was built as a small postern gate in the 16th century by the Ottomans, first widened for vehicular traffic in 1952 by the Jordanians, and again in 1985 by the Israeli authorities.[4] The name Silwan Gate refers to the village of Silwan, that lies outside the gate, broadly southeast of it.[1]

The Dung Gate is one of the gates of Old Jerusalem, so knowing its true location is significant in determining where the true location of Old Jerusalem is. The true location of the Dung Gate is put into question since there is no Dung Gate at the counterpart old Jerusalem. In this post is an image of the Dung Gate at the so-called old Jerusalem in the Middle East. Why is this gate called the Dung Gate when it is nothing reminiscent of a Scarab Dung Beetle since there is no Scarab Dung Beetle representing a gate, like there is at EPCOT?

Epcot has a true Dung Gate, since there is a huge Scarab Dung Beetle there with a Morocco Pavilion that can easily qualify as the Maghrebi or Moroccan Quarter. Now, when we consider the Jerusalem Exhibit (the Holy Land Experience), which is now a theme park at Walt Disney World, how can Orlando not be Old Jerusalem and old Morocco? The evidence is too much to deny at this point.

In this post are images of Old Jerusalem, aka, the Jerusalem Exhibit, now called the Holy Land Experience. When we look at the said post images, we see the Temple of the Great King (Prester John/ King David El), the Wilderness Tabernacle, the Qumran Dead Sea Scrolls, crystal living waters, and the Jerusalem Street market. In this post is also a mini replica of Old Jerusalem that they display when you visit the Holy Land Experience in Orlanda. Old Jerusalem was a populated city that was surrounded by a wall.

Bethlehem, Galilee, and the Mediterranean Sea:

You are still not convinced that Orlando is old Jeruslaem and Morocco? Okay, well just to settle any doubt that you may have, Florida has a Bethlehem, Florida, and Lake Galilee in Florida. Galilee and Bethlehem are associated with Mary (Maya/ Meru) and her baby Jesus Christ and the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Old Jerusalem is located near Bethlehem (Bethlehem, FL?) and Galilee (Lake Galilee, FL?) on maps of the Mediterranean region. We already know that the original Mediterranean Sea was the Gulf of Mexico, which makes Florida, aka, La Floridas, the area of the original Holy land or land of the Bible. Florida was once a huge territory of land that was known as Tameri, aka, Abyssinia, or Ethiopia Superior/ India Superior (the land of the Maurs): https://www.americaistheoldworld.com/gibraltar-of-the-west/.

Here is evidence that New Jerusalem (Moslem-Jerusalem) was in the Americas and was under the authority of the Washitaw Mu’urs (Maurs/ Moors), aka, the Ancient Ones/ Mound Builders: https://www.americaistheoldworld.com/lower-jerusalem-and-morocco-was-in-missouri/.

Here is evidence that the Virgin Mother Mary, King David El (Prester John), and Jesus are Moslem Maurs (Saracens): https://rb.gy/mob6xq.

Additionally, the entire area around Disney world (majority south of it) is riddled with grid lines running through swamps. This area is an abandoned airport with giant concentric circles and six-pointed stars carved into the ground with rockets at each star point. Yes…these are some interesting anomalies indeed! Please, google these coordinates into Google maps and you will see some of these 6-pointed star grids: 27.601053, -81.236581, and 27.722321, -81.298940: https://goo.gl/maps/JW1egyekvXQXWyax7, and https://goo.gl/maps/uqwuSQbwQ1yzaqZj6.

The six-pointed star is associated with the King of Jerusalem, aka, King David El, hence the name the Star of David. Jerusalem is also known as the Holy City of David. King David El/ Prester John was known as the greatest magician/ magi ever because he was master of the Hexagram, which is a magical symbol. The Hexagram is the six-pointed star, and it is the highest symbol of Alchemy: https://www.facebook.com/Americaisthetrueoldworld/posts/2221548664576088.

I always knew that Venetian/ Phoenician Maurs had built Walt Disney World because it is Gothic Architecture, which is a Moorish or a Tartarian Mode of craftsmanship and Walt Disney is known as the Magical Kingdom. Interesting thing is that it was the Maurs (High Priest of Anu) that were known as the Magi’s (Magicians) in ancient times. Walt Disney world was once the magical Kingdom of the legendary Prester John, aka, the Wizard of Oz.

Old Jerusalem and Morocco in Orlando is not an attack on the duplicates in North Africa. This post is intended to educate the masses by shedding light on the lost history of America, and to educate the masses on the domestic presence of the Moors, since the Moors have been labelled as foreign invaders from Morocco that is in North Africa.

