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    According to the Webster 1936 Universal Dictionary: American - "an Aboriginal or one of the various copper-colored natives found on the American Continents by the Europeans. The original application of the name was AMURRU." What color is copper? Well, copper is brown and most Black people are brown people, so yes, Blacks are the original Americans, because the definition of American fits our description. Now, that we know that we are the original Americans, aka, Native Americans or American Indians, how can we get our Indigenous Rights back? Well, you have to correct the government contracts that made you a African American or Black. This may sound hard, but it is actually very easy to do now that you are an adult. My simple two part process is self explanatory and it comes with instructions on how to correct those government forms (contracts) that made you Black or African American. You was enslaved by the pen and you can free yourself with the pen. The pen is truly mightier than the sword off the battlefield. Get my process now for  only$200.00 US dollars, but only for a limited time (one week), because the normal selling price is $500.00 US dollars and it is worth every penny and then some more, because being Indigenous ties you back to the land; natives can't be taxed according to the US Constitution; natives have access to certain colleges; access to certain government grants; and you can get benefits (a check) to if you join a federally recognized tribal nation after doing this process.
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    America is the True Old World – Paperback:

    This is destined to rewrite history, due to the topic of this book, if proven correct, because the old world is supposed to be in the East and not in the West. America is the True Old World-eBook reveals the discovery of the Lost Continent of Mu, Atlantis, the Garden of Eden and so much more. This book has 40 color illustrations to highlight the Beauty of the Old World. This eBook is volume I of an IV volume Book series that covers 12 chapters, so there is more to come. Volume I, book Chapters include Chapter 1: America is the True Old World (Vol., I); Chapter 2: India Superior was in North America (Vol., I); and Chapter 3: Ancient Sumer was in the Americas (Vol., I). Please, support me and the research that I have done to write this truly revolutionary Ancient American History book by donating $15.78 to my cause by purchasing the book because this book demonstrates that. America is the True Old World -Paperback is now available for purchase on Amazon. Thank you. This page, “America is the True Old World,” was inspired by my new Ancient American history book, America is the True Old World, by Amunhotep Chavis El-Bey, which is a story of a truth seeker. I always knew deep down inside that our history was not right, because it just didn’t make any sense, since we have been given a one-sided version of history with Africa and the Middle East being the hub of civilization while the West is a New World discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492. How can God create life in Africa and in the Middle East and just totally forget about the Western Hemisphere of the world, i.e., the Americas? I asked myself this question time and time again and it just didn’t make any sense to me, because why would God just create life on one half of the world and not create life everywhere. It was these kinds of questions that sparked my curiosity that led me on this journey of truth to write this Book series, “America is the True Old World.” Everyone has a truth seeker inside of them and may this Book help bring out that Truth Seeker in you! Peace to you and yours. Enjoy this page and my new Book. Thank you.  

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