Grand Tartary was in North America is an appropriate post, since it’s been a lot of talk about Tartary (Tartaria) lately, since this was an advanced civilization that was suppressed by the powers that be. Tartary on old maps is in Asia near Russia (see post images). What if America was Asia Major and Moscow, which is the capitol of Russia, was in North America by Fancisca (France)? This evidence could prove that America was the grand or the Superior Tartary.


Let’s start first by proving that the Americas is the Orient (the East) and Asia Major:

Now, where is Russia? Well, here is a 1562 map of America by Spanish cartographer, Diego Gutiérrez, from the Library of Congress:,0.175,0.732,0.315,0.

The 1562 Diego Gutierrez map shows Fancisca (France) and the mythical golden city of Norimberga that was allegedly built by Vikings. This said map also shows you Moscow, the capital of Russia (Russia/ Ross/ Russ-Asian: Clan Ros/ Rus or Andros/ Andrews), in North America. 

Well, so much for Norimberga being a myth, because it had to be real for it to be on an authentic map from the library of congress. Yes, the original French were the Franks/Clan Ross (Rus/Andrews/Andros) and they were French Maurs (Blackamoors), aka, Berber Merovingian’s:

This also explains why you have a French Quarters in Louisiana, and they also refer to themselves as Acadians (Akkadians). I have attached a YouTube video from a European, who has told the truth, entitled, “Breakdown: Steely Dan – The Royal Scam. Orphan Origins, True Acadians and Indigenous,” by Deciphering the Devil’s Details. This YouTube video demonstrates that the original French were Maurs/ Muurs (Blacks):

Russia was established by the mighty Andrews/ Andros/ Ros/ Rus clan from Scotland when they were Saracens (Old Arabs), which explains all the Black “Russian Icons” and the Islamic state flag of Russia (RUS-Asian) with its Cherry red background and Islamic crescent moon and star: The fact that these Russians (Tartarians) were Saracens (old Arabs) explains all of the Moorish/ Tartarian Architecture throughout Russia.

We must also consider Russia Ohio, and a Moscow Ohio since the Russians were Tartarians or Maurs (Moors). The term Maur means high Priest of Anu, according to the Palermo stele from ancient Egypt. The owl and the serpent (dragon) are Hieroglyphic symbols of the Maur, according to the Palermo Stele from Egypt. The owl and the dragon are both flag symbols of Tartary, which makes the Maur a Tartarian. In this post is the flag of the Empire of Tartary. As you can see, Tartary was very Moorish, since it has two red Moorish flags on its grand flag.

Also, there is a tribe of American Indians called the Muscovee creek (Greek) Indians. Muscovee is etymologically (similar spelling) and phonetically (similar sounding) like Moscow, the capital of Russia. The Russians of Moscow were known as the Muscovites. In fact, Muscovite is the plural form of Muscovee. The Muscovee (Muscogee) Creek are the Greeks, and they were blood allies with the Seminole Indians:

We have a city in Florida called Saint Petersburg, likewise, Russia has a Tatarian city called Saint Petersburg. The Old Tampa Bay Hotel looks like something that should be in Saint Petersburg, Russia, because the same Moorish revival architecture can be found all over Saint Petersburg Russia.

Embedded in this blog post is an old-world map from Kim Edgmon that shows America connected to Tartary: This map shows you no Bering Strait to cross, and it shows you the continent of Antarctic as a huge land mass still attached to South America with no icecap formed yet, so I am assuming that this map is from the 1500’s-1700’s, because this is the period when Antarctica was ice free. You can view several maps like this in my previous blog post shared above called, “Ancient China the land of the Orient.”


The Americas was once so great that the authorities had to hold several world fairs in North America just to explain away the evidence of a pre-advanced civilization and their tech. For Example, the Americas had the Pan-American World’s fair, the 1876 Centennial International Exposition, the Panama-California Exposition, the Tennessee Centennial Exposition, the Golden gate International Exposition, the Chicago world’s fair, the Saint Louis World’s fair, the New York World’s fair, the Jamestown Virginia Exposition, the Panama–Pacific International Exposition, the 1895 Cotton States and International Exposition, the Great Lakes Exposition, the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, the Century 21 Exposition, the Subtropical Exposition, the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition, and etc. No place in the world had this many Expositions, aka, World’s fair which leads me to believe that the Americas was not only India Superior (Asia Major), but also the superior (Grand) Tartary, Egypt, Sumer, Babylon, Jerusalem, etc.

Tartary or Tartaria is one of the greatest civilizations that was ever suppressed by the authorities, since this was an advanced Blackamoor civilization with free energy tech, modern tech, and fabulous Gothic and Greco-Roman Architecture. For an example of what I am referring to and to get a glimpse of how Grand Tartary looked like, please read my Facebook post about the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition in Dallas, Texas:

The Facebook link above proves that the Tartarians had free energy, beautiful Gothic and Greco-Roman architecture, and it proves that most of our technology comes from Grand Tartary, even the automobile. As king Solomon said in the Bible, “It is nothing new under the sun,” which is a true old proverb.


The plateau of Tartary is America since America was the landmass first inhabited [see home page], according to the book, “Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry,” by R. Swinburne Clymer, pg 25: “The cradle of the symbolism used in all Masonry is placed by many of the best authorities in that Country which they believed was first inhabited, i.e., the plateau of Tartary, and from there transmitted to this generation by the sages of India, Persia, Ethiopia, and Egypt. We are not indebted to either ancient Egypt for either religion or Masonry, but to America.”

“It is a fact that at Memphis, Egypt, in the pyramids, under the guidance of the Kings, the Mystic Rites of Masonry were worked many thousands of years ago, but at that time Egypt and the continent of America were one and the same.” [End quote].