Marrakech or Marrakesh, also known as “the Pearl of the South”, has been one of the most important cities in the history of Morocco. Marrakesh means the “land of god” in Berber, and it is a doublet of Morocco. It has been inhabited by Berber farmers since Neolithic times. Yes, Morocco also means the land of God, which explains why it was near old Jerusalem.

If you don’t already know, but I found ten Morocco’s in the America which demonstrated that the Americas is Greater Morocco or Morocco Superior. Morocco also means the Land of God, which is consistent with the America’s being the promised land or Holy Land: https://www.americaistheoldworld.com/the-greater-morocco-was-in-the-americas/.

The distinguished surname Bey established Orlando, according to the book, “The First World Order,” by Dr. Alim El-Bey, a name which helped to pioneer America. Florida has a Bay County and a Tampa Bay, Florida, and over 18 Bays/ Beys. Bey also means Aryan: https://rb.gy/gxoy8f.

Bay Lake is a city in Orange County, Florida, United States. The population was 29 at the 2020 census. It is named after a lake (Bay Lake) that lies east of the Magic Kingdom. All four of the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks, and one of Walt Disney World’s two water parks, are in Bay Lake, though all Disney parks in the region have mailing addresses in nearby Lake Buena Vista.

Bay Lake is one of two Florida municipalities inside the Reedy Creek Improvement District, which also includes Walt Disney World, the other being Lake Buena Vista. The city is part of the Orlando–Kissimmee–Sanford Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Epcot is a theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida. It is owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company through its Parks, Experiences and Products division. Inspired by an unrealized concept developed by Walt Disney, the park opened on October 1, 1982, as EPCOT Center, and was the second of four theme parks built at Walt Disney World, after Magic Kingdom Park. Spanning 305 acres (123 hectares), more than twice the size of Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot is dedicated to the celebration of human achievement, namely technological innovation and international culture, and is often referred to as a “permanent world’s fair“.

Based upon all of the evidence, Florida was heavily influenced by the surname Bey (Bay); especially, Orlando (Morocco), since all four of Orlando’s Theme Parks are built around Bay Lake. The Moors as sea people (mariners = mauriners) are historically known to live on or near the water, so best believe that these theme parks in Orlando were once fabulous venetian gothic structures that belonged to noble Maurs, some of which had the distinguished surname Bey, which became Bay.   

The interesting thing about Epcot is that it is a Rotonda (see post image). Rotonda means round/ circular architecture, normally with a dome. Rotonda definition: (architecture) rotunda (a round building, usually small, often with a dome): https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/rotonda.

Rotonda also means rotor, as in motor. Here is the definition of rotor from the Webster dictionary: rotor. noun. ro·​tor ˈrōt-ər.: a part that rotates in a stationary part (as in an electrical machine): a complete system of rotating blades that support a helicopter in flight.

In this post is an image of Walt Disney showing plans of EPCOT as a Rotonda. EPCOT looks similar to a CERN portal. Walt Disney wanted EPCOT to be a futuristic domed city: https://www.yesterland.com/domedcity.html. Maybe because EPCOT already was a futuristic domed city with advanced technology? Yes, it certainly was, because all Walt Disney did was inherited what was left from a previous advanced civilization of Phoenician Maurs/ Tartars. EPCOT already had a dome since a rotonda is round architecture normally with a dome, according to definition.

Speaking of Rotonda, there is a round city in Florida called Rotonda West, Florida. An image of this circular or circuit (electrical) city is in this post. This too was once a futuristic domed city with free energy tech. This Rotonda is now a private gated community inhabited by wealthy people. You can see examples of Rotonda cities all over the world, so these round cities were not built by modern-day Europeans but were inherited from a previous advanced civilization of Maurs.

The Ponce de Leon Hotel in Saint Augustine Florida has a room with a Rotonda ceiling with a Roman mosaic underneath it: https://www.americaistheoldworld.com/imperial-rome-and-italy-superior/.

How did these Kushite Maurs (Moors) from Morocco acquire ancient super advanced technology?

In this post are some early images of the Epcot Center from the 1970’s and as you can see it looks completely different than what it does now. If you ask me, they should have left it original. I love the golden Scarab Dung Beetle ball (Baal = Bey-El) that once supplied free Energy to this ancient, advanced Moorish/ Tartarian city. Yes, the old world had free energy and gold was the technology of the gods, since it is the best conductor of electricity: https://www.americaistheoldworld.com/ancient-greece-and-ancient-rome-was-in-old-world-america/.

