The Americas: The Greater Morocco,” is a necessary post to demonstrate that both Moors and Islam are indigenous to the Americas, AKA, the “Orient,” which means “the East, Middle East, and/or far East.” Yes, the Americas is the Orient (the East), and I did a previous post entitled, “Ancient Turkey was in Sout Carolina,” which proves that the Americas is the orient, and hence the old-world (the East), since scholars associate the old world with the East:

If you still do need further proof that the Americas is the orient or the old world, please read my blog post entitled, “The Old World is the New World”:


Azamor: The Port of Morocco was in Brazil, South America.
Azamor, which means port of Morocco” was in South America, Brazil, according to the old-world map from the 1400’s taken from the book, “Africa versus America,” by Isabel Alvarez de Toledo. Azamor was also a city in Morocco, North Africa, which suggests that Azamor was the port of Morocco in South America. Yes, Morocco was also in South America. Morocco also means “Land of God,” since it is another way of saying Marrakesh.
The said old world map from the 1400’s is entitled the “Land of the Moors,” and it shows you the Kingdom of Fez, Meca (Mecca), Algeciras (Algeria), Granada (Upper Granada), Mauritania, Susa (Persia), and many more place names associated with Islam. This old-world map is a pre-Columbian map, meaning before Christopher Columbus and the conquest of the land of the Moors, or the land of the Blacks, aka, Cush or Ethiopia (the Americas), so it is a strong indication that the Americas was Islamic prior to the conquest of the Americas.
The word America is of Arabic or Islamic (Moorish) origin, which makes sense because the Moors are Indians/Ethiopians (Blacks) and the word Al-morocco (Al-meri-ka/Al-maur-Inca/Al-mori-ka=America) is just an Islamic/Arabic way of saying America: Further proof of this is the Arabic word Amir, which means “Prince or Governor of a Province (ruler)”. Amir is the Root of Amer since the vowels are interchangeable with Semitic languages like Arabic and Hebrew. Amer/Amir is the root word of America.
Also, the original name of America was Amurru, according to the Webster 1936 Universal Dictionary, the word “American is defined as an Aboriginal or one of the various copper color natives found on the American Continents by the Europeans. The original application of the name was AMURRU.” [end quote] To drive this point, “AMURRU,” (the Westerner/ the Serpent/ the dragon) home, all of the names of the Native-American tribes trace back to the title serpent/dragon (Naga/Nigga), which makes sense because the worship of the serpent/Dragon (Kundalini ascension/Chakra alignment) was the chief symbol in the Americas. The flag of Mexico is the Eagle (the phoenix) killing the serpent (the dragon). Mexico (Amexem/Olmec/Old Mexican) was part of the Washitaw/Wa-Shu-Taw(X) Mu’ur Empire and Mexico use to cover South, Central, and North America. Mexico used to extend all the way up into Canada.
The Moors or Turks were also Sumerians (Akkadians/Acadians), so I prefer Amurru since this definition is older. What makes “Amurru”, so key is that words like Amaru, Ameri, Amor, Amaruca, etc, all have their origin in Amurru. Amurru was the Sumerian/Akkadian god of the Amorites (Amerites), aka, the mound Builders, the Amurru Washitaw Dedugdahmoundyah Muurs/Mu/ Maur/Moor/Meroe. Now, we have a very strong connection here, because the Sumerian god Amurru correlates to the oldest indigenous people in the world, because you can see the god Amurru in the tribal name of the Amurru Washitaw Dedugdahmoundyah Mu’urs. Please read more about the Washitaw Mu’urs, AKA, the Mound Builders, or the ancient ones:
I know of four other Morocco’s in the Americas, besides Azamor, the port of Morocco, and here are the four other Morocco’s in Greater Morocco: (1.) Morocco, Florida (now extinct, but it used to exist according to the 1567 map of La Floridas), (2.) Morocco, Illinois (see 1907 ground map of Louisiana purchase) (3.) Morocco, Indiana (see 1810 Map of the Ben Ishmael Territory); and (4.) Morocco, South America (now extinct, but it did exist according to the 1604 map by Jodocus Hondius:…/detail/61151/america-hondius….
The 1604 map of America shows you Mecca, Morocco, Cartago (Carthage), Barbary, Antiochia, Guinea (Ghana), Andalusia, Carthagena (Carthage), Seville (Spain), Castile (Spain) Mano El Dorado, and etc., in South America. Antioch/Antiochia, considered the cradle of Christianity and once dominated by Alexander the Great, is located on many old maps in South America. The 1604 map shows Castles (Kingdoms/Civilizations) all over South America, because it was nothing new or uncivilized about the Americas. The 1604 map also shows Antarctica still attached to South America with no ice cap.
There is only one Morocco in so-called Africa, when the Americas has five different Moroccan place names, which highly suggests that the Grand or Superior Morocco, aka, the Greater Morocco was in the Americas. Even a modern-day Arab from Morocco admits in a video that Greater Morocco was in the Americas. That video is embedded in this post for your viewing convenience, and it is entitled, “America is Morrocco the Empire: Ask an Arab?
In addition, the fact that former United States President Barack Obama, and former first lady’s Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton all paid tribute to the Moroccan flag by posing with the Moroccan flag in unison with the United States flag. In this post are three images of the said people. Why would these power people pose with the Moroccan Flag if the Americas were not Greater Morocco? Could the reason be because Greater Morocco was in the Americas, and it was Morocco that first recognized the United States as a Nation? Yes, this is certainly the case.
