Peace friend and family, this blog post is in response to Dan Calloway’s YouTube video, “The Origin of the Term Moor -Part 1.” If you have not seen that video yet, please watch it first before reading this blog post, because you all need to see how ignorant this young man is when it comes down to actual historical facts. I will even go as far as saying that Dan Calloway and Young Pharoah are both agents because of the level of misinformation that have produced against the Muurs from Mu/Mount Meru/Mauri/Mary/Mry/Mr. Any real scholar should know that the Americas is Tameri (the land of the muurs/ the land of Mary); therefore, it is fair to say that Dan Calloway and Young Pharaoh are amateur scholars at best; and I am going to prove it with this post, so let’s begin to debunk them both as scholars.

It is generally held that the word “Moor” is defined as “North African, Berber,” late 14c., from Old French “More,” from Medieval Latin “Morus,” from Latin “Maurus” meaning “inhabitant of Mauritania”, which stems from Greek “Mauros,” thought to be a native name. Yet, it is very unfortunate that many neglect to trace the terms etymological roots further back; as language did not begin with the Greeks and Romans, nor did the term “Moor;” and so we must look further back to find its true source, which brings us to the Phoenician term “Mahurin” meaning “Westerners” and that can be ultimately linked to the Egyptian “M’R,” “Mer,” “Maur,” “Meh-Ru,” and “Mu.”

“A Book of the Beginning” by English poet and Egyptologist Gerald Massey, he tells us that: “This name for a land lying north-west of the African centre-always reckoning from the south-would deposit the names of the Mauri land; Marmarica (a duplicate form) and Marocco (Morocco) as the Mauri or Moors went farther north into Spain, or Tzeiphon. From these and other data may be drawn the inference that the Maori people were self-named as the emigrants who came from the north-west, one name of which Mauru, Egyptian Meru, Meroe or the Meh-ru.” Gerald Massey further states that: “The Mauri name is that of the later Moors, of a land under the Tropic of Cancer and north-west of the equator, as well as of Aethiopia the typical birthplace. And the name of the Moors found on the Egyptian monuments is written Mauri or Maurui. The original Mauri dwelt in the north-western land lying between the Atlantic and Mediterranean, and their name is identifiable with that of the Maori, whose traditions derive them from the north-west.”

In the book entitled, “The Venus Blueprint: Uncovering the Ancient Science of Sacred Spaces” By Richard Merrick, the author gives us information relating to the variants of the word “Moor” and its etymological root; writing that: “Now to be fair, this is not the only path taken by the Rig-Veda and “Meru” name. Variations of the name traveled with many different people along often-circuitous routes at different times in history. For example, the people who migrated across the Mediterranean into Spain from North Africa were known as Moors or Moorish, a derogatory name meaning dark (think Moon and night). They came from Moroccan cities such as Marrakech (again meaning “Land of God”) and Mauritania-both located beneath the Atlas mountain range west of Egypt. In this way the word for “dark” was likely taken from these dark people’s belief in Meru and the corresponding Egyptian M’R.” Richard Merrick then tells us that: “We can say the same about Meru as a name in India. The Mauryan Empire that first unified the entire Indian subcontinent in 340 BCE was named after its emperor Chandragupta Maura. In this case, the emperor’s name is believed to have originated from Moriya or Maurya after another reference to the sacred mountain of the Rig-Veda.”

Not only have we been given Phoenician evidence, but there is numerous references that validate the presence of ancient Egyptians in the Americas. In the book “Amerika: Timeless World” by Chilean-born writer and researcher Hector Burgos Stone, we are told that: “Egyptians were originally natives of South America’s equatorial regions. Throughout Peru, Bolivia and southern Brazil numerous findings have substantiated comparisons to ancient Egypt. Such discoveries pertain to customs, myths, common names of gods and etymological similarities.” Hector Burgos Stone also tells us that: “According to ancient Egyptian legends and traditions. The Sphinx came from the west. And the Egyptians held the west as the land of their forefathers. In other words, it was Amenti. It was America.”

