Hello, my name is Amunhotep Chavis El-Bey, and I am proud to introduce to you my new book entitled, “America is the True Old World,” but first let me tell you more about myself. I am a honorary 33 degree mason, Metaphysician, Historian, Philosopher, Paralegal, Researcher, Poet, Published Author, Crown Knight of Kush, and Ghostwriter. I am 40 years old and loving life in beautiful South Florida. I spend most of my time with my family and friends, so I do consider myself to be a family man and a team player. Now, let’s discuss my new book.

The book, “America is the True Old World” (Vol., I), is destined to rewrite the history books, due to the topic of the book, if proven correct, because the old world is suppose to be the East and not the West. This book reveals the discovery of the Lost Continent of Mu, the discovery of Atlantis, the discovery of the Garden of Eden, and so much more. This book has 40 color illustrations to highlight the Beauty of Old World America.  This book is volume I of a IV volume eBook series that covers 12 chapters, so there is more to come. Volume I, eBook Chapters include: Chapter 1: America is the True Old World (Vol., I); Chapter 2: India Superior was in North America (Vol., I); and Chapter 3: Ancient Sumer was in the Americas (Vol., I).

This book is actually an open challenge to any and all scholars, whether they be professional or amateur scholars. I don’t rely on any degrees from western Colleges to qualify me to write this eBook, because I will let the evidence that I present qualify this book as factual. I am of the firm belief that it is the current established western academia model of history, which is the Out of Africa Theory, is the main reason why none of the discoveries listed in this books are not known and are not talked about if known, because no one wants to go against established western academia. To go against Western Academia is to be label a fraud and an incompetent person, so I understand why the information in this book is not known or either not talked about. We are in the age of Aquarius, which is the Information Age/the Age of Knowing, so everything that was hidden will come to light.

Over the last hundreds of years, people have infatuated with ancient civilizations like Sumer, Egypt, and India. However, those civilizations could never be in the NEW World (the Americas), because this landmass was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, which is what they teach us in school. As a result of most people believing that the Americas is the New World, most people are completely wrong about how old the Americas are and that the said ancient civilizations were also in the Americas too. This book is designed to set the record straight.

In this post is an image of  a Olmec head. The Olmec’s (old Mexicans) were your first Americas and, probably, your first humans too. The Olmecs were some of the survivors of the Atlantis disaster. I say this because no Olmec head has been found in Africa, so therefore the Olmec’s did not come from Africa, which is contrary to what western academia believes. The Olmec head image in this post is undoubtedly that of a Mu’ur/ Moor (Negro) from Mu. Mu means Mother, according to James Churchward in his the Lost continent of Mu, book. The Olmecs were Mu’urs, because they come from MU/Meru/Meri/Mary. MU is code for Mu’urs. The headdress of the Olmec resembles a Fez. You can even see the tassel on the front of the fez and you can see tassels on the back of the Fez too with the other Olmec image I have shared in this post of the back view of the Olmec head.

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