“Their manner of levying a money-tax upon the vanquished was precisely that of the Black Huns in Italy, many centuries before: and it is unnecessary to emphasize the fact that they scalped their enemies like the modern “Red Indians.” The Tartar features of these Black Danes are visible again and again: (the word “Tartar,” being used as it was done when “as Black as Tartars” was a proverbial expression).” [End quote from, “Ancient and Modern Britons,” by David MacRitchie, pg. 406.:…/Ancient_and…/2wFbAAAAQAAJ….]
Now, that we know that the Danes were Tartars. Do we have evidence to confirm this? Yes, we do. In this post is a painting of a Tartar from the year 1577 and he is “as Black as Tartars.” In addition, we have an image of King Frederick II of Denmark and Norway and his daughter Queen Anne of Denmark. Denmark was named after the Danes, who are the Tribe of Dan.
Frederick II of Denmark
July 1, 1534 – April 4, 1588
King of Denmark and Norway and duke of Schleswig from 1559, until his death.
Photo: National Museums of Denmark Archives.
Even the original Celtic black Vikings, Thorhall the great, Thorvard, Thorfinn the great, were black Vikings in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, etc. When the Caucasians came out the Caucasus Mountain and travelled further up Europe, evidence mentions that they saw giant black people who were Asconmanni which means Ashmen, and Blumaend (black people with a blue tone). In winter times when black people don’t moisturize their skin, they go ascomanni=grey in contrast facts. For Evidence on this check out this photo of king Frederick II of Denmark and Norway. Look at how Blue-Black (gray) he is. Denmark and Norway is Viking Country. You see, the truth is all in the art (artifacts).
Well, so much for the white Viking hijack. His daughter, Queen Anne of Denmark, married King James of the Bible. Yes, King James was Black too. How do you explain a black king ruling over Viking territory? Keep in mind this is recent, so this requires a lot of explaining for any white Europeans that claims that the Vikings and the Tartars (Tartarians) were white. This post has images of the original Black Nobility:
Notice, in the background image of the painting of King Frederick II, you will see Gothic Architecture (Castles and Cathedrals), which is a Tartarian or a Moorish mode or workmanship, according to the master textbook, “A Dictionary of the Architecture and Archaeology of the Middle Ages.” Yes, the Tartarians (Muurs/ Moors) built all of the Castles and Cathedrals throughout the world, which became College Universities, since Gothic Building is a Moorish style of building. The Cathedral is built with a Gothic (Moorish/Islamic) type of building and so is Westminster Abbey:
Notice how in the link above that you see on the left-hand side towards the bottom of the page, “In Turner’s Normandy, vol. ii. p. 250, are delineated several sculptural spandrels from Bayeux Cathedral, exhibiting somewhat of the Moorish or Tartarian, mode of workmanship. The word is spelt spaundre in the French Contract for reforming Westminster Hall,” dated 1393. – “A Dictionary of the Architecture and Archaeology of the Middle Ages.” Now, this is a powerful quote coming from a master textbook written by a white author that is recognized. Well, it was the Moors, as Tartars (Berbers=Tartars), the built the Castles and Cathedrals throughout Europe and the world.
Okay, so now that we have several sources to confirm that the Tartars were Blackamoors: we have the Gothic Architecture, we have the written evidence from authors, and we have the actual paintings of Tartars from that time-period; but what about all the advanced Tartarian tech? Well…, the so-called Black people invented over 90% of the world’s inventions, so the people with the most inventions are the descendants of the Tartarians:
In this post is an image of the Benjamin Franklin Middle School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (Hawa/ Yahweh). The building style is Cherokee Gothic architecture, which means that this building is a Moorish or a Tartarian mode of craftsmanship. Yes, the moors, who were also the Tartarians built all the Gothic and Greco-Roman Architecture in the Americas and throughout the world:


Notice the Symbols of Grand Tartary (the dragon and the owl), which was in India Superior (the Americas), on this Cherokee Gothic style building. Yes, the Dragon, the owl, and the Griffin (Queen Califia’s dragons) are on many flags of Tartary. But what does the Dragon and the Owl symbolize? Well, read more here:
I shared these Images since Turks/ Moors were Tartars and the building style is Gothic, which is a Moorish or Tartarian mode of workmanship. The Turks, the Danes, and the Mongols are said to come from Tartar stock, according to the book, “Prester John: The legend and its Sources.” The interesting thing about Turkey is that we know that ancient Turkey was in South Carolina:, so we have a connection here.
We also have a connection to Turkey with the Architecture since we see the same Gothic/ Moorish Style architecture with the Magical Kingdom of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, which was part of the magical Kingdom of the legendary Priest-King Prester John:
Prester John was known as the King of the Tartars (Tartaria), King of Asia, King of India, King of the Orient (the East), the Dragon King, the Dragon Emperor, and many more titles, so we have a connection here to Tartary since the dragon was a symbol of Tartary and is on the Flag of Tartary. Learn more about Prester John by reading my previous blog, “Ancient China the Land of the Orient in North America:”
Lastly, we must consider the Fairyland of Walt Disney Land in California, which also has a Moorish Style castle like the castles found in Turkey, so we have a connection. Also, the Queen of California and the Amazons was the Moorish Emperess Queen Khalifa, who was known as the Griffin Queen. The Griffin is also a symbol of Tartary since the Griffin is on the Flag of Tartary that features the Russian or Rus Bear with the 5-pointed star on it. Walt Disney land was part of Queen Khalifa’s magical kingdom since this was one of her Royal Palaces. Learn more about one of the Queens of Tartary, Queen Khalifa, and her magical kingdom, right here: