Greetings friends, this blog, “Ancient Mesopotamia was in the Americas,” is a necessary proof in order to demonstrate that America is the True Old World, because according to academia ancient Mesopotamia is the birthplace of civilization or the cradle of civilization, because of the Fertile Crescent which gave rise to the oldest civilization, Ancient Sumer (Khmer/Khumer/khem).

Ancient Mesopotamia was in the Americas, because Ancient Sumer was in the Americas:

Ancient Mesopotamia was in the Americas, because the first civilization, “Ancient Sumer,” was in the Americas. This is true, especially, after considering the fact that they have found more Sumerian artifacts in the Americas than in the Middle East. For example, they forgot to transport all of the Sumerian artifacts that they found in the Americas to the Middle East. According to Reuters, over 3,800 Sumerian Artifacts are being given to Iraq to help support the false notion of the East being older than the West (the Far East):

I laughed at the World News article from Reuters that I shared, because they needed more evidence than just the few Sumerian clay tablets that they took from the Americas to the Mesopotamia region, which is now present day Iraq, just to sell this Ancient Middle East story to begin with. It takes a really good thief to be able to smuggle over 3,800 artifacts, including stone tablets, from Iraq to America. How was that possible? You see, there excuse to explain away the 3,800 Sumerian artifacts does not even make sense, therefore, the Sumerian Artifacts were native to the Americas. This is very believable too, because you have already learned via my previous blog posts that America is the True Old world.

The Americas is the real Mesopotamia and the Real Babylon, Sumerian Culture, (see maps in this post) because they have found thousands of Sumerian artifacts in the Americas: North, South, and Central America. According to Dr. Clyde Winters book, “Ancient Scripts of South America: The Sumerians in South America,” the Sumerians were in South America, because Sumerian scripts were found in South America.

Additionally, we have to consider the Father Crespi Collection found in Ecuador, South America. Yes, the Findings Are controversial, but considering all of the other evidence in support of this blog, its nothing controversial about the father Crespi Collection. In fact, the merits of this claim actually authenticates the Father Crespi Collection as being factual. In this post is images from the Father Crespi Collection, which shows you comparisons between Assyrian/ Babylonian artifacts found in Ecuador and Babylonian artifacts from Mesopotamia in the so-called Middle East. As you can see, the images from Father Crespi’s Collection are almost identical to the Artifacts from Mesopotamia, which suggests that the Americas had its own Mesopotamian Civilizations, such as Sumer, Babylon, Assyria, Akkadia, and etc. Please read more about the Father Crespi Collection right here: Ancient Egyptian/ Atlantean Artifacts and Golden Artifacts were also found amongst the Father Crespi Collection.

Lastly, we have to consider the Michigan Relics, which are thousands of Sumerian Artifacts found in the State of Michigan in 1890: It’s strange, how at first these Sumerian artifacts were considered authentic, because they went unchallenged for some years until Western Academia got involved and had to label the Michigan Relics as a hoax; since the find didn’t fit in with the current narrative of the Americas being a New World first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492. I believe the Michigan Relics to be real because their were too many of them to fabricate and people even witnessed James O. Scotford dig up many of the artifacts on site. Additionally, the Sumerian artifacts found in South America (Upper Mesopotamia) validates the Michigan Relics; since the ancients believed in the Universal Axiom of “As Above, So Below,” which means that the ancients just didn’t build one Sumer, Babylon, Egypt and etc., in South America; because the ancients also built their corresponding (Lower) Sumer, Babylon, Egypt, and etc., in North America as a reflection and an opposite – somewhat like how male and female are reflections and opposites of one another because of duality in nature.


According to the book, “The North Americans of Antiquity: Their Origin, Migrations, and Type of Civilization Considered,” by John T. Short, “The entire Region bore the name of Anahuac Xicalanco, – the first great exploit of the Olmec chiefs, the destruction of the giants, we observe was performed at some distance from their earliest settlement. The state of Puebla became their chosen ground, and quite soon after the above achievements they undertook the building of the famous Tower of Babel. Several authors state that the erection of the Pyramid of Cholula was done in memory of the erection of the Tower of Babel, at which it is claimed the ancestors of the Olmec Chiefs were present” [end quote].

Herodotus and Diodorus confirm that the Temple of Jupiter Belus, resembles the Temple of Babel in Teocallis of Anahuac. “It is impossible to read the descriptions, which Herodotus and Diodorus Siculus have left us of the Temple of Jupiter Belus, without being struck with the resemblance of that Babylonian monument to the Teocallis of Anahuac” [end quote from, “The North Americans of Antiquity: Their Origin, Migrations, and Type of Civilization Considered,” by John T. Short]. In this blog post is a small scale image of the Cholula pyramid, aka, the Tower of Babel.


The Old Testament Map of America confirms the fact that the first Fertile Crescent was the Mississippi River system and the fertile lands along the mighty Miss-Isis (Mississippi) river, because it appears from the Old Testament Map that Lower Mesopotamia was the fertile lands along the Mississippi River system. This makes perfect sense to me, because the oldest indigenous people in the World, “The Washitaw Muurs,” used the mighty Mississippi River as their fertile crescent, since the annual flooding of the Mississippi River produced mineral rich silt that produced fertile lands along the Mississippi River system. The Fertile lands along the Mississippi River fed most of the people in the Old World with wheat, corn, beans, rice (all of which are native to the Americas) and etc., so it’s very possible that the Mississippi River system was your first fertile crescent; especially, in light of the fact that the Mississippi River system still is responsible for feeding most of the World today.

The Washitaw Mu’urs (Moors) were known as the ancient ones and the Mound Builders, because they built all of the mounds along the Mississippi River. The Mississippi River was also your first Nile River. This Old Testament Map of Ancient America shows you Babylon (Sumer), Lower Mesopotamia, Lower Egypt, and Jerusalem, all in North America. Credits for this map is given to UBNEWZ for the great share. UBNEWZ was a Hebrew News media outlet that was once on YouTube.

Ancient Mesopotamia was in the Americas, because Amurru was the Sumerian/Akkadian god of the Amorites (Amerites), aka, the mound Builders, the Amurru Washitaw Dedugdahmoundyah Muurs/Mu/ Maur/Moor/Meroe. The Amurru Washitaw Dedugdahmoundyah Mu’urs are the oldest indigenous people in the world, according to the UNITED NATIONS. Now, let’s see if we can tie the Sumerian god Amurru (the Westerner/the Serpent/the dragon) to an ancient tribe of people in the Americas. Well, the Amurru Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah Muurs are the oldest indigenous people on the planet according to the UN:

The original name of America was Amurru, according to the Webster 1936 Universal Dictionary, the word “American is defined as an Aboriginal or one of the various copper color natives found on the American Continents by the Europeans. The original application of the name was AMURRU.” [end quote] To drive this point, “AMURRU,” (the Westerner/ the Serpent/ the dragon) home, all of the names of the Native-American tribes trace back to the title serpent/dragon (Naga/Nigga), which makes sense because the worship of the serpent/Dragon (Kundalini ascension/Chakra alignment) was the chief symbol in the Americas. The flag of Mexico is the Eagle (the phoenix) killing the serpent (the dragon). Mexico (Amexem/Olmec/Old Mexican) was part of the Washitaw/Wa-Shu-Taw(X) Mu’ur Empire and Mexico use to cover South, Central, and North America. Mexico used to extend all the way up into Canada.

Nova Scotia (New Scotland) was in Canada (Wa-canada), aka, Khananland. Nova Scotia was also called Acadia (Akkadia as in a city in Ancient Sumer). Nova Scotia, aka, Acadia (Akkadia) was also in Amurru-Ka (America), because the Acadia National park, which covers Maine and the New England states is in America. Maine and the New England Territory has a rich Viking (Danes) History and that area was called Nova France (New France). Nova Scotia was also called France, so we have a strong connection, and I even found a 1580 map of America, by Clüver, Philipp, from the Stanford College University Library that verifies that a portion of Canada and the New England states were once called France:…/…/sg969dj3089. You have to click on the map to zoom in so you can see Nova Fran (France) on the map. Yes, the original French were the Franks/Clan Ross (Rus/Andrews/Andros) and they were French Maurs (Blackamoors), aka, Berber Merovingian’s. This also explains why you have a French Quarters in Louisiana and they also refer to themselves as Acadians (Akkadians).

Even the Sumerians who worshipped Amurru, were the Amorites. You can get the word America very easily from Amor/Amer (Ameri-ka/Ameri-khan/Al-Meri-Khan/Al-Meri-Khem/Al-Mer-Ra-Ka/Al-morocco), because with ancient Semitic/Kemitic languages like Hebrew and Aramaic the vowels are interchangeable. Let’s play with both Amurru and Amor to see how many Americans (Amurru-khans) we can come up with. Now, please keep in mind that you have the god Amurru (Muur/Mu/Lemuria/Mer/Maur/Meru/Meroe) in the Word America. For example, Amaur-ka, (T)a-mer-Inca (America), Amen-Ra-Ka, Al Morocco (Al-mer-Ra-Ka), Ameru-Ka, Amexem (Mexico), and etc. You see, etymology is very powerful true science.


In this blog post is 4 maps that demonstrate that Mesopotamia was near Argentina, South America. Are these maps incorrect? Can we trust these maps? Yes, because according to the Bible and Common law, “the interlocking testimony of two or more witnesses is truth in commerce.” Interlocking is when the witnesses say the same thing. Sure I can fight with these maps because I provided 4 witnesses that said the same thing, however, I like to take it a step further by giving you all more evidence.

In this blog post I shared a book written by Dr. Clyde Winters called, “Ancient Scripts in South America,” which demonstrates that the Sumerians were in South America since Sumerian scripts have been found in South America. This book is strong evidence suggesting that ancient Mesopotamia was in the Americas, because Sumer was in the Americas since Sumerian script were found. Now, once we factor in all of the evidence: 3800 Sumerian artifacts given to Iraq; Sumerian scripts found in South America; the Tower of Babel in Mexico; the 5 maps with Mesopotamia being located in the Americas; and the Mississippi River system (the first fertile crescent), the evidence is overwhelming to suggest that the Ancient Mesopotamia was in the Americas.


The Hanging Gardens of Babylon was one of the seven wonders of the world and it is in Ollantaytambo Peru. I know this to be factual since the ruins of Ollantaytambo Peru, specially, the terraces in Ollantaytambo, fits the description of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon according to ancient authors like Strabo, Josephus, and Diordorus (see blog images of the hanging Terraces in Ollantaytambo). In addition, Babylon just like Sumer are considered to be ancient Mesopotamian Civilizations. We have already proven, previously, above in this blog post that Ancient Mesopotamia was in the Americas, which means that Upper Babylon has to be somewhere in South America, since Upper Mesopotamia was in South America.

The spelling Babylon is the Latin representation of Greek Babylṓn (Βαβυλών), derived from the native (Babylonian) Bābilim, meaning “Gate of the god(s)”. Now, that we know that Babylon means, “The Gate of the Gods.” There is a Gate of the Gods in Peru, called Aramu Muru, which highly suggests that Peru was ancient Babylon (see blog image of the Gate of the Gods in Peru). “Aramu Muru is an abandoned stone carving in Peru, near Lake Titicaca, known as “Gate of the Gods”. It was discovered in the early 1990s and is believed to be an abandoned Incan construction project. The flat stone is approximately 23 ft (7.0 m)square, with a T-shaped alcove measuring 6 feet and 6 inches (198 cm) tall carved into it.” [End quote from:].

Lastly, embedded in this blog post for your viewing convenience is a YouTube video from Static in the Attic, entitled, “Hanging Gardens of Babylon – Peru!!! Hidden in plain sight.” The video is the icing on the cake for this topic, since it demonstrates that the Hanging Garden of Babylon was in Ollantaytambo Peru. The said video is well researched and it coincides with my work, so I decided to share it, so please do enjoy it; and I thank you for your time and your support. God bless you and your family. Peace.