As further proof that the Epcot Center once had free energy technology, let’s refer to the early images of the Epcot Center from the 1970’s. As you can see, the Epcot Center used to be shaped like a scarab (sacred) beetle, since the huge golden ball is the bung that was collected by the Bung Beetle, aka, the Scarab Beetle. Epcot used to be Dung Gate since it is shaped like a Scarab beetle, and you have a Morocco pavilion that can easily qualify as the Maghrebi or Moroccan Quarter. Plus, the Holy Land Experience theme park used to be called the Jerusalem Exhibit. 

The ancient Egyptians had a huge reverence for the Scarab Beetle (Bee-tle = Bee), which is the Bee, and the Falcon (Horus/ Heru/ Hero), which is the bird. Together they equal the study of the birds and the bees (sex = love), which is real sex based on Alchemy, which is the root of Chemistry and is the science of all sciences.

The ancient Egyptians studied Mother Nature (Medu Neter) by way of the birds (falcons) and the bees/ beetles, which is the super advanced technology acquired through thorough thoughts (Thoth), as my previous blog post demonstrates, “Teotihuacan is the Home of Thoth and the Capital of Atlantis”: https://www.americaistheoldworld.com/teotihuacan-is-the-home-of-thoth/.

The bee and the beetle are related since they both fly by means of acoustic levitation (sound waves), which is the most advanced mode of flight. Yes…, a portal, wormhole, and/ or vortex is what lifts up the bee/ beetle on an invisible cloud and its wings are just stirs for it to navigate. Since the bee and the beetle share the same symbolism, the golden bung ball can also represent the golden (honey) beehive of the Queen Bee (Bey), which is a free energy powerplant that never sleeps, since beehives produce sound frequencies (waves) from all of the buzzing that can be tapped into for free energy.

The Maurs became the custodians of the Egyptian Mysterious when Egypt fell according to the book, “Stolen Legacy,” by George G. James. Maur means a “High priest of Anu,” according to a book called, “The Teachings of Ptahhotep the oldest Book in the world,” by Asa G. Hilliard (see post image of Maur Hieroglyph). The Moors were the learnt men and women of old, and master builders that were able to build the gothic architecture in Orlando (Marrakesh) and throughout Florida, and the world, due to them being custodians of the Egyptian Mysterious.

Based upon the evidence, Old Jerusalem and Morocco in Orlando, Florida, was “the land of god” with advanced technology like this as displayed in this blog post. We can go back even further in history by saying that Orlando is a remanent of Atlantis since Egypt was a colony of Atlantis. Please read my previous blog post entitled, ” The Americas is Atlantis and the Origin of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization”: https://www.americaistheoldworld.com/the-americas-was-atlantis-and-the-origin-of-the-ancient-egyptian-civilization/.

The Moors have a connection to Atlantis since the Atlanteans were sea people. In addition, Atlas, the King of Atlantis, who was the first king of Mauritania/ Ta-Mauritania (Tamauri =Tameri =La floridas) was also the son of Poseidon, the god of the sea; and hence, a Moorman (Negro/ Ethiopian or male mermaid), aka, a Mariner. This Atlantean connection, via Atlas, the first King of the Mauritania Berbers (Moors), explains why Moors were known as the sea people, since Atlas was the son of the Greek (Creek) sea god Poseidon.

Marrakesh is Orlando, Florida:

Morocco is Orlando, based upon the significance of the Bay (Bey) lake, which is the center of Orlando’s four Theme Parks, and the Venetian Gothic Architecture found all over Orlando, but especially at Orlando’s Theme Parks. Also, we know from my previous blog post shared above, “The Greater Morocco was in the Americas,” that ancient Morocco and Mecca was in Indiana, which makes Orlando a prime candidate to be another ancient Morocco or the capitol of Morocco in this instance, since the capital of Morocco, “Marrakesh,” must be someone in the same territory of La floridas, which is Tameri (old Egypt) or Ethiopia Superior.

Orlando (Marrakesh), Florida is in the same territory as Mecca and Morocco Indiana, since according to various old maps La floridas, aka, Tameri covered a huge portion of land from Florida to Mexico, and even parts of Canada. La floridas was Ethiopia Superior (Tameri)/ India Superior (Hindu Kush), aka, Greater Kush, as my previous blog post demonstrates, “Ancient Afghanistan was in Missouri”: https://www.americaistheoldworld.com/ancient-afghanistan-was-in-missouri/.