In the book “Mysteries of Ancient South America” by British journalist Harold T. Wilkins, “Perhaps, most compelling yet least known references establishing “Moors” cradle or origin within the Western Hemisphere, particularly that of America; comes from the mythos and the zodiacal equivalents from which they were originally based upon. In the work “Researches into the lost histories of America; or, The Zodiac shown to be an old terrestrial Map in Which the Atlantic Isle is Delineated; so that Light can be thrown upon the obscure histories of the earthworks and ruined cities of America” By English tailor and Atlantis enthusiast William Stephens Blacket, the author tells us that: “The history of Egypt must, to some extent, hang on to the west coast of South America. There must have been migrations from that land into the valley of the Nile, sufficient in extent and influence to have created a religion and given Egypt – a God.”

I have already given enough Scholarly evidence to debunk Dane Calloway and Young Pharaoh, because the Term Moor is firmly established in ancient Times; However,  our people are under a spell, so I gotta take it a step further so that there is no doubt that the Americas was a Moslem (Muslim) Nation that was overthrown in the name of Christ, using Christianity as a tool to get what they had wanted, which was land and resources. Please read my recent Blog post, “The Original Arabs, Turks, and Muslims were Blackamoors,” because the information all ties in: 

America was never a white Christian Nation at first. Believe it or not, but America is your home. Stop calling yourself an African-American when you are an American:

I. I attest that my nationality is Amurru Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah. I am a Tribal Moor and my tribe is Amurru Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah.

  1. According to the Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th edition, deluxe, the word Moor is specifically designated in the definition of Land.

  2. According to the Webster 1936 Universal Dictionary, the word ‘American’ is defined as “an Aboriginal or one of the various copper color natives found on the American Continents by the Europeans. The original application of the name was Amurru [the West].” ~ 1936 Webster Universal Dictionary.

  3. The book, “Africans and Native Americans,” by Dr. Jack Forbes, states, “The slave trade started in America and the slaves were taken mostly to Spain and Europe. When the Spanish came to America they found the Indios (Indians), the black people who are with God.”

  4. Empress Verdiacee Tiacee Tiari Washitaw (Washington) – Turner (Tunica) Goston El Bey (the current heiress, by and through blood, and Supreme Sovereign of the de Bourbon Estate, also known as The Emperial International Estate of the Bourbon Habsburg Empire, later as a whole called The Empire of Amurru Washitaw de Dedugdahmoundyah), wrote in her book, “The Return of the Ancient Ones,” “That 85% of the blacks in America were already here before the slave trade. Only 15% of blacks come from Africa.” We all come from Africa but there is a suppressed history of blacks being a global people. Pangaea proves that all of the continents were connected, so migration to and from Africa and to other places was simple and easy.

Some of the images shared in this blog post are images of  the original statue of Liberty. Yes, family and friends the original symbol of America was actually a Moorish (black) Muslim women: Why Muslim, well because this Country was founded on Islam, it was the Muurs who established and taught the europeans government. This is why elite Europeans call themselves Shriners, aka, Moslem sons, and wear the Muurish Fez in secret. All of the so-called founder fathers of the Country had a Holy Quran and it was Morocco, Indiana that first recognized the UNITED STATES as a nation.

Additionally, the Barbary Treaties of 1786-1836 between US and the Barbary state, the Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1786/1836 between Morocco and the US, and House Resolution 75, read April 17, 1933, page 5759, demonstrates the Moor/Muur presence right here in America. All of the said treaties are treaties of the US and are the Supreme Law of the land per Article VI, Clause 2 of the US Constitution. The said treaties demonstrate the existence of the Mahometan (Mohammedan) Nation right here in America, formerly known, as Al-Morocco, aka, the North Gate. This country was not founded on Christianity, per the Treaty of Tripoli, Article 11: “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen (Muslims); and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan (Mohammedan) nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.” . This country was founded on the science of ISLAM, because the Olmec Muurs from Mu/Mount Meru (mother Mary) were the first ones in Americas (see Olmecs and also see Washitaw Mu’urs) and they brought the science of I.S.L.A.M (Sufism/ Masonry) along with them.

The Morocco in North Africa wasn’t established until 1956, therefore, the Morocco that first recognized the US in 1777 as a Nation, couldn’t have been the Morocco that was established in North Africa in 1956, because the 1956 Morocco was not around in 1777. The Morocco that it is referring to is Al-Morocco, which means the farthest most West. North America is a continent that is the farthest most West. Al-Morocco, the West, is an ancient Name for America. This was not the only name for America, but it did exist very recently on paper as you can see.

In this blog post is an image of a gold coin, valued at $100 US dollars, of the original statue of Liberty, aka, Lady Liberty.  Yes, Lady Liberty appears “in a new light: as a Blackamoor woman,” in a $100 US dollar gold coin that officials at the U.S. Mint have announced. But what could be it’s meaning? Here are some compiled notes and research points.

The 2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin shows a Moor’s head in profile with a crown of stars. It features the year of the Philadelphia mint’s founding, 1792, as well as 2017. The reverse side of the coin depicts an eagle in flight.

In 1792, the Philadelphia Mint was created from the need to establish a national identity and the needs of commerce in the United States as a result of the new found indigenous wealth. This led the Founding Fathers of the United States to make an establishment of a continental national mint, a main priority after the ratification of the Constitution of the United States. The Coinage Act of 1792 was entered into law on April 2. It proclaimed the creation of the United States Mint.

Philadelphia at that time was the nation’s capital as a result of the Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Morocco and the UNITED STATES established under the sacred Elm Tree of Sagamoor Tamanend. (See St. Tammany and William Penn). Therefore, the first mint facility was built there. The Mint Act also instituted a decimal system based on a dollar unit; specified weights, metallic composition and fineness; and required each United States coin feature “an impression emblematic of liberty”.

You see, family and friends they put the symbols right in front of our faces, but it is up to us to know the symbol. The Elite Europeans know who we are, we don’t know who we are because we entrust in a racist white supremacist school system to teach us our history and that’s really foolish if you think about it, because it is not in their best interest to teach us who we really are in their schools. I am a big advocate for us having our own schools.

I have pretty much debunked double agents Dane Calloway and Young pharaoh, but we are not done with them yet, because we are having fun with this. I know I am having fun. Lets see if we can find the term Muur /Moor in the term “America” with the use of Etymology.

We need to get out of our feelings and understand that Moor is the ancient and proper way of calling someone with dark skin, Black. Moors were blackamoor people of all faiths and customs, and not just Islam! There is also two sets of Moors. The Moor spelled with the double O are the Moors from Europe and Africa. The Moor spelled with the Mu’ur are the Moors from Mu/Atlantis, aka, Lemuria (the Americas). Keep in mind that you have the Title Moor/Mu/Mer/Maur/Meru/Meri in the Word America. For Example, Amaur-ka, (T)a-mer-Inca (America), Amen-Ra-Ka, Al Morocco (Al-mer-Ra-Ka), Al-Mauri-khan (American) Ameru-Ka, Amexem (Mexico), and etc. Etymology is very powerful true science. In fact, Moors are Indians and here is evidence: Prophet Noble Drew Ali was even from the Cherokee (Cherry Tree/ Red flag) Tribe, which was a tribe of Berber Indians, aka, Moors from India Superior, which was in North America: Yes, Islam comes from Sufism, which is a science that came from Indian Superior.

Prophet Noble Drew Ali was a Prince of the Washitaw Muur Empire. The Washitaw Moors are the oldest indigenous people on the planet. The word Washington [DC] is derived from the word Washitaw. Read this blog I did years ago to learn how vast the Washitaw Empire use to be. This empire covered 75% of the World’s land at one point in time and this was the last great empire we as a people ruled under: I call myself a Berber Indian, aka, a Muur, because it ties me back to land and our last great empire, as blackamoor people, was a Muurish Empire. Emotionism does not count. Get over the fact that they have lied to us about everything.

The powers that be have paid agents that go on smear campaigns against the Muurs, by placing all Muurs under the Islamic title and by labeling only the Muurs as traitors to the Blackamoor race, when all races have traitors of all faiths and of all nationalities. This is all by design, because being a Blackamoor ties you back to not only land, but also back to royalty. You see, the king’s knights learnt the king’s law, Common law, and they enforced it. For example, the first sheriffs and bailiffs were Moorish knights. You see, the word Sheriff comes from the Arabic word Sharif, which means noble. The word Bailiff comes from the Hebrew word Bey, which means lord and/or governor. Get the black’s law Dictionary 4th edition and look up the word Moor. When you do you will discover that one Moor equals 100 bailiffs: Moor. An officer in Isle of Man, who summons the courts for the several sheadings. The office is similar to the English bailiff of a hundred. (Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition)
Mors/mors/. Lat. Death. State v. Logan, 344 Mo. 351, 126 S. W.2d 256, 259. (Black’s Law Dictionary Editions 5-9)
Mora /mora/. Lat. In civil Law, delay; default; neglect; culpable delay or default. (Black’s Law Dictionary 5-9) the word and definition of Moor, is/was not found after the 4th Edition. According to the Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th edition, deluxe, the word Moor is specifically designated in the definition of Land.

America is Al-Morocco. In Fact, the Muurs designed Washington DC: .

More evidence that Blackamoors not only built the UNITED STATES but also help the Europeans run their government: .

The Blackamoors are indigenous to the Americas. In fact, the Morocco that first recognized the UNITED STATES as a Nation in 1777, was the Morocco, Indiana that is in America: Please avoid, the hijack because Morocco, Indiana was the first Morocco, since America is the True old World and the Birthplace of civilization.

Here is more evidence: . The so-called Blacks in America for the most part are Berber Moors and the American land mass was once known as Al-morocco and this is a recorded fact.

The word Indian comes from the Latin Indios, which means the Black people who are with God. When Columbus first came to America he landed in the West indies, so he called the Muurs who was already over here Indians, because Muur and indian is all one and the same nationality, because they are both the Khmer (Khan/Khem/Shem/Kam/Ham/Sam/I Am) people from India Superior that civilized the world.  Additionally, If you read subsection 4 of this Delaware law it will tell you that the Lenape Indians were formerly known as Moors:…/20…/title-29/chapter-1/section-106/ .

These European masons took a blood oath to never reveal to the children of the Moors who they truly were. As Azeem Hopkins Bey quotes in his book ‘What Your History Books failed to Tell you’. George Washington Chairman of the Continental Congress of 1774 is documented saying: “If we would agree to take the Fezzes, and Turbans off the Moors’ Heads and remove the sandals from their feet and enforce it with severe punishments, and also swear a death oath between ourselves to religiously, and faith fully not allow anyone to teach the Moorish Children whom they really are or who their forefathers were. And only allow the Moorish Children to be taught that they were truly Negros, Black people and Colored Folks.”

George Washington stated that 200 years from today the Moorish people would not know their nationality nor the national name of their forefathers also they would not know from which land or ancestors that they descended from.”

The Iroquois League of Nations has a lot in common with the Camp Holmes Treaty of 1835 that recognizes the Five civilized (christianized) tribes as part of the Wichita/ Witchetaw (Washitaw) Nation. The Treaty of Camp Holmes can be read here: . These are the Five Civilized (Christianized) tribes: Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole. Anyone claiming to be one of these tribes is a Washitaw Moor and I got the Camp Holes Treaty of August 24, 1835 to prove this.

The Washitaw (Washington/Wichia/utah/Yudah) were direct descendants of the Olmecs whom were from the Americas because they were survivors of the Atlantis disaster. There have been no Olmec heads found in Africa, so the Olmecs were native to the Americas. The name “Washitaw” comes from the Washita River which flows along Northwest Texas and Oklahoma to the Red River, where the Cheyenne Native Americans lived with the Chawasha, meaning “Racoon People” (Coon people). The Washo were a tribe of Moors who lived above the New Orleans Bayou (Bey) and were of Tunican (Turner) linguistic stock. The name “Washitaw” is a derivative of the term “Ouachita” or what is now “Wichita”. The term is a Choctaw term which means “Big Arbor” which represented the Grass thatched arbor homes that the people lived in.

In this post is images of the 1595 Mercator map of the Arctic North pole. All water (life) is renewed (Anu/A-new) at the Arctic North pole, aka, Mu/Meru/Meri/Mary. As you can see, by looking at the images of the Arctic North pole it used to be a warm and lush area as recently as the 1600’s, so it is very possible that life could have come from the North, aka, via, Northmen (Olmec Muurs, who became the Maya-Naga), in accordance with many myths. Yes, the old world looked very differently, then we know it now. What happen? Well…, a series of cataclysmic events happen that changed the geography of the world. That topic is for another post, so I will stay on topic.

Now, in a literal, physical sense, the Olmec Muurs, being the first  Americans (Amurru-Khans), are from Mount Meru, because they are Mary Men, aka, renown men of mother Mary. Every man and women are born from Mount Meru (Mother Mary), because everyone was born through the womb of a woman. As above, so below. Yes, the same way Mount Meru, the Pole Star/North Star, created the heavens (the stars) and the Earth, “Woman,” being a reflection of the great mother, created man and woman.

The human form is also a representation of Mount Meru, because the Human body has four major limbs and a Navel (center or key). Each limb of the human body represents the 4 cardinal points of the zodiac (see image of the zodiac wheel, which resembles a Swastika) and the Navel is the Pole Star/North Star, which is the center or the Source of electromagnetic energy. As above, so below. The KJV Bible tells you in several places that ye are gods. Now, you know why, because the Human form is Mount Meru.

Polaris is short for Pole Star/North Star, and it is the highest star that is at the center of our Galaxy (see image of the zodiac wheel, which resembles a Swastika). Polaris is also religious figures like: Lord Brahma (Abraham of the Bible), Dhruva, Christ & his 12 Disciples (the zodiac), Meru (see image in this post), and the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden are one and the same. Polaris is the central axis where the universal life force (electromagnetic energy) runs through and branches out to feed everyone and everything. Mount Meru, literally, creates the Vortex (spiral/spirit) of life that creates and sustains life.

The Chinese called Polaris “The great and Honorable Lord of the Heavens” who gives spiritual powers and a sense of purpose, direction, connectedness, and the ability to achieve one’s objectives and to remember and find one’s way back home to source.We all came from Polaris, and at some point, and we shall all go back.

Polaris is the First Blue Ray, and its vibrations are felt by those on the higher path to spirituality. It is also closely linked to Aquarius and the search for truth. All of the Avatars and Manu come from Polaris, seeding the root races on the Earth planes. A root race is seeded roughly every 24,000 years, and one of the oldest root races is the Hyperborean giants, which were the progenitors to the Olmec giants (the Blackamoor race) from MU. The Olmecs were Mu’urs, because they come from MU/Meru/Meri/Mary. MU is code for Mu’urs.  See image of Olmec Mu’ur head. The headdress on the Olmec (old Mexican) resembles a Fez. The image in this post shows you the tassels on the back of the Fez. How can you call yourself a Scholar and not realize the Olmecs, the First Americans, were Muurs? How can you say it was no Muurs in the Americas in Ancient times when the First Americans were Muurs from Mu/Atlantis (the Americas) and the oldest indigenous people on the planet were Wasitaw Muurs? Hopefully, this post will help some of you realize that Dane Calloway and Young Pharoah are misinformation agents. None of them have been studying long enough to be in the category of real scholars. You all love them, because they are popular and sometimes funny. They are entertainment for the most part.

In this post is images of Merovingian Kings, aka, the dragon (christ) kings that established the Tribe of Ptah/Utah/Judah in Europe: Yes, these kings had wings because the Virgo (virgin) Mary (Saint Sara [Saracens]: Mary Magdalene), whom these Kings descend from had wings (see the golden image of the virgo Mohur female Empress). The Virgo Mohur female is also were the concept of Lady Liberty, aka, the Statue of Liberty comes from. The hollywood movie Maleficent is based off of the concept of the Virgo Mohur female.  In the movie, Maleficent referred to herself as Queen of the Moors (the land). The Avengers movie showed you the Merovingian King, as Falcon (Horus/Hero) with his wings flying around like the dragon-king/Christ king that he was. Was Jesus a Dragon? I believe so, because he was a magi (magician) and he referred to himself in the book of Psalms as a Worm, which translates as Dragon/serpent. The Lord said of Himself: “I am a worm [dragon] and not a man” ~ Psalms 21:7 KJV Bible. Jesus never referred to himself as Christian, because he was a Pagan. We were all pagans before they conditioned us with religion, which is just a tool to control the masses.

I will finish off both amateur scholars and misinformation agents (Dane Calloway and Young Pharaoh) with three maps of Timbuktu being in the Americas. These maps are very significant, because Timbuktu is heavily associated with the land of Cush/Kush (Ethiopia) and with the Blackamoors that established it long ago. This was the original Timbuktu, because the Americas is the True Old World and the birthplace of civilization. Timbuktu is a famous place that was established by the kushite Muurs from Kush/Cush (Marrakech, Indiana and Morocco, Indiana), which was also in the Americas, since Morocco was the Capital of Marrakech/Marrakush. Timbuktu was once a major learning center (university) and a source of light (knowledge) for the rest of the world. Yes, the Muurs (Blacks) are the true mothers and fathers of civilization and all of this information ties in with my blog post I did on, “The Holy City of Mecca was in Moslem-Jerusalem,” which can be read right here: . I keep telling people that the near East is just a reflection of the far East (the great Westerner), the Americas, aka, Granada land (Israel/Promised land).

“I’m just here to make you Think” ~ Dane Calloway.