However, there is always a deeper meaning or a reason for the presidential Moroccan tribute. The reason is because it was Black Muslims and Jews that colonized and founded Modern-day America. In fact, I recently read a book, “Jews and Muslims in British Colonial America,” by Donald N. Yates and Elizabeth Hirschman, which talks about the original 13 British Colonies and how the British Colonizers were mostly Muslims and Sephardic Jews. “The Negro Question, Vol. 6,” by Lee Cummings, is a book that also talks about the Black King James of the Bible, the Black Stuarts, the Black Jacobites, and how the original 13 British Colonies were Black.
The research in The Negro Question, Vol 6., will prove that the 13 British Colonies were founded by four black Scottish Kings: King James the 6th of Scotland, King Charles the 1st, King Charles the 2nd, King James the 2nd, Duke of York, and King George the 2nd of England. This book features the testimony of former secret service agent John Macky of England, in which he gives black descriptions of the Princes, Nobles, Dukes and Kings of England. This book also features a ship’s manifest that describes the Jacobite’s while they are boarding the convict ships to the Americas as brown, black, swarthy, and ruddy people. These are not the only documents that validate the claims of this book, we have the writings of Thomas Jefferson, Professor Boyd Dawkins, Benjamin Franklin and much more.”[End quote].
Also, in this post is the Moroccan flag, which consists of a red background with a green six-pointed star of David in the center. This version of the flag of Morocco, or Cherifian flag, is the symbol of the Kingdom of Morocco, aka, Greater Morocco. This flag suits our people the best since we are mostly Jews/ Hebrews with Islamic customs, i.e., Moors. As Moors we have always claimed the 6-pointed star of David and the Lion of Judah, because the Moor is also Israel:…/. In this blog post I show ancient Islamic coins with the star of David and the Lion of Judah on some of these coins. This should be of no surprise since both priesthoods of Anu/Ani, Maur and Shem, are blood brothers (Ishamel and Isaac) and are already intermingled together through breeding; therefore, this flag Cherifian flag reflects the unification of the Bloodlines of Moors and Hebrews (Jews).
Another reason why this Al Moroccan (Al-Meri-Khan or Al-Mauri-Khan=American) Flag with the 6-pointed star on it more meaningful than the more recent Moroccan flag with the 5-pointed star on it? Well, because the 5-pointed star was recently added onto the Moroccan flag in 1915, when France added the 5-pointed star onto our Flag, due to France becoming a protectorate of Morocco.
I dislike the confusion and the division that religion causes, because in ancient times none of these religious symbols were separated, because we invented all of these religions and studied them all. You can still find ancient building structures with the Swastika, the cross, crescent moon & star, and the 6-pointed star, all of which are displayed on the building, so the question is who separated these symbols of free energy? Answer: man did to establish religious order to control man and woman.
Granada land, which means pomegranate in Spanish. The pomegranate is a symbol of the promised land of Israel, because when the pomegranate is fully bloomed it resembles the shape of the 6-pointed star of David. Granada is heavily associated with the Moors since Granada was a stronghold for the Moors in Spain and the Muurs in the Americas. In this blog post, I demonstrate that the Americas is Granada Land, and hence, the Promised Land of Israel:
In this post is an image of the Moroccan flag of the Alaouite Dynasty, which ruled North Africa from 1666-1915. Notice that there is no 5-pointed star on this original Moroccan Flag. To support the fact that the original Moroccan flag was a solid red flag with no symbols on it, I found an old oil painting from the 16th Century (1500’s) entitled, “The personification of America.” Notice that the Moor/ Indian is a Blackamoor, and she is holding a solid red flag with no 5-pointed star on it, and the flag has the Islamic crescent Moon and star at the top of the flagpole. This old oil painting predates even the Alaouite Dynasty, which is more evidence to suggest that Islam came from the Orient (the Far East), which is the Americas.
Yes…, Islam comes from the Orient (East), which is the Americas:…/. This blog post proves that the Rock of Gibraltar was Stone Mountain Georgia. Now, that we know that Islam comes from the Americas (the East), it is necessary to get a better understanding of who and what is a Moor/Muur:…/.
Lastly, people need to understand that the Moors are descendants of the Olmecs, whom were the first Americans. The Olmecs were the forefathers and foremothers of the Washitaw Mu’urs. By Knowing all of this information, how can anyone say that the Moors invaded the Americas and are not indigenous to the Americas?
People that continue to hate the Moors are either agents or religious zealots for their own personal faith or belief system. The Black European Templar Christians that invaded the Americas were not Moors, because they hated Moslems/Muslims. The invasion was a result of a long series of Holy Wars, aka, Crusades, between Moslems and Christians. Yes, the Crusades were fought on both sides of the world, but mostly in the Americas since America is the Promised land. The Americas was Moslem-Jerusalem, aka, Granada land (Promised land/Israel); therefore, it is ridiculous to suggest that the Moors willfully invaded their own promised land in the Americas, when we have the dum diversas of 1452 issued by the Pope and the edict of the worms (dragons) issued by the Black Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, which banned Islam in the late 1400’s, proves that this was certainly not the case since the dum diversas authorized Christian Templars to take land, wealth, and possessions of Saracens (Moors) and pagans (Jews/Hebrews).
“The Transatlantic Slave Trade” and “Indian Genocide” story are really the captivity of the Moors (Islamic Jews) in the Holy Wars or Crusades that went on the continent of America between Christians and Catholics versus Moors and Jews, going back before some four hundred years, but until we tell the truth and stop letting laymen tarnish the Moorish lineage of what a “Moor” is we will never have the truth.
The conquest of the Kingdom of Fez occurred by Martin V. Engenio in 1430. The Canary wars and Ghana wars is how they hide some of these events in history. For more evidence, please read my new book, “America is the True Old World: The Promised Land,” Volume II, which is available on amazon or the author’s website at Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed this post. I thank brother Tram Dickerson for helping me out with the research. Brother Tram is one of the premier scholars in Islam. Peace.