With all of this Kushite (Ethiopian = Moor) evidence supplied in the above paragraph, the sons of Kush home of Marrakesh must be in Orlando, Florida, due to the Moorish Architecture/ Gothic Architecture, and the Moroccan city place names at EPCOT, which is a Bey/ Bay city.

Epcot Center features the Morocco Pavilion, which looks very ancient according to the images. The construction looks nothing like new Moorish revival architecture, as they claim it to be. In fact, the architecture looks very old and some parts of the building was melted due to some type of a plasma heat event, possibly from the great comet (Tecumseh’s comet) of 1811-1812 that stayed in the air almost a full year and came so close to the earth that it cooked most of the old world order, and left small pockets of survival like Walt Disney World, Flagler College, and all of the old-world Moorish/ Tartarian architecture that you see throughout the world that is not completely in ruins.

The Epcot Center has the Fez House and the Marrakesh Restaurant which just looks fabulous on the inside. Marrakesh also means sons of Kush. Fez was also a city in Morocco named after the Moorish Headdress (Fez) and the Pheasant bird, which was an old-world delicacy that made the Moors wealthy.

The Morocco pavilion also has a Tangierine Cafe, which is named after the Florida Tangerine orange and Tangier, a city in Morocco, is short for Tangierine.

The Morocco Pavilion is built along the Bay (Bey), which is a custom of the Moors is to live on or near the water, since they were sea people. The Moroccan place names (Fez, Tangier, Marrakesh, and Morocco) and the Moorish Architecture leaves no doubt that Orlando was Marrakesh, the capital city of the Greater Morocco that the Moors had in the Americas.

Disney World was the home of the Magical kingdom of Prester John (Saint John):

Disney World is named after Dixieland Park in Jacksonville, Florida was also built with Moorish Architecture and there is a Morocco Temple with a Cathedral District in Jacksonville (John’s village): https://rb.gy/85z13w.

Disney World was the home of the Magical kingdom of Prester John (Saint John), who was the king of the Orient, King of India, the Grand Khan, the Khan Father (the Godfather), King of the Tartars, King of the three Indies or the King of three Ethiopia’s (the world), etc. Prester John was also known as the Dragon Emperor, the Dragon-King, the Lord of the Rings, and John the Baptist due to his association with the Fountain of Youth in Ethiopia Superior in Florida: https://rb.gy/kewwbb.

Prester John: the Green Man and his Green Swamp:

Prester John was also known as the Green Man and the Green knight, which is a very interesting title since master Yoda, Quetzalcoatl, Osiris, and Ptah were green men. Florida has a green swamp that is near Prester’s John magical kingdom in Orlando, Florida.

I first learnt about the Green Swamp, aka, “The Enchanted Forest,” by watching this video about the giant cypress trees that were cut down in the green swamp in the 1930’s. Here is a video of giant cypress trees that were between 2000-3000 years old. Cypress wood is fire resistant, water resistant, bug resistant, and it does not rot. Cypress wood can last forever, which is why it is so expensive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1chpNNEuMfo&list=LL&index=14.

In the video the train, which is Tartarian technology, is being operated by a Maur and most of the labor was done by Maurs from Rosewood, FL. They were hired to work their due to them losing everything after their rich and successful Black town (Rose wood) was destroyed by jealous poor whites who took over their Forestry Industry (trains, electric wood mill, workforce, etc) and let them keep their jobs until the Green Swamp and surrounding areas were raped of the precious cypress wood, which is the best wood for building boats, floors, roofs, and marine construction since the wood grows in water and will never rot in the water.

The Maurs (labelled as pirates) were able to build the best boats in the world due to this cypress wood that grows in the south in Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana swamps. These Maurs were captured during the Civil War to build boats for the North. The South had the best Navy because these Moormen were sea people, and it was in their blood to be the master of ships. The Civil War was Black people fighting each other on both sides of this war, so I am sorry that we have been lied to big time about the Transatlantic Slave Trade, since Black people were not the majority of the slaves: https://rb.gy/xxldje.

The Green Swamp was able to produce these giant cypress trees due to it being the recharge station for Florida’s natural spring water aquifer that runs throughout the state. The Green swamp also has four rivers of Eden as described in Genesis as the Garden of Eden. The Green swamp is positioned right between Orlando and Tampa too. Over 520,000 acres of Moors (Swamp land or land by water). 520=7, since we can cancel the zero in 520, since vowels can be omitted, and it does not change the value.

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