Some of us have issues with our license where we can't travel from place to place. Trust me, I know how it is. I am talking from experience here, because I have had those kinds of issues with my driver's license; however, all hope is not lost because we are still alive, and there is a legal loophole on the private side where you can exercise your God given right under Natural Law/Common Law to travel from place to place. That legal loophole is called an International Driver's Permit (IDP) that is good for 4 years and recognized in over 200 Countries. The IDP is issued by the Pan American Travel Association (PATA), who is a member in good standing with the UNITED NATIONS (UN). The UN recognizes the IDP and the UN Logo is even on the front cover of the IDP to give it more prestige and authority. I and some of my friends and family travel with the IDP and Officers are always baffled by it, because most have never seen it and its 100% legit. Officers often ask, "Hey, how did you get this!" Not only will you get the application to get the IDP, but you will also get an Affidavit to Invoke your Right to Travel, along with instructions on how to complete the IDP application and the Affidavit, and instructions on how to use the IDP and the Affidavit. The Affidavit and the IDP work together to rebut any false presumptions (the law of presumption) that you are a US citizen that is earning driver's wages, while engaged in commerce. The affidavit by itself is worth over $100.00 US dollars, so this is truly an amazing offer, so get